How to Fix Memory Error 0-1766 Xbox? 11 Ways

Many Xbox players have recently reported the Call of Duty: Warzone Memory Error 0-1766 on Xbox. The problem is that the exact cause of this mistake is still unknown. However, other experts believe that the composer command’s failure is to blame for this problem.

A large chunk of the cache may be taking a lot of RAM for some players, while others claim that the many hardware components working together are to blame for any issues with COD Warzone on Xbox systems.

Whatever the cause, here are a few actions you can do to fix the Xbox Memory Error 0-1766 and go back to gaming on your console.

Reasons Behind Memory Error 0-1766 on Xbox One

What’s causing Warzone’s memory errors? Our research into hundreds of user reports and postings shows that a lousy internet is the primary cause of the problem. 

The problem may potentially have been caused by a momentary bug, software conflicts, incorrect display settings, or corrupt game files, among other things; never fear. Here are a few issues that go into greater depth.

Poor Internet Connection

If the internet speed of your present network is poor or inconsistent, consider switching to a better or wired connection.

Background App

Numerous applications running all the time can cause COD Warzone to become extremely sluggish and jerky in performance.

Mac Address

Resetting the MAC address may help you resolve this issue because the Mac address may be clashing with the game and preventing it from connecting.

Display Settings

Players who were experiencing stuttering and latency were able to fix the problem by lowering their display settings.

Game Files Corruption

Scanning and fixing the game files may help if the problem is caused by corrupt or missing game files in the installation folder via the game client.

Outdated Game

Update your game if Ubisoft has released any patches or newest updates in the time since you last did so.

Outdated Graphics Drivers

Games and apps can’t function properly without GPU drivers. Update any outdated or incompatible graphics drivers if necessary.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Memory Error 0-1766 Xbox can be caused by several factors, including the following: Using the fixes provided, try to repair the problem.

How to Fix Memory Error 0-1766 Xbox (Different Ways)

Fix Memory Error 0-1766 Xbox

There are many ways to fix this problem. Some of the most excellent solutions to this problem have been discussed here. Please follow the instructions to obtain a complete understanding of this topic.

#1) Test Your Internet Connection (Xbox & PC)

Checking your Internet connection might be an easy remedy for both Xbox and PC. Low latency issues may have caused the Xbox Memory Error 0-1766, so you should also check your Internet connection. There are several ways you can solve this issue.

  • A wired connection is preferable for gaming because it is more stable and faster.
  • You can, however, switch to Wi-Fi to see if the problem persists when using a wired connection.
  • If you’re still seeing the problem even when using Wi-Fi, you can try rebooting your router and modem. Reconnect both devices’ wires once they have been unplugged for at least 30 seconds.
  • To reduce overpopulation, you can also disconnect the devices you don’t use from your Wi-Fi.

If your Internet connection is stable, you can fix WarZone Memory Error 0-1766.

#2) Restart Your Devices (PC & Xbox)

A short-term bug can occasionally bring on Memory Error 0-1766 Xbox. You can try restarting your gaming device to fix the error. To this end:

On a PC:

  1. Select the Power option from the Start menu in the lower-left corner of your screen.
  2. From the context menu that appears, choose Restart.
  3. Try relaunching the game to see whether the Warzone memory error 0-1766 continues on the PC.

On Xbox:

  1. Turning off your console is as simple as pressing the Xbox button on the front for around 10 seconds.
  2. Wait 30 seconds before plugging the Power Cable.
  3. To Turn On the Console, Press the Xbox Button after re-inserting the power cord. Restart the game to see if Warzone Memory Error 0-1766 Xbox One has been resolved.

#3) Disable HDR

If you’re having trouble playing Warzone, removing the HDR option may be the best solution. The feature may be activated by default if you have an HDR-capable television.

To turn off Xbox’s HDR feature, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Press Xbox Button on your Console.
  • Power & System – > Settings -> General -> TV & Display Options -> Video Formats & Modes
  • Auto HDR mode can be disabled if desired.

You might try disabling Allow HDR 10 again if the problem persists. HDR would be disabled even if the game were meant to use it.

To turn off HDR on your PlayStation 4, go through the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings, then select the option Screen & Video – > Video Output –> HDR
  2. Disable HDR.

At least you won’t be kicked out of the game when you’re trying to get into Warzone after disabling HDR, which may not look as good as previously.

#4) Wireless Network Router Reset

When playing COD Warzone, you can fix the Memory Error 0-1766 on Xbox by checking your wireless connection, which is one of the most fundamental fixes for any problem. Resetting your router is the first step in ensuring that your network is free of temporary issues.

