How to Start Over in Warframe PS4 Easy Guide

Warframe is a fast-paced third-person shooter in which you must progress through many missions by eliminating swarms of foes and accomplishing goals. The gameplay is quite enjoyable, and there are numerous activities available in this game.

As a result, you won’t be disappointed while playing games. The amount of information may appear confusing at first, but as you grasp the fundamentals, the game will begin to become enjoyable for you. Many returning gamers have inquired as to whether they may restart Warframe from the starting. Therefore, in this article, I will discuss   How to Start Over in Warframe PS4?

Warframe is a mystery. It gained popularity at almost the exact moment as Destiny and was initially dismissed as a free–to–play version of it. In Warframe, you do the role of a Tenno, a surviving species of creatures that are the only ones capable of utilizing the magnificent Warframes. Your mission is to reclaim the solar system from the monstrous beings that inhabit it. Indeed not a trivial task.


Warframe is a third-person action game characterized by frenetic gameplay, violent melee combat, and an abundance of lore. While some languages may appear confusing at first, most of them will become clear as you progress through the novel. Therefore, don’t be alarmed if it all appears like gibberish, but so are most of the best games.

The most important thing to determine is your preferred playstyle; this will dictate which Warframe to select when the game begins. You can unlock others as you go through the game, or you can spend some of your real-world money to obtain them sooner. With such a diverse selection of Warframes, you’re sure to regularly select one that fits like a grip and upgraded exoskeleton.

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Is a Warframe Conscious and Alive?

Warframes are incapable of acting on their own. They remain stationary indefinitely without our intervention. Additionally, everyone refers to them as infested flesh puppets. The Grineer queens are well aware that Warframes merely suit. 

Warframe Characters

The WARFRAME universe populated by an array of individuals that players will encounter on their adventure through the Solar System. They participate significantly in developing the Orokin Empire’s underlying tale and history and the current situation of the realm. 

All across the game, participants will come face to face with these characters during Missions and Quests. You could experience several could in the course of previous and future events.

The Lotus is a mystery person who guides Tenno throughout the Origin System’s operations.

How to Start Over in Warframe PS4

Cressa Tal is the Steel Meridian Syndicate’s leader. She is a Grineer defector who tries to rescue individuals incapable of defending themselves and shield other defectors.

The Grineer Queens, often known as the Twin Queens, are the Grineer Empire’s rulers. At “birth,” all Grineer are genetically designed to exhibit and feel unwavering loyalty to the Queens.

Ergo Glast is the Syndicate’s leader. He is a Corpus defector who believes that ethical business will bring the Origin System wealth and success.

Konzum is an elderly Ostron that serves as Cetus’s chief. He offers Reward money to the Tenno, limited-time assignments out in the Plains of Eidolon that can complete in exchange for Ostron Standing and other bounty goodies. He is positioned directly across from the Plains of Eidolon’s entrance. By speaking with him, players will be able to increase their standing title to the next rank. He will also initiate the Saya’s Vigil Quest if the Tenno has accomplished at least one bounty.

Frohd Bek currently serves as Chairman of the Corpus Board of Directors and is Darvo’s father. Though players have not yet encountered him personally, Bek’s dealings with the Tenno have sparked various events.

Ballas was an Orokin Executor preceding the Orokin Empire’s downfall and likely the lover of Margulis, whom he intended to persuade to destroy the Tenno for her safety – an endeavor that eventually failed. Additionally, he is thought to be the Orokin most involved in the development of Transmission and the birth of the Warframes.

Amaryn is the New Loka Syndicate’s leader. She believes that reestablishing humanity’s past on Earth will save the Origin System.

Baro Ki’Teer, alias the Void Trader, is noted for his fascination with the exotic and extravagant, particularly those involving the Orokin Void. He becomes involved with the Tenno by selling many rare relics and precious objects not available anywhere else.

What Is the Total Number of Factions in Warframe?

There are now seventeen recognized Syndicates, each with its distinct themes and objectives. Each Faction syndicate has a unique relationship: friendly, neutral, antagonistic, or hostile.

How to Restart Warframe?

At the moment, there is no fixer method available that will allow you to restart the game with the same account. It does not function that way because all of your information stores on the server, and you will resume where you left off when you sign in with a specific account.

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Therefore, if you are trying to return a player who has lost track of your progress, the only option is to utilize the in-game codex. This way, you’ll be able to relive the missions you desire and get a sense of what you want to do with your character.

The game has been available for some time, and many players have taken a vacation from it after a few hours. When these returning players return to the game, they feel depressed and have no idea how far they have progressed.

That’s why they choose to restart the game. Even while using the codex will provide you with a rough overview of all the tasks you’ve performed thus far, it may take some time to organize everything.

Establishing a New Account

One way to restart the game is to create a new account and log in with that account. Once you’re up to speed, you can switch back to your previous account and get the additional experience without having to grind.

However, you will lose access to all of your accumulated companions and weapons by creating a new account. However, if you wish to establish a new account, click on the create account button on the login screen. Create an account with a new email address and then restart from the beginning.

For consoles, the procedure may vary slightly as progress sync with your PS4. To learn How to Start Over in Warframe PS4, follow the steps outlined below:

  • If you’re using a PlayStation 4, log out and create a new profile using the profile select screen. 
  • After entering all of your credentials, you can sign up for the PS network.
  • After verifying the email address, you can log into the game with the new profile, and the game will restart. 

Additionally, you can contact the Warframe support staff and request that your account data be reset from the cloud profiles. If that is possible, they will reset your progress on your current account for you, and you will not have to create a new one. Even though the likelihood of it occurring is relatively remote, there is no damage in attempting.

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Generally, it is preferable to resume development from where you left off. It can take a long time to climb back to this stage, even more so if you have unique items and advanced stats. Therefore, if you become disoriented, you can view a play-through of individual tasks on YouTube to understand your current progress better.

If you’re still on the first planet, perusing the codex will take little time, and you’ll be entirely up to date in no time. That is why, if anyone is a returning player, one should log in with your old account and replay missions using the codex.

FAQs – How to Start Over in Warframe PS4?

Does Warframe Autosave?

Warframe is essentially an online game, which means that most of your saved data stored in locations other than your PlayStation 4. If you have both PS Plus and auto-save enabled, the 3.18 MB of “save data” will be available as a free download to your system after re-downloading Warframe.

Is