How to Fix Memory Error 13-71 Xbox? Easy Guide

When playing COD Warfare & WarZone on a Windows PC or Xbox, many gamers experience what is known as Memory Error 13-71 Xbox, which causes the game to crash. Even though it’s a strange error and one you may have never encountered before, our investigation has led us deeper into its mysteries.

Memory Error 13-71 Xbox has recently been reported by several Call of Duty: WarZone gamers who claim to see it every time they attempt to load the game or are added to a Regiment. Xbox One and Windows 10 computer users appear to be affected by this issue.

Activision officials claimed they had resolved the issue in a recently released patch. Despite this, many players are nevertheless compelled to deal with it. As things are, we can’t rely on the game’s developers and will have to devise our solutions.

Here in this post, I will cover all probable factors & their solutions for Memory Error 13-71.

What Happens if Memory Error 13-71 Xbox Occurs?

Memory Error 13-71 was first reported by Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone players a few months ago, and it is still happening on some PS4 and Xbox One consoles today. 

After a console has finished trying to load the game, this error will appear. Playing in offline mode or shutting it down are the only options available.

After adding a Regiment member, many consoles began to display the problem. That is when the trouble started for others, according to those who said they were added to a Regiment without their knowledge.

Causes of Memory Error 13-71 Xbox

Memory Error 13-71 is a game-related problem, not a console-related problem. Activision has already said that the problem has been resolved, although a small percentage of players are still encountering it. It indicates that the server is handling the issue.

Try to avoid Regiments for the time being, as the game appears to generate the error when a player joins a Regiment, the title’s clan system. To see if you can make the error go away, try to leave the Regiment you’re currently a member of. A multitude of circumstances may cause this error code. Among the likely culprits are the following:

A Glitch in the Regiment Clan Tag

  • After getting invited to a regiment and joining it, you’re most likely dealing with the well-known ‘clan tag bug if you receive this error number.’ You will resolve this issue after removing the regiment clan tag from the Identity tab in the Warzone settings menu.

The Continual Problem With CrossPlay

  • For Xbox One & Series X users, the problem is likely to be CrossPlay-related. Some customers who had the same issue were finally able to repair it after removing cross-play in Offline mode.

Inconsistency in the Active Regiment

  • If you’re getting this issue solely when trying to play in split-screen local mode, both of the accounts involved may be already members of a Regiment or are waiting for an invitation to join one. It’s been reported that removing any active Regiment invitations and briefly leaving the Regiment while playing local co-op fixed the issue for several users who were experiencing the same issue.

Reserved Space With a Bad Cache

  • This issue may happen on Xbox One and Xbox Series X if reserved space data linked to Call of Duty Warzone is incorrectly cached. In this scenario, clearing the reserved space in the Manage menu of the game will solve the problem.

An Issue Relating to Your Account

  • Other account-related issues, such as shadow-banning, may also cause this error code in some cases. Contacting an Activision Live support representative and requesting an investigation into the root cause is the only way to know.

If you’re still experiencing the ‘Memory Error 13-71 Xbox‘ issue, here is a list of workarounds that other Call of Duty: Warzone players have used to resolve.

How to Fix Memory Error 13-71 Xbox (Different Ways)

Fix Memory Error 13-71 Xbox

Delete the Regiment Tag Now!

The issue may have occurred after joining a Regiment or manually adding the Regiment tag to your profile. It’s advisable to get rid of it if you can. Even if you don’t want to, your options are restricted right now.

Open Warzone & select Barracks from the main menu to remove the Regiment. Pick Identity from the drop-down menu, and once your clan tag appears, select it to remove Regiment.

Memory Error 13-71 Xbox should be eliminated if the changes made to the game are saved.

Switch Xbox Live Accounts

Many users, including myself, have reported success with this solution.

  1. To get a new Gamertag, you’ll need to establish a new Steam account. 
  2. Open multiplayer after you’re done. 
  3. Switch to your former Gamertag by pressing the Xbox button and moving to the left until you see your old Gamertag (the one connected with the memory problem). 
  4. After that, exit the Regiment you’re a member of in the game’s Social menu. 
  5. After that, the game should run normally.

