PS4 Loud Fan Fix Without Opening (6 Methods)

Is there a noisy PS4 fan bothering you? Do you want to know PS4 Loud Fan Fix Without Opening? It’s the appropriate place for you if that is the case. Many PS4 gamers have had to cope with the problem of a distractingly noisy fan. It’s fixable, though.

When playing at night, a PS4 loud fan can be a real nuisance and detract from the game’s enjoyment. We all like to play late at night, but a blaring fan might break our concentration just as the action in the game ramps up.

Today, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of all possible solutions. A few of them will require you to dismantle your PS4, but all of them will assist you somehow. But before we get into PS4 Loud Fan Fix Without Opening, let’s have a look at why it’s so loud in the first place!

Why is your PS4 Fan so Loud?

The PS4’s cooling fans make a lot more noise when they spin at high speeds, as you probably already know. The purpose of the cooling fans is to keep the gadget cool. The following are some of the more prevalent causes of strange noises coming from your PlayStation 4:


The most prevalent cause of a PS4’s noisy fan is dust. Why? Because getting out of it is nearly impossible. When it comes to dust, it’s practically impossible to avoid it.

A clean PS4 or Pro isn’t enough to keep dust from getting inside the Console. The more dust that collects within your Console, the noisier it will become.

When the PS4/PS4 Pro is not in use, you can protect it from dust by using a dust cover. You will adequately block the dust, and the Console will remain sharp between game sessions.

To protect your device, choose the eXtremeRate dust cover. You won’t have to disconnect any connections to attach it to the Console because it’s dust and dirt-resistant.

High-Definition Gaming

Your PS4’s excessive noise levels can also be attributed to its high-resolution graphics. When playing games with high-quality graphics, the system can become overheated because of their damage.

High-resolution games put a lot of strain on the CPU, which results in the fan being overheated to the point where it has to be replaced. As a result, the fan runs at a higher than average speed to reduce the temperature of the computer.

The PS4’s Hard Drive

The PS4’s hard disc may also be a source of the Console’s excessive noise. When the platters spin in search of data, this happens. It could be a sign of a failing hard drive if it occurs. It would help if you always investigated a squeaking hard disc as soon as possible.

Faulty Components

If your PS4 or PS4 Pro is still producing noise after you clean it, this could be because of faulty parts. Wear and might lead to loose parts or screws, which can also be the cause of your Console’s humming.

Cooling Fans

The loud PS4 noises are almost always coming from the cooling fans. The cooling fans are used to disperse heat from the console and keep a constant temperature. CPUs and motherboards generate a lot of heat, which is effectively removed by these coolers in most cases.

Loosely attached or dirty cooling fans begin to make noise. The volume of these sounds might vary considerably. In the event of an overheated system, the system will immediately shut down if the fans cannot reduce the temperature.

Old or Broken PS Console

Some components of your console may become loose as it ages, while others may become worn and fall apart as it ages. Your environment could be contributing to the sounds you are experiencing.

PS4 Loud Fan Fix Without Opening (6 Methods)

If your PS4 fan is the sole problem, you’re in luck because this is the most straightforward problem to fix.

Is there a way to fix this “complex” problem without dismantling the PS4 Pro?

When a fan is too noisy because of dust, the obvious inquiry is, “How can You clean the dust?” Using a vacuum cleaner is the only logical solution to this problem.

However, this unconventional approach is not the most effective. It’s something You do not suggest due to the inherent danger.

Using the vent to draw away the dust could dismantle some of the Console’s delicate internal components. It’s not something You’d advocate wholeheartedly, but if you’re looking for a quick fix.

Additionally, if you’re coping with a bit of PS4 noise, this unique way could help eliminate the noise or provide a temporary remedy.

If the PS4 fan continues to make the same noises, you may want to look into other options, such as physically cleaning the fan (which involves taking your PS4 apart, unfortunately).

PS4 Loud Fan Fix Without Opening

Place Your PS4 in a Place With Good Ventilation

If your PS4 fan is too loud, all you have to do is move the Console to a better location with more airflow.

There are cooling vents on both sides and at the back of your PS4 Console. Both the intake and exhaust vents are located on the vehicle’s flanks. Therefore, you must guarantee that the equipment is free of obstacles.

For the cooling fan to function correctly, as much air as possible must be pumped into the Console. The fan speeds up if your PS4 becomes too hot while you’re playing.

