How to Use a Blue Snowball Mic on Xbox One? Easy Guide

Since it’s so well-known, streamers, podcasters, and voice actors all love the Blue Snowball Microphone. As a result of its many tunable pickup patterns, it may be used as several different microphones all in one place.

It’s not clear whether you can use a Blue Snowball Microphone with Xbox One. But here in this article, I will give you some suggestions on How to Use a Blue Snowball Mic on Xbox One. After reading these tips, I hope that you will be able to connect Blue Snowball Mic on Xbox.

Plug the Blue Snowball microphone into a USB port on the Xbox One to utilize it. You can use a headset with a Y splitter cable to connect to the controller and the adaptor. Using a male-to-male microphone cable, connect one end to the microphone and the other to the Y splitter cable.

The mic splitter cable has a headphone jack on one end for easy use with a headset.

How to Use a Blue Snowball Mic on Xbox One

how to use a blue snowball mic on xbox one

To begin, you’ll require an Xbox One remote, as well as a stereo headset adapter for the remote, as well as a headset and auxiliary wire, both of which can be found from RadioShack.

You’ll need your Xbox One, a remote, and a splitter, which you’ll hook into your Xbox One. Then, you may use any headphones you’d want, such as my Beats by Dr. Dre.

It will go in the green slot, not the red one you see there.

When you’re done plugging in your splitter and twisting it around, plug it into the green section where you need to plug it in, but don’t yank too hard on it.

After that, you’ll need an auxiliary cord with no microphone on end, like the one I use with my Beats headphones.

For the splitter to work, you’ll need to get the record that doesn’t have Beat and plug it into it. You’ll then plug the other end of the splitter, which was either in your Xbox or in your movie, into your computer, and then the other end of the splitter will have Beat. Your question is, “Does the splitter work with the other end of the splitter?” The answer is yes.

Psalm appears on your screen, indicating that the audio jack has been plugged in.

Plug it in like that, and then you’ll need your blue snowball Mic as well. If you have a USB port on any side of the device, you’ll need to connect mine in as well.


The blue snowball light should come on as soon as You plug it in on your left side, so keep an eye out for that.

Using an Xbox, all you have to do is lower the volume, right-click on it, and select Recording Devices to begin the recording process. Your blue snowball plug should appear as the default playback device when you double-click it.

When your pals converse, and the sound comes out of the TV, it’s basically like that.

It appears that you and your friends are only interested in lowering the volume on your computer speakers so that you may then visit the site.

After clicking “Continue,” “apply,” and “ok,” all that’s left is for you to click “OK” one more time, and your Xbox will be ready to go.

Until then, I’ll be in touch.

Once you’ve logged into your Xbox One, click left on the d-pad, navigate to the party menu, and choose the “Start a Party” button.

In addition, you’ll be able to discuss other people, as well as your buddies.

How can I connect Any USB microphone to my Xbox One console?

Xbox might be a challenge to handle at times. You’ll need to purchase extra goods if you want to utilize a USB microphone and headphones with it. Xbox One headset adaptor, 3.5mm CTIA Splitter cable, and 3.5mm plug to plug cable are included. It’s a simple matter of putting the various parts together. So, here’s how it’s accomplished:

  • To begin, attach your Xbox One headset adapter to the console and turn it on.
  • Connect the CTIA Splitter cable to the adaptor to get two inputs: one for the microphone and the headphones.
  • It is why a USB microphone with a headphone jack is essential. Use the 3.5 mm jack to jack auxiliary cable to attach your microphone. Plug one end into the Splitter cable and the other into the microphone’s headphone jack.
  • You can, of course, connect your headphones to the auxiliary cable’s other input. That’s it! Good luck in the game.

FAQs – How to Use a Blue Snowball Mic on Xbox One?

Can you use blue snowball mic Xbox?

Snowball iCEs can be connected to Xbox S consoles. To make it operate properly, you’ll need a few extra parts. Need a headset adapter for the Xbox One controller with an audio microphone headphone converter.

Does the Xbox One support USB mics?

The fundamental problem with the Xbox One, which has one USB connector and no audio input. Your Xbox One will not be able to use your USB microphone. Even if your microphone is turned on, no sound is sent over the USB port.

How do I get my Blue Snowball mic to work?

#1) Reconnect your Snowball microphone after disabling all external audio devices. It will be easier to hear if you don’t use the Blue Snowball microphone.

#2) Re-installing the driver for the Blue Snowball mic.

#3) Inspect and fix any driver issues.

#4) Use the Windows tools to troubleshoot the microphone.

Do AirPods work Xbox One?

The Xbox One controller’s headphone jack also does not work with AirPods. While it’s technically impossible to use AirPods with an Xbox One console or controller, the official Xbox app on iOS or Android allows you to do so during an Xbox One gaming session.

Can I use a stand-alone mic on Xbox?

You can have the ability to use virtually any stand-alone microphone you like by investing in a 3.5mm headphone/mic splitter. Consider the Stream Mic, designed specifically for consoles and can be found at Turtle Beach.

How do you set up a mic on Xbox One?

As shown, insert the stereo headset adapter into the controller’s expansion port. Using the adapter’s 3.5 mm jack, attach the stereo headset. When the Xbox One is turned on, you can use the adapter connector buttons to adjust the sound and microphone level.

Can you use the external mic on Xbox?

An AUX port must be present on the microphone you use. In addition, you’ll want a headset with a detachable microphone that plugs into an AUX port. As a result of this, you’d have: A USB cable was used to power the microphone.


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