Disable CrossPlay and Leave a Regiment

  1. If the first approach doesn’t work for you, here is a second option. 
  2. Turning off Crossplay and then reactivating it can be a way to fool the game. 
  3. If the Memory Error 13-71 Xbox persists while playing, try pressing the “B button” to select “offline.” 
  4. “Uncheck” the box next to Crossplay by going to “Settings.”
  5. Then return to the main menu and try to play online again. 
  6. You must activate the Crossplay feature before you can proceed. 
  7. Once you’ve left your Regiment, go back to the Social menu and re-enable Crossplay in the Settings.

Reinstall the Game

  1. My Games And Apps” on the Xbox interface is where you’ll find Modern Warfare.
  2. Select uninstall from the settings menu (the button with the three horizontal lines).
  3. If you want to reinstall, you’ll need to visit the Microsoft shop or the “My Games & Apps” tab.
  4. It will take an awful lot of time to download and install the 130 GB game, so only use this approach as a last choice!

The Workaround

  1. Log into your Xbox using a different email address and create a new Gamertag.
  2. Activate the new account and play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (or Call of Duty: Warzone) on your console
  3. Press the Xbox button and travel to the left to resume using your standard Gamertag for Xbox Live.
  4. Go to the Social menu and select the option to get out of Regiments.
  5. The workaround should allow you to start a game immediately if it has been successful.

How to fix Memory Error 13-71 PC

The memory error has persisted not only on Xbox but PC and PS4. Our team has worked tirelessly to deliver gamers a variety of solutions for the Xbox, and we’ve done the same for PC users. For now, PC users will only have one technique to pick from because we are bringing just one method to bear on this situation.

Only deleting and reinstalling Modern Warfare on Blizzard’s Battlenet launcher has worked for PC gamers to fix the memory problem 13-71.

How to Fix Memory Error 13-71 on PlayStation 4

Memory error 13-71 is a common occurrence on PS4, as it is on other systems. Thanks to our Genius Media gaming experts for bringing this fix to the table.

You must shut down the Modern Warfare application and turn off the network settings before you can reaccess it.

After a “connection failed” message appears, you’ll need to follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Put Modern Warfare 2 to the side First
  2. In the Network options, select Offline and then reload the game.
  3. Go Offline is the option you want to select.
  4. When you’re done playing online, reconnect the game.
  5. Begin by disabling any Regiment invites you’ve received, and then go on.

We recommend that you quit any Regiment you may have previously joined and stop accepting any new invitations until the problem has been appropriately resolved. As a result, the developers are working hard to find a fix, and we can only hope that Memory Error 13-71 Xbox one will be history in no time.

FAQs – Memory Error 13-71 Xbox

What does memory error 13-71 Mean on a call of duty?

According to the Daily Star, Xbox One owners cannot load Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or Warzone because of a bug. The error notice “Memory Error 13-71” appears when players attempt to open either game. Offline play is an option; otherwise, the game can be terminated by pressing a button.

Why do I keep getting memory errors on Warzone?

Verifying your game files may help you fix your PC’s COD Warzone Memory Error 0-1766. It may cause damaged game files, but the software offers an easy scan and repair option. In this manner: Go to the Warzone page in the client.

Is MW split-screen on Xbox?

To join the Modern Warfare multiplayer game, you only need to hit the A or X button on the second controller (PS4 or Xbox One). It’s the final step. The second player must join an Activision account to play COD Modern Warfare split screen.

What is cod memory error?

When playing certain levels in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, some players experience a “Memory Error 19 148.” As a result of this problem occurring, the game server is disconnected. Both PCs and gaming consoles are affected by this issue (Xbox One and PlayStation 4).


I am happy that you will learn a lot from this article on Memory Error 13-71 Xbox. If everything else fails, Your only choice at this point is to reach out to Activision for help. See, the corporation may shadowban users without acknowledging that they have done so.