PS4 OverHeating Fix (11 Possible Solutions) in 2022

What’s wrong with your PS4’s temperature? How can I fix my PS4 from overheating? PS4 Overheating may be fixed using specific tested methods to save you money. This post will assist you in the PS4 OverHeating Fixes.

When you acquire a computer system, laptop, gaming console, mobile phone, or another electrical device, it begins to overheat. Rather than a single cause, your gadgets may become overheated for several different reasons.

It’s possible that the device is overheating because of external circumstances. Such as if you’re playing on it in a hot location or because the system itself has deteriorated.

Dust in the system, improper heat dissipation, and other factors can cause overheating and other serious problems for your system and you. Computers and laptops were the initial focus of the heating problem, but it has since spread to smartphones and gaming consoles like the PlayStation. In this article, we’ll be discussing PlayStation 4 overheating Fixes and how to avoid them from occurring.

PS4 Overheating Symptoms

Before we cure an overheated PS4, it’s essential to know what the symptoms are. We’ve included some of its symptoms below to provide you with a clearer picture.

#1) PS4 freezes or crashes without warning

Overheating a console might cause your system to freeze or crash without notice. When a PS4 component fails, the system shuts itself down quickly to prevent more damage.

#2) The fan’s grating noise

Noise from your fan could be irritating. When the airflow is sluggish and dust accumulates, this occurs. To solve this issue, the fan is increased in speed. It, however, damages it and necessitates a trip to a repair shop.

#3) Slow speed and poor performance

If your PS4 is sluggish, there are several possible causes. Of these, overheating is the most common. You may notice a sudden decrease in the PS4’s performance. It is just a result of the components in your computer overheating and losing their ability to function correctly.

#4) PS4 randomly shuts off

Overheating is the most likely culprit in this situation. When your system’s temperature rises above a certain level, it shuts down to prevent additional damage.

#5) Errors and malfunctions

An inefficient system’s errors and glitches are a direct reflection of this. As a result, ensure your console’s cooling mechanism works properly whenever you see such changes.

#6) Artifacts arise out of nowhere

Missing textures, twisted polygons, and color blocks with missing textures and polygons are all common occurrences. All of these issues likely stem from overheating your console.

#7) Keep the PS4 warm

You may also notice a tingling sensation on the outside because of the increased temperature in your body. Because of this, if you touch your PS4 and feel a tingling sensation. Consider it a sign of overheating if it persists.

Why is my PS4 overheating so frequently?

ps4 overheating fix

Overheating on your PlayStation 4 is most often caused by one of the following factors:

Dust Particles

Your console may overheat if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while because dust has built up on internal components that conduct and store heat.

Hardware Problems

Some issues in the hardware may be causing it to produce significantly more heat.

Ventilation is not up to par

A problem with the ventilation system inside the building has been discovered.

Ventilation Obstruction

You will obstruct the ventilation system if the grills are clogged with dust or other hardware components. An obstruction near one of the grills may have impeded airflow.

Thermal Paste

The thermal paste on processors can degrade over time, though rare. If your PS4 is a few years old, this could be a problem. The thermal paste dries out or isn’t applied most of the time correctly.

Background Processes

Your PS4 has been left on and unattended for some time now, and this could be the cause of your issues. It may benefit from some shut-eye.

External Temperature

The inside temperature of your PS4 can be affected by the outside weather, especially if it’s scorched and hot where you live. External temperatures can trigger internal sensors because of the powerful ventilation system.

PS4 Overheating Fixes [11 Possible Solutions]

By following this troubleshooting guide, you can cool down your PS4 if it’s overheating.

1) Clean your PlayStation 4

Shut off and unplug your PS4 before beginning the cleaning process. Disinfect the PS4’s fan. Now use a vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining air from the exhaust port. Replace the thermal paste as well, don’t forget! You’re ready to go now that you’ve put everything back where it belongs.

2) Shutdown & Wait

Allow some time to pass after turning off your PS4 and waiting. Shut down your PS4 and wait for it to cool down before doing anything else. Turn it back on and try it again if you think you did something wrong. If your console doesn’t overheat, you can use it regularly.

