How to Stop Recording on PS4 [STEP BY STEP]

Here’s you will learn everything about How to Stop Recording on Ps4? Recording and sharing a PlayStation 4 gameplay is a lot easier than you believe. 

Of course, capture cards are the most excellent option to capture and broadcast your game, but no extra hardware is needed to capture your PS4 action directly from the console, too.

You don’t have to activate your favorite PS4 recording beforehand, so no matter if you win in Warzone or if you tumble at one of the numerous curves and turns in The Last of Us Part II, you can record that.

In this article, we will show you How to Stop Recording on Ps4, from adjusting your video settings to the storage of the finished product. We will also show you how to alter and submit your filename directly to social media or export your file to your PC if you seek a bit more production quality.

If you are in a hurry, then see this Quick Guide.

How to Stop Recording on Ps4

Unfortunately, I have some bad news: Sony will not allow you to turn it off completely.

What you can do, though, is minimize the amount of recorded activity, which may be beneficial. Allow me to explain.

The performance of the gameplay recording is somewhat ambiguous for Sony. Still, my best theory is that lengthy streets of images – such as 15 minutes’ default duration – should be stored to hard disc and wear more on the drive. 

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However, it is conceivable that if you crimp the recording for at least 30 seconds, You may save a shorter recording in memory so that the hard disc is not strained unnecessarily. 

Here is how you can set the PlayStation 4 Recorder to a minimum feasible length: 

  • Press the Share button on your controller with your PS4 enabled and signed in.
  • From the menu which displays, select ‘Share and Broadcast Settings.’
  • Now pick ‘Video Clip Length.’ The default time is fifteen minutes.
  • Change the new clip length now – the closest to “off” is 30 seconds.
  • Now, the PlayStation will continue to record but will only keep the latest 30 seconds (or whatever you changed it to). Surely that will make your poor old console less stressful?

How to Record PS4 Video Clips

Video of the last 15 minutes of play is recorded continuously and automatically. You can save your gameplay footage in the following ways.

  • To start recording, hit SHARE twice, then press SHARE twice to stop recording.
  • Press SHARE, then select Save Video Clip.

How to Access Your Video and Screenshots Saved

  • From the content box, select Capture Gallery.
  • To filter your media by name or by date and delete video clips or screenshots, press the OPTIONS button on your controller. You can also copy videos and screenshots to a USB storage device.

How to Take Ps4 Consoles Screenshots

You can save your gaming screenshot in one of the following methods.

  1. Press the SHARE button on your controller and hold it.
  2. Click the SHARE button, then click the triangle button.
  3. Click SHARE and then pick Save Screenshot.

How to Record, Stop & Share Recording on Ps4 (Complete Guide)

#1) Adjust Your Video Settings

Hold down the Share button for the Share Menu (here is how to sync a PS4 controller) on your PlayStation 4 controller. From here, you can modify various settings, including video, for how you share material created on your PS4. 

You will have to utilize these settings to upload your video later, but you want the PS4 to capture the exact duration of your films for now. Go to the Set Video Length menu to do this.

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Here you can determine how much time the PlayStation 4 records when the share button is pressed. The PS4 can record automatically for an hour or 30 seconds; however, the default time is 15 minutes.

#2) Shoot Your Game

The actual part of the recording is relatively easy. Start playing a game, and two options are available. First, you can start afresh recording with the Share button to record for the given period in the settings or until you hit the Share button again.

The second option is to capture a video of something happening exactly now. Your PlayStation 4 automatically saves from your current play session the last 15 minutes of gameplay. 

If you have a wonderful gameplay time you haven’t seen, you may still capture it in the video even if you didn’t think of hitting the Share button. We will describe how to record both kinds — the controls are identical, but in every case, they change somewhat.

#3) Start a New Record

To start rolling, press the Shared button twice if you want to record a video by essentially pushing Record on your PS4 before you start playing. 

The PS4 records the time you have set when you double-click on the Share button, and the Record can be stopped at any time by double-clicking again. 

Once the recording is complete, you will save the clip to your home screen in the Capture Gallery folder.

Make sure that the game you are recording also does not disable recording functions automatically. 

Some titles – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a tricky example, and the Ratchet & Clank reboot — will temporarily discontinue the capture feature to protect story spoilers. 

To do this, you need to use a catch card rather than the built-in share characteristics on the console, but very few games use it more than a few times.

#4) Save Video Last 15 Minutes

You are not out of luck when something spectacular happens in a game, and you want to capture it, but before you click on the Share button to start a video. Your PS4 always captures the video, and it just doesn’t save it unless you say so. 

In the PS4 video cache, the past 15 minutes of your gameplay session have always been kept. So, if you’ve just had a challenging boss battle or just pulled a nice headshot off, you may still save the footage from the cache.

Here’s the thing: Do not double-press the Share button if you want to save the previous 15 minutes of your gaming! From the time you press the button, a new video recording will commence. You will delete the cached video by starting a new recording.

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Just hit the Share button once to enter the Share option to preserve the past 15 minutes of the gameplay film. Select Save Video Clip from there or click on the Square button. 

