How to Turn on Gun Flashlight in Ark Xbox One? Easy Method

Ark: Survival Evolved is a game that each gaming enthusiast is familiar with because of its intriguing play. The game begins on an island dubbed Ark, where men and women have become stranded and are trying to survive against various creatures.

There are a variety of strategies that gamers can employ to fight their way off the island, but none are as effective as Ark Flashlight’s usage of the weapon. It illuminates the adversary on the spot, allowing you to take a decisive shot at them.

Despite the perplexing effect of employing the Flashlight as a secondary option, the attachment is anything but uncomplicated. As a result, today’s topic will be How to Turn on Gun Flashlight in Ark Xbox One.

Are you up for the challenge?

The Ark flashlight attachment is valuable to the Arm’s arsenal of gameplay tools. Compared to torches, which soon lose their endurance and efficiency, the Flashlight continues to function throughout the game development process.

How To Use Your Favorite Flashlight Ark Accessory in Your Game?

Adding the Ark attachment to the Arm’s arsenal is a smart move. The Flashlight is more reliable than torches for the duration of the game’s development because it doesn’t go out like a light.

If you have a Flashlight Ark accessory, you can use the following methods to play the game.

Step #1)

Go to the weapon area you want to use the flashlight attachment on and attach it there.

Step #2)

Afterward, transfer your previously selected weapon to the quick-slot location for additional processing.

Step #3)

Your weapon will have a unique serial number after you’ve chosen it. The gun number you select will be linked to the Flashlight Ark, as shown below. In the real world, it isn’t quite ready yet. It would help if you turned on the Flashlight to continue playing the game.

Step #4)

You can activate Ark Flashlight by pressing the “N” key on the keyboard.

Step #5)

You can use the “N” key with the game’s “Toggle Weapon Attachment” option to make things easier for yourself.

Step #6)

Once you’ve turned on the Flashlight, you’ll be able to aim your enemy precisely.

In Ark: Survival Evolved, you must press the “N” button on your controller to switch between guns, equipment, tools, or anything else you want to accomplish. It raises some questions about the quality of the games.

So we came up with a different solution, and guess what? It worked! We’ve come up with a practical solution accessible to all gamers.

How to Turn on Gun Flashlight in Ark Xbox One & PS4

The alternative of pressing the “N” button too often to switch between your weapons and other tools may be preferable if you dislike pushing the “N” button too much. 

It is possible to switch between weapons by pressing the reload key on your keyboard. You’ll have to double-tap it to make it work. It appears to be straightforward.

The following is the procedure for different gaming options:

  • “R” is the PC’s default reload button.
  • It’s a button on the PS4. The button is square.
  • It’s “X” for reloading on the Xbox.
  • The “Y” key is required if you’re playing Ark on the Nintendo Switch.

The advantages of utilizing Ark Flashlight are as follows:

How to Turn on Gun Flashlight in Ark Xbox One

The use of a traditional torchlight to play Ark at night has been seen to become increasingly comfortable with time among Ark players. 

Even though a torchlight illuminates a more extensive area, a flashlight is not very backward. Using a flashlight such as the J5 V1 Pro while playing Ark provides players with a distinct advantage over their opponents.

Some of the most prominent disadvantages of utilizing a flashlight are as follows:

  1. According to the manufacturer, the Flashlight is more durable than a standard torchlight.
  2. It has a broader scope of application. Consequently, you will have a more unobstructed view of the illuminated area.
  3. Because it illuminates a larger region, it makes it easier to track the movement of objects across a larger area.
  4. Because the Flashlight is brighter than the torch, you can have a better picture of your surroundings and your adversaries.

Fix: Ark Flashlight Attachment Won’t Turn On?

Attach the flashlight to your pistol, place it in a quick slot, select the number, and press N to activate the flashlight attachment. (This key can be changed to “toggle weapon attachment” if desired.)

FAQs – How to Turn on Gun Flashlight in Ark Xbox One

How do you spawn a flashlight in Ark?

If you want to activate the Flashlight, drag this attachment on your chosen weapon, drag the weapon to a specified quick slot, select the number you assigned to the pistol with the passion, and press N to turn on the Flashlight. You can change the “toggle weapon attachment” key to the “toggle weapon attachment” key.

How do I turn on the flashlight attachment in Ark?

Simple Pistol, Assault Rifle, Fabricated Pistol, Longneck Rifle, Pump-Action Shotgun, and Fabricated Sniper Rifle are some of the weapons that you can equip with the Flashlight Attachment. 

You can activate the Flashlight by hitting “N” on the keyboard or double-tapping “X” on the Xbox One controller.

How do you put a saddle on a torch in Ark?

They were included in the game to make torches available on all appropriate land dino saddles. Equip the torch by dragging it onto the saddle.

Is there a wall torch in Ark?

It can be put on any surface, including a wall. It is possible to use a torch as a light source. It is especially beneficial if the torch has skin attached for protection (e.g. Torch Sparkler Skin).

What Dinos drop Chitin in Ark?

Chitin can be obtained from certain species by punching them with the Stone or Metal Pick, the Stone or Metal Hatchet, or carnivores, or by using the Stone or Metal Pick and the Stone or Metal Hatchet. 

The Hatchet, Sabertooth, and Megatherium are the most effective weapons. When harvested, Chitin can be found in animals’ exoskeletons, such as invertebrates.

How do you light a campfire in Ark?

It will be necessary to light the campfire once it has been constructed. To do so, players will want fuel you can obtain from surplus thatch or wood. Please note where the fuel is in the campfire’s inventory and then use it to light the fire.

It will light the campfire. On a PC, pressing the E button, the Triangle button on a PlayStation, or the Y button on an Xbox will accomplish the task.

How do you get crystal in Ark?

Crystals are best collected with a metal pick or by particular species; you can use stone picks, but they have a meager chance of yielding crystals. The mining of white crystals can obtain it. 

White crystals are the most common type of crystal that may be mined, but stalactites in caves also contain crystal. Some of the others are purely ornamental.


You will transform your gameplay entirely once you access the incredible Ark flashlight attachment and understand How to Turn on Gun Flashlight in Ark Xbox One.

Turn on the Flashlight, look for potential foes, and headshot your way to Heaven. You will like how the flashlight attachment ensures your success throughout the game, allowing you to progress quickly and confidently.

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