Your controller’s fan has to work twice as hard if it’s overheated, which results in a loud buzzing noise. Take a break from gaming and put your Console away for a bit.

The PS4/PS4 Pro Needs a Cooling Stand

Because the Console’s cooling fan is located on the bottom, elevating your PS4 or PS4 Pro will help enhance airflow. The fan will be quieter due to having to work less complicated.

Alternatively, you can purchase a cooling stand to prevent the Console from overheating and extend its useful life by elevating it with any random object.

Consider a cooling stand like the OIVO cooling stand, which will keep your Console upright and minimize noise by 50 dB. The Console will stay excellent thanks to the metal bottom, plus it has 12 slots for games and a charging station for two controllers, so it’s a great deal.

Turn the PS4 Vertically

PS4 consoles are typically placed horizontally on a table or shelf. You may reduce some of the heat and noise generated by your Console if you position it vertically. Take a look and let us know if it helps keep your PS4 calm and quiet.

After the two simple repairs above, let’s proceed to the clean-out approach if the PS4’s noise persists. If your PS4 fan is making a lot of noise, it’s probably because it’s complete with dust. As a result, you’ll need to clean out the fan on your PS4.

Use Vibration Pads

Place the PS4 on a vibration pad to cut down on the fan’s noise. It is advisable to keep the PS4 on a vibration pad to absorb all of the PS4’s vibration while it is running.

Rubber bands of various types are also readily available for your convenience. Your gaming experience is guaranteed to improve with the help of these. In addition to increasing airflow into the PS4’s chassis, these rubber cushions also assist keep the fan running smoothly.

Use a Compressed Air Canister

A can of compressed air is a significantly superior alternative to utilizing a vacuum cleaner. Take a hose and squirt it all over your Console.

It will clean the PS4 cooling fan and other parts of the system of pet hair and other debris. You’ll see a significant improvement if you do this once a month.

Use a Dustproof Cover

Afterward, you must ensure that the Console does not collect dust again. A dust cover is required for this. There are numerous websites that you may get it from.

How can I make my PS4 fan quieter?

What if Nothing Works

Clean PS4 Fan

The vacuum cleaning approach I outlined is still relevant. Well, I’ve come up with a better and more effective solution. ​

You can use an air compressor or bottled air to remove all the dust from your Console after you open it up. Both of them are effective and will significantly enhance the performance of your Console.

Whatever you do, avoid blowing air into the Disc Drive since it is delicate and can be damaged by rapid airflow.

Here’s a quick reminder for those who plan to utilize canned air instead of an air compressor. It’s a good idea to keep the can upright while washing the PS4 to avoid spilling liquid on the Console.

Close the Console when you’re done cleaning it. It’s time to screw the plastic cover back in place.

Since there are several licensed PS4 services to rectify the problem, you don’t have to risk it.

Using Thermal Paste

A Thermal Paste is the absolute last thing you should do to your PlayStation 4. Risky, yet it could help you achieve more significant outcomes. As a result, there will be less noise, and the CPU will continue to overheat. There are a lot of people that benefit from thermal paste replacement.

FAQs – PS4 Loud Fan Fix Without Opening

How do I fix my PS4 fan without taking it apart?

You don’t need to disassemble your PlayStation 4 to quiet it down; all you need to do is use a handheld vacuum cleaner with the lowest suction setting. The centrifugal fan may be unable to perform its function due to dust buildup.

Can you vacuum the dust out of a PS4?

PS4s are perfectly fine to be vacuumed if you don’t touch your PS4 Console or vacuum outside of your PS4. It is possible to lessen the noise of your PS4 by cleaning the inside of the Console. Because vacuuming the PS4’s exterior could harm its electrical components, it is not safe to do so.

Why does my PS4 sound like an airplane?

If you hear this noise, it suggests your fans are blocked, which is an easy fix. When the game is running at a high frame rate, you should hear a whirring sound.

Final Verdict

After reading the above suggestions, you will know PS4 Loud Fan Fix Without Opening? It’s no secret that dust is the root of all evil, and if the fan gets clogged with it, it’ll make more noise. As a side effect, this will also degrade the gaming experience. There are several reasons why my PS4 fan is so loud, and now you know what to do about it.

In certain circumstances, You can resolve the issue with relatively basic techniques, but disassembling the Console is required in others, and doing so voids the warranty on your PlayStation 4. 

You may rapidly diagnose and fix the problem if you have the correct tool and are patient enough to work on it. You may easily resist this problem with a bit of upkeep and a good setting.