You can save the film in the Capture Gallery, where you can relax or share it. You may also utilize the Share menu to share the video clip directly on social media. It will also be saved in the Capture Gallery and taken next to the social media interface.

#5) Cut Your Clip

You are now ready to edit and share your video clip. In most circumstances, you’ll want to cut your video to make it publicly available. 

Some social media require short films – Twitter clips must be fewer than two minutes, for example. 

Even if you don’t have to cut your clip at the start and end of the video, you may wish to delete the soft material and reach the excellent section.

You might use two spots for the trim option. Please highlight your video in the Capture Gallery and press the options button on the controller to pull a menu with the Trim option. 

In the Share menu, you can also select Share Video Clip and see a screen with a list of social networks and video providers. 

Choose which video you want to share, and It will transport you to the Share screen to write an update or a Tweet on Facebook, add a description of your film, and so on. The Trim button is located at the top of the screen.

You can delete a portion of the video file footage to shorten it by selecting Trim. First, pick the location in the video you want to navigate through a macro view of the video timeline using the Direction Pad on your controller.

The timeline displays screencaps representing tiny video snippets: The snippets can be enlarged or reduced, modifying the amount of the video you spend each time you hit the D-Pad. 

To adjust the length of the schedule, select the “10 Second Intervals” drop-down option. As you might think, every D-Pad press will skip 10 seconds of the video, but you can either increase it to 60 seconds or reduce it to a second more accurate.

When selecting the location, you wish to start your new, reduced video, tap L2 to establish the starting point. Scroll down the timeline to find your endpoint and hit R2. 

An orange box highlights the area of your new video timepiece. When you finish the edit, You will erase the other sections.

You may see the video for more accurate adjustments by hitting the Preview button beneath the video timeline to determine the perfect place to start or stop. 

When playing the video, you will see a timer running on the left side of the screen and a cursor passing the timeline that can both help you pinpoint when starting and stopping your film.

Complete the cut, and You will save the rest of your movies in the Capture Gallery. 

#6) Share the Video

Once your video is cut to the correct length, it’s time to upload it on the web. You will be required to link your PlayStation 4 to your social media accounts, but you will have on-screen sign-in directions to select a social network from the Share Video Clip option. 

Once you have your social network set up, you have to select your video, write your tweet, change your status, description, etc.

Specific social sites provide additional controls to tailor your video privacy settings. For example, when you upload to Facebook or YouTube, you can utilize the settings to determine who can view the video. 

You can also publish your videos on YouTube in “unlisted” format to be private. You may also configure privacy limits for who can view the video on the social activity of your PlayStation Network account.

#7) Getting Your Video on Your Computer

You can also transfer your video from your PS4 to an external hard disc or a flash drive if you want to share your video online, then download it to a computer.

First, plug into one of your PlayStation’s USB ports and go to the Capture Gallery. Choose the video you wish to transfer and then press the Options button. Select Copy to USB Storage Device from the option on the right side of the screen.

You will be transported back to the Capture Gallery grid view. By hitting X, you can select which objects to copy to your USB device. The photographs and movies you select are marked with a significant check on each item in a tick box. 

After all that you wish to transfer is selected, move to the right-hand menu and select Copy. Hit OK on the following screen, and you’ll transfer whatever you’ve selected to your external drive.

When you transfer your videos successfully to your external storage, remove the USB drive from your PS4. You may swap your video recording files onto the USB port by inserting your external drive into your computer. 

If you are using a Windows device, you will notice a folder called PS4 appear up in your My Computer area. And you’ll see it in Finder if you’re using a Mac.

If you need something in your PS4 folder, click on it to access it. Bear in mind that you may need to discover a few folders. When you’re seeking it, check for the shared folder because the folder includes Video Clips.

If you’d want to look at old game recordings, click the Video Clips folder and search the various video folders. You will note that every file is formatted in.mp4. All you need to do is find, click on and download your selected video to your computer.

Once all these procedures are done, you will share the recordings with other people and alter them if needed. You may modify it using standard video editing tools because it is in a simple .mp4 file format.

FAQs – How to Stop Recording on Ps4

Is PS4 always recording?

You can not only start the recording process to capture gameplay, but the PS4 continuously records the past 15 minutes of gameplay, so it’s easy to save a great event that just happened.

How do I stop my Playstation 5 from recording gameplay?

Go to Settings. It is the wedge icon in the top right of the home screen. Choose Captures and Broadcasting. Choose Trophies and switch off the automatic recording.

Can you turn off the PS4 voice recording?

Sadly, I’m coming with bad news: Sony doesn’t let it switch off. Sony is somewhat opaque about recording games, but my best theory is that extensive periods of footage – like the average 15-minute duration – should be kept on a disc, increasing wear on a disc drive.

Does PlayStation 5 automatically record gameplay?

Yes, The PS5 continuously records to keep gaming video.

How long can you record for on PS5?

Up to 1-hour gaming can be recorded. Video is recorded continually and automatically from your latest gameplay. You can save up to 1 hour from the last 15 seconds.

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