How to Stop Lagging on 2k21 Xbox One? 6 Pro Tips

On September 10th, 2021, NBA 2K22 was made available to the public. The MyCareer mode has been revived and enhanced in the most recent iteration of the video game. In addition, the game has the popular MyTeam mode, which is an NBA trading card game. Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 are getting a new city mode.

It is designed to make the city more dynamic and engaging. Additionally, You will implement a quest system to keep fans interested. A new matchmaking system is also included. As a result, lag spikes and matchmaking mistakes may occur in NBA 2K22.

This post will guide you on How to Stop Lagging on 2k21 Xbox One. To help you get the most out of your PC & Xbox One, as well as your PS4, Switch, & PS5, we’ve put together some recommendations.

In Nba 2k21, There Are Two Forms of Latency.

There are two sorts of lag when it comes to gaming:

  • FPS lag
  • Network lag

If your computer or console can’t keep up with the standard frame rate, you’ll notice the game’s gameplay lagging. Hardware limitations or malfunctions are typically to blame.

On the other hand, when it comes to network lag, the server or network is to blame. A network lag or difficulty with the game servers may be to blame if you have a fast computer that meets NBA 2K21’s minimum and recommended system requirements or an Xbox One or PS4 console.

Why Is Nba 2k22 So Sluggish on Ps4 and Xbox One?

Although NBA 2K22’s popularity has been a boon, it’s also been a burden. As we previously stated, you’ll be playing against others with varying Internet connections. NBA 2K22 will have lag spikes if you have troubles with the Internet in general on PS4 or Xbox One.

Lag can be caused by several factors, including your Internet speed and the quality of your hardware. ExpressVPN MediaStreamer is available for console users. CPU, GraphicGraphic Card & RAM are the three primary considerations for PC gaming. Everyone needs to have access to a high-speed Internet connection.

How to Stop Lagging on 2k21 Xbox One

If you are experiencing lag while playing NBA 2K21 on PC, PS4, or Xbox, you have a few options.

How to Stop Lagging on 2k21 Xbox One 6 Pro Tips

Keep the Game Up-to-date

Updating your software can solve a lot of problems. Check to see if NBA 2K21 is up to date before resuming your online play.

After updating the game, if the problem remains, you may need to repeat these procedures.

Drivers & Software for Graphics Cards Should Be Updated (Pc)

Make sure your computer’s graphics card is up to date with the newest drivers to fix lag in NBA 2K21. It would also help keep up with third-party applications and the Windows Operating System.

Check for Issues With the Nba 2k21 Server

Make sure you check the server status even if you’ve already taken care of the things that need updating. NBA 2K21 lags may be caused by game servers becoming down or experiencing bugs.

To find out what’s going on with NBA 2K’s servers, go to

Check for Local Network Issues

Check your network to see if there is a problem with the server if everything else is fine. It would help if you investigated the following:

  • Slow connection
  • Intermittent connection

It’s possible that your computer or PlayStation, or Xbox may not be able to establish a stable connection with the game servers if your network is experiencing problems. It may cause network slowness and make the game unusable online.

Do a speed test on your PC, PlayStation, or Xbox to see whether you have a slow internet connection. For NBA 2K21’s online modes, 5Mbps speed and 3Mbps upload are fine for me. There may be issues if you go below certain speeds.

If your internet connection is constantly dropping, you may suffer slowness in NBA 2K21 (intermittent). A smartphone connected to your WiFi or router can be used to see if it continues to disengage from the Internet.

Restart the Game

In some instances, simply shutting down and resuming the game can solve problems. Make sure you restart NBA 2K21 if you haven’t already.

Restart Your Gaming Console or Personal Computer

If you’re having network latency while playing any game, you can also restart your PC or device. Please disconnect the power line from the back of your PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox before turning it off. Once the computer or console has been turned off, please wait 30 seconds before turning it back on.

Network Congestion and Low Bandwidth Should Be Checked Out

Your PC or console’s Internet speed may suffer if you have too many devices connected to it at the same time.

