How to Unlock Locked Games on PS4? 2 Methods

Many of you may be wondering why my PS4 games are padlocking? Let’s see it in the following article to know How to Unlock Locked Games on PS4? in detail.

Before that, we must know what is PS4 and why games are locked on PS4? PS4 is the Sony Computer’s eighth-generation home video gaming console. It boasts the strongest up-to-date APU. In addition, the console supports HDR10 and 4K multimedia playback.

PlayStation 4 is one of the market’s best and most successful gaming consoles. For a Pro Gamer, it is imperative to know the power and characteristics of this powerful gaming console. The A-Pro model has additional features on the way. To provide a satisfactory experience and to meet the players’ needs.

Good games on PS4 lay the way for their consoles to succeed. Exclusive and exciting games including Death Stranding, FIFA 20, Duty-Modern Warfare Call, and much more. Although we have a good list of games, we sometimes experience problems because of this awful clock.

In attempting to open some games, a locked icon signifies that you don’t have permission to access this game. Sometimes it can be transitory if you have a bad or slow connection to the network. But if it’s going a lengthy time, you must instantly remedy it to continue your PS4 games.

How to unlock locked games on PS4? Well, that’s all this content’s purpose. If you’re ready, let’s talk about the techniques of unlocking PS4 games.

What causes the PS4 Games locked icon?

The locked symbol is usually a mechanism of piracy protection. It means one person does not have a license to play games with other people. 

For example, if you have a PS3, you may remember that one person can buy a digital game, and other people can download it from the account and can play that game forever.

Sony wants to limit this only to be played by the one who paid for the game. It is meaningful, yet it gets in the way. 

Even if you don’t share games, you’ll face problems with games that are locked if you have two PS4 systems. Here’s some help unlocking them.

Only a secondary PS4 should do this.

If you experience this problem, you will probably know the primary and secondary PS4 systems. The primary PS4 will save licenses on the machine, and you won’t have to revalidate continuously. 

However, it implies that the lock icon never appears. You need an active internet connection to confirm your license if you are using a secondary PS4. Any inability to validate these requests causes the games to lock.

How to Unlock Locked Games on PS4: 2 Methods

Here I’ve mentioned a few techniques for removing the padlock from your PS4.

So these are the few approaches by which we will remove your PS4 locks. Continue reading the contents below.

Method 1: Restore the Game License

If you can’t play games yet, the game is active; wait a few minutes. You must wait. Allow PS4 to contact the PSN servers to verify that you have a valid game access license. If it continues for an extended period, try to solve the problem using the following way.

STEP1: Access your PSN account with padlock problems at first.

STEP2: Navigate to Account Management –> Settings.

STEP3: Click the Restore Licenses button.

You now have a valid PS4 license for playing games. You can download games on your PS4 system using the following procedures.

STEP4: Navigate to the library of PS4 and click on the Option Purchased.

STEP5: Click on games and click on Download.

STEP6: Once the download is complete, It will display the installed game on the console’s home screen.

Now the padlock icon will go away, allowing you to play without the hustle and bustle of your games.

Method 2: Enable Your Primary PS4

If the prior procedure has not worked, try this second solution. I hope you know the primary and secondary PS4. 

The lock will never display on the primary PS4 because it stores licenses on the system and does not require constant restoration.

It would help if you had an active Internet connection for recovering your PS4 licenses while using a secondary PS4. 

Any network connection difficulty during license restoration may open up the route to a lock again. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. You may correct the problem by following the steps below carefully.

STEP1: Navigate to Account Management -> Settings.

STEP2: Select and disable the Activate main option. Yes, it would help if you first disabled it.

STEP3: Now, enable the window-free Option.

STEP4: Now, try to access the previous padlock game.

Video Guide: How to Unlock Locked Games on Ps4 (4 Ways)

How to Unlock Locked Games on PS4 Without Internet?

Unlocking PS4 games without the internet is possible in a few ways.

  1. One option is to play games from a disc that has been played on a different gaming system in the past.
  2. Another option is to use a different PS4 system to register for a new PlayStation Network account, after which you can use that account to download the game from the PlayStation Store.

Check Your Network Connection

Since the licensing requires an active Internet connection, make sure that you are connected to the Internet. To be sure, you can do a connection test from the PS4 settings menu. 

Next, restart your router or restart the PS4 entirely instead of using suspend/sleep mode. It can reset any networking components that have begun to operate. You should be able to interface with PSN to validate the license after restarting.

Check Whether Your Account Is Banned!!

You must also verify if your PSN account is banned because you cannot contact the PSN server with a blocked account. 

You can’t reinstate your licenses if your account is blocked. Make sure your games work correctly by login into your account.

PS4 Games Lock After Sharing

I won’t use this manual to teach others how to share games. The locked symbol is a pretty common problem if you do so. You can try to fix this using the preceding technique, but the problem is, first of all, that you share the game. 

The other person owning the main account has control over this title and limits your access to it. Either they disconnected you from the Internet, or there is a problem with your account. Sharing with pals isn’t something you should do.

FAQs – How to Unlock Locked Games on Ps4

Why are my games locked on PS4 without Internet?

Only your Primary System can play digital games offline, as it is this system that stores the licenses for your games on its hard drive. 

As such, anyone can play any game offline on the primary system. You have to be online to play your video game on another system so Sony can check the licensing.

How do I unlock a locked PS5 game?

Once logged in, navigate to the User & Account Settings option. After you have done so, select Other and then click Restore Licenses. 

You should now have access to the games. As for locked PS4 games, you should solve this problem by entering the PS4 disc into your PS5.

Can I lock a downloaded game on PS4?

Go to Settings>Parental controls>Restrict PS4 functionality. On the console. From this menu, you can configure game usage limitations, DVD films, Blu-ray playback, and even log in to an internet browser without a local user account.


It is everything you need to know about How to Unlock Locked Games on PS4. I hope that the content is informative and satisfactory. You may quickly remove the padlock and continue to play your games by using the preceding instructions. 

Do not disclose your game and account better. The person with the primary account can access your game, and you will be thrown off. Stay on pace and update technology for yourself.

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