3) Analyzing The Fans And The Rest Of The Hardware

A buildup of dust in the fan’s blades may be preventing it from moving or blowing air at all. You’ll need to use a blow dry or canned air to circulate the air.

4) Check for a Software Update

Your PS4’s software will need to be updated regularly. Overheating can occur if you don’t keep your system up-to-date. To avoid this, make sure to keep them up to date regularly.

5) Make sure that air can flow Freely

For your PS4 to function correctly, it needs a place to vent its heated air (and not suck that same hot air back into the system). Overheating is more likely if the console is kept in a small, confined space. 

As a result, if the vents are placed too close to cabinet walls, or any other barriers, they could overheat. It would help to move the PS4 to an area with clearance on all sides to avoid interference.

6) Clean PS4 Fan

A cotton swab dipped in some alcohol can be used to clean the PS4 fan when it’s removed. If you’re going to use the fan, be sure that all of the alcohol has been blown out before connecting the fan to the PS4. It will assist you in cleaning the PS4 fan.

7) Improper Assembly

Suppose you’ve just opened your PS4, and there’s nothing else you can think of that could be causing your system to overheat. In that case, a simple explanation could be that the internal components have been incorrectly assembled. Re-assembling the internal components may be necessary.

If you need assistance, seek it from a specialist or consult internet instruction. Ensure that all of the screws are in place and that the system is completely shut off before you try it again.

8) Recover Data from a Corrupted File

When your PS4 has more corrupted files, the CPU and PS4 generate more excellent heat.

To avoid overheating and sluggish performance, it is essential to clear your corrupt database regularly. To prevent future problems, it’s best to keep an eye on your files daily.

9) Make sure your game software is up to date.

PS4 overheating may be caused by a single game’s software, not the console itself. Ensure the game is up to date by checking for any available updates and installing them if necessary.

  • Select the game from the PS4’s main menu.
  • Select the option to see whether there have been any updates.
  • Click “Install Update”; if the update is available.
  • Try playing the game again after the update has been installed.

10) Consult a Professional

Rather than solving the overheating problem ourselves, we should take it to an authorized service shop or a trained technician who can do the job well. 

If you mistake one of these consoles, it might cost you thousands of dollars due to their sophisticated circuitry. Because of this, it is best to seek professional advice.

11) Use PlayStation 4 Warranty

Last but not least, if your PS4 is still not working correctly after attempting all of the hacks listed above, we still have an excellent solution for you. If your PS4 is still under warranty, you can bring your warranty card to a Sony store and have it serviced at no charge. What could be better than taking advantage of this incredible opportunity? It’s your best bet.

FAQs – PS4 OverHeating Fix

Does the PS4 shut down if it gets too hot?

The most prevalent cause of a PlayStation 4 shutting down is overheating. Vent holes adorn the whole rear of your PlayStation 4, allowing hot air to escape. You may find ventilation on both sides of your PS4. Your PlayStation 4 should not be on a small shelf of your home entertainment center or any other enclosed place.

Can I put something on top of my PS4?

Vents and fans help remove some heat, but much of it is simply radiated upwards. Avoid laying anything on top of a computer to prevent overheating. ACCORDING TO SONY, You shouldn’t place the PSVR breakout box on top of the PS4.

What happens if a PlayStation overheats?

If your Playstation overheats just once, you shouldn’t expect any problems. Take a break and let the device cool down before resuming use. If your console is frequently overheating, it could lead to malfunctions in the internal components and perhaps cause it to cease working altogether.

How many hours can you play PS5 before it overheats?

The console’s fan speeds up when the PlayStation’s internal circuits begin to overheat. If you have an older console, it’s best not to leave it plugged in for more than 24 hours at a time.


Now that you have all the information you need to fix your PlayStation 4’s overheating problem, you can take action. You must take your console to a professional if the overheating problem persists. I sincerely hope that this guide on PS4 OverHeating Fixes was beneficial.