You may check if bandwidth is running low on your computer or console by ensuring that no other devices (wired or wireless) are connected to your router except your computer or PS4/Xbox. Then, see if NBA 2K21 still has lag by rerunning it.

Connect via a wired network

Consider switching to a wired connection on your computer or console if you’re experiencing issues with wireless connectivity. Connect your device to your router through a network cable and restart the game to see if the problem persists.

How Does a VPN Help with NBA 2K21 Lag?

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are used to safeguard data from intruders, Internet service providers, or any other third party. A VPN can help with NBA 2K21 lag and other games by reducing latency.

VPN servers establish an encrypted tunnel for your traffic to travel over, shielding you from any outside intrusions. As a result of this tunnel, packet loss and lag should be much reduced. There will be more green release 3’s if packet loss is reduced, which means less lag.

A faster internet connection is the most crucial consideration when eliminating lag and improving your gaming experience.

Helpful Hints for NBA 2K22 Lag Fixes

When compared to a wired connection, WiFi is noticeably slower. If you can use a LAN cable, I would recommend doing so if that is a possibility for you. If that isn’t an option, you may wish to create a different WiFi network for gaming or prioritize your traffic.

Interested in knowing if the 2K servers or others are down? NBA2K features a page that shows you when the servers for Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch are experiencing issues. 

There’s also a breakdown for the current state of each game mode in there. It’s also possible to report issues with 2k servers via the Downdetector service. 

You might also experiment with playing at different times of the day. The game’s servers may be under a lot of pressure during prime time, so try to change things up while you play.

Instead, let’s focus on improving your Internet’s speed and decreasing ping times. The result will be less lag and enhanced gameplay. To reduce latency and enhance ping, we suggest using a VPN. Finding a more direct path between your computer and the game server is essential.

VPN services are more concerned about this issue than your ISP. Having a speedier router in crucial places is seen as a competitive advantage. 

The majority of video game studios keep their regional game servers in the same places worldwide. With this, your performance is going to improve.

Here are a few additional pointers to help you get the most out of NBA 2K22:

  • Install the most recent drivers for your computer to fix EFEAB30C or 4B538E50 Error.
  • Try reducing the screen’s resolution and the overall quality of the images.
  • At 60 FPS or lower, we recommend that you run NBA 2k22.
  • It can resolve many micro stuttering issues by upgrading PS4 to a PS4 Pro or PS5.
  • Choose a server near your area if you want to get the most out of it.
  • Verify your network connectivity by running ping and traceroute tests with and without a VPN.
  • Those who play PC games should update their graphics card drivers.
  • No other applications should be running in the background while you’re playing.

FAQs – How to Stop Lagging on 2k21 Xbox One

How do I fix 2k lag on Xbox one?

#1: Make sure you restart your Xbox as well. Wait 30 seconds after each unplugging before connecting them all back in.

#2: Disconnect the coax cable (the bulky cord that fits into the back of your modem) and then reattach it after 10 seconds during the restart.

Why is my Xbox lagging with a good connection?

An overburdened WiFi network may be to blame if you’re constantly experiencing latency on your Xbox. By connecting your console to your router, you can be confident that you’re getting the strongest and most reliable internet service possible from your provider.

Why is my Xbox so slow and freezing?

If your Xbox One is running slowly, it could be because it has been kept on for an excessive amount of time. As a result, the cache and background systems may become clogged. To fix the problem, perform a hard restart or a power cycle.

Will cleaning my Xbox make it faster?

Clear the Xbox’s hard disc of unnecessary files and data. Doing this frees up space on the hard disc and improves the performance of your system. When you clear the cache on your Xbox, you’ll notice a significant improvement in performance and a decrease in lag.


If you’ve ever played NBA 2K21, you know how frustrating lagging can be. Fortunately, You can quickly fix the problem if you completely read the above article on How to Stop Lagging on 2k21 Xbox One?. You can bypass 2K’s notorious connectivity troubles and enjoy the game without interruption with a gaming VPN.