  1. To begin, unplug the internet router’s power cable.
  2. Then, for a minimum of 30 to 40 seconds, hold down the power button on the router.
  3. Reconnect the power cable after you’re finished.

#5) Reinstall Warzone Add-ons on Xbox

Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare have a slew of DLC not included with the base game. Typically, this content is installed separately from the rest of the system. However, installing add-ons might sometimes cause them to be incorrectly installed. It can lead to a slew of blunders that prevent you from playing the game.

These errors include Memory Error 0-1766. So, the only way to avoid this is to install the add-ons manually. Go to the Xbox store, look for the add-on multiplayer packs, and manually install them.

#6) Update the Game

You can fix an error when opening Call of Duty by updating the game and seeing if there is an available patch or update to download and install. Follow these procedures to get the latest version of the game:

  1. Take a look at your Games collection via the Battlenet client.
  2. Next to the play button in Warzone, click on the options icon.
  3. Then, if any updates are available, go ahead and download them by selecting the check for updates option.
  4. You can now play COD warzone to see if the problem has been fixed.

#7) Close all Running Apps & Games

For Warzone to perform at its best, your Xbox needs to have a few other games and apps running in the background. The Memory Error 0-1766 on Xbox can also be caused by background processes interfering with Warzone. Here’s how to get rid of the programs that are taking up space in the background:

  1. To bring up the menu sidebar, press the Xbox button on your controller (see image above).
  2. Games and apps will be listed. Games and apps are indicated if they’re currently running. By pressing the Menu key, you can end all open games and programs (the three-line button.)
  3. Select Quit.

#8) Clear the Mac Address (Xbox)

According to some reports, clearing the Mac address on your Xbox device may fix the Memory Error 0-1766 on Xbox. The following is an overview of the process.

  1. To access the Settings menu, press the Xbox button on your controller.
  2. Enter your alternate Mac address into the Advanced settings section of the Network Settings section.
  3. Your Xbox should restart once you click Delete now to remove the Alternate Mac Address.

#9) Look into Community Centers

When a problem affects many people, it becomes a problem that affects everyone. Although the developers are likely to release updates on the situation, most community members gather in hubs such as Reddit to see whether other gamers are also unable to access Warzone.

Other Warzone players may have found workarounds to your problem, making community hubs useful as a resource for finding other people who have experienced the same problem and found a solution.

#11) Restoring your Driver’s License

  1. Go to “Settings” in the menu bar.
  2. Go to “Account Management.”
  3. Look for “Restore Your Licenses” under “Options.”
  4. Please be patient.
  5. Check to see if the problem has been fixed by restarting your device.

#12) Keep an eye on official channels

Though not a solution, you’ll want to return to the game as soon as it is fixed to be among the first players there.

You can keep up with the latest news on the error by following Call of Duty on Twitter. As soon as a repair is released, the developers would generally inform their fans about it through the proper channels. The repair may require a small update to be downloaded after receiving confirmation.

#13) Submit a Support Ticket

No other players are experiencing the error 0-1766, and none of the workarounds we provided successfully resolved your issue; you’ll have to contact Activision’s support team for assistance. Include screenshots of all the solutions you’ve attempted to fix the problem.

Within a few days, you should hear from a customer service team member. You may be asked for more information about your gaming system if the answer does not always include a repair. You should be able to get assistance from the support team once they have all the information they require.

One day to a few days may pass within this period. Try tweeting the support personnel instead of waiting for a response to your ticket if it hasn’t been answered in several days.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I fix my Xbox One memory error?

1) Take immediate action to remove the Regiment tag from your page.

2) You should avoid inactive regimes at all costs.

3) When playing in offline mode (only for Xbox One/Series), turn off crossplay.

4) Contact Activision customer service if you need additional help.

What is a memory error on Warzone?

An error in the memory is referred to as a Memory Error. A problem with loading assets from your hard drive or not having enough RAM to execute you may blame the game for this error message. We’ve found that this problem most often arises because of corrupted game files that you can’t load.

What is a memory error in Call of Duty?

‘Memory Error 19-148’ is a problem that some Modern Warfare gamers are experiencing while playing particular maps. As a result of this problem occurring, the game server is disconnected. Both PCs and gaming consoles are affected by this issue (Xbox One and PlayStation 4).


Here are the best measures you may follow to fix the COD Warzone Memory Error 0-1766 Xbox on your console. These modifications may fail to repair the problem in rare cases completely. Keeping this in mind is vital Either contact the Xbox Support Team or wait for an official patch from Microsoft in these situations.