How to Fix PS4 Error NP-34981-5 (Different Ways)

PS4 Error NP-34981-5 on the PlayStation 4 first appeared on forums over months ago, but there is no information about it. Users attempt to reclaim their license, activate their console, or purchase the game but are met with an error. 

In general, a crash disables practically all personal profile management actions. Simultaneously, even Sony technical assistance is powerless to assist in resolving the issue.

Major Causes of PS4 Error NP-34981-5?

We studied this specific issue by examining numerous user reports and the repair procedures used by most impacted users to remedy the issue. According to our research, there are multiple known causes of this error message:

PlayStation Network issue

  • If you see this error code while attempting to restore your PS4 licenses, you’re likely encountering a temporary issue that will cure itself. It is a well-documented issue that frequently happens before (or during) scheduled PSN maintenance. Therefore, if you encounter this issue when attempting to restore your licenses, wait a few hours before attempting any fixes below.

Glitch with PlayStation Account

  • It is the most common cause of this error message. While Sony has not acknowledged this, many afflicted customers believe the issue arises when the user profile falls out of sync. Delete a trophy in this situation to force the console to resync your account profile. Reinitialization is another useful approach.

If you’re having difficulty resolving this error message, this article will walk you through a series of validated troubleshooting procedures. You’ll find numerous options listed below that many users in a similar scenario have successfully utilized to remedy the issue.

To ensure that the entire procedure is as efficient as possible, we recommend following the techniques below until you locate a fix that resolves the issue.

How to Fix PS4 Error NP-34981-5

How to Solve PS4 Error NP-34981-5

Have patience

As noted previously, it is wise to wait a little while; the problem may resolve itself. It is preferable to leave the console unattended for a few hours or overnight and check the situation. If the failure is more severe, you will need to employ alternative procedures.

Remove Trophies

The majority of users report that they were able to resolve the crash by cleaning up the “Trophies” area. It is worthwhile to remove games that lack at least one achievement. Although it is unknown why this strategy works, the reality remains. It is assumed that removing these games allows the console to resynchronize its game library. The error prevails during synchronization.

What are we to do:

  1. Log in to the PSN profile that contains this issue.
  2. Navigate to the toolbar on the “Trophies” page.
  3. From the list of games, locate the one that lacks a trophy. If a trophy has already been earned for a game, it cannot be erased.
  4. Navigate to the “Options” menu in the game and select “Delete” from the right-hand menu.
  5. Attempt to start the game.

If things went smoothly, the error should not show this time.

Initialize the PlayStation 4

Numerous people who encountered this issue indicated that they were able to resolve it after initializing their PS4. While this is a serious operation that will delete all your data (game data and save data), it has helped many users fix the PS4 Error NP-34981-5.

To guard against data loss, we’ve supplied instructions for backing up your saved data before trying this procedure. To begin, follow the following steps:

  1. Ascertain that you are logged into the account associated with the issue. Then, from your dashboard’s ribbon menu, navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Saved Data in System Storage from the Settings menu.
  3. Select Upload to Online Storage from the subsequent menu. If your PS Plus subscription is not current, choose Copy to USB Storage Device instead.
  4. When you reach the next screen, select Choose Multiple Applications by pressing the Option s button. Then, choose each Save game that is presently stored locally. Once you’ve picked all of your games, click the Upload option to save them to your Cloud account.
  5. A second confirmation is required if you have more current backups on the cloud-based storage. If you’re working with numerous saves, it’s good to check the Apply to All box before selecting Yes.
  6. Once the procedure has been completed, navigate to the Power menu and select Turn Off PS4 to power down your system. Avoid putting it into Sleep mode.
  7. Once the console has been completely switched off, wait for the LED to cease flashing. To enter the Recovery Menu, press and hold the Power button until you hear two distinct beeps. When you’re at the Recovery Menu, select option 6, and initialize your PlayStation 4 by pressing the X button on your Dual Shock controller.
  8. Following the initialization of your PC, begin by reinstalling your games. Then, navigate to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in Oline Storage and select Saved Data in Oline Storage. Then, click the Download button next to the save games you want to re-download.
  9. Open a game that was previously causing the PS4 Error Code np-36006-5 to verify that the problem has been repaired.

Will you be logged out of the PS4 because an error has occurred NP 32091 5?

PS4 Error Code NP-32091-5 is a random error that might occur during any game’s play. It indicates that it cannot sync trophies with the PSN, and this issue does not always appear while manually syncing trophies.

How do I fix error NP 39225 1 on PS4?

  1. You may find PSN Status at and game server status on their website.
  2. If the server is operational and you continue to receive this error, navigate to Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection and then check the condition of your Internet connection.
  3. Adjust your network’s configuration: Update the router’s firmware to the most recent version.

Why did I get logged out of my PlayStation Network?

The only times I recall being abruptly signed out of PSN were when there was a network fault, when a more widespread PSN crash/error occurred (usually more than one player experiences this) When PSN was updated, and the TOS was modified.

Will you be logged out of the PS4 because of an error?

Users who encountered an error occurred PS4 sign-in error was able to resolve the issue by simply entering into their account on another PS4 device. They can use your cards to make purchases if they are signed in to your account. Re-log into your PSN account after logging out of the console. You should now resolve the error.

How do I enable UPnP on PS4?

You should log in to the router’s administration interface by entering the username and password. Locate a setting that enables Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). It is typically located in a section named Administration.

What is error code NP-41772?

This error arises as a result of your PlayStation being inactive. Or perhaps you see the game sharing error resulting from sharing your PlayStation account with a buddy. He activates the account as the primary source on his PlayStation, kicking you out as the principal user for that account.

What does WV-33898-1 mean on PS4?

The PS4 error WV-33898-1 typically arises when there is no available Internet connection. As a result, users cannot access their programs or the Internet through their consoles.

What does error code NP-36006-5 mean?

NP-36006-5 displays when your PlayStation Network trophy data is corrupted. Back up your saved data and then sync your trophies to fix the problem. A comprehensive factory reset or deleting your user account may be necessary for some instances.

What does Error Code CE-43461-8 mean?

Notification queue issues are the most typical cause of PS4 error CE-43461-8. Suppose a software update has failed and is now in the queue. You must apply it as soon as you can. The download section will be clogged as a result. Go to your Downloads section and delete or cancel the update that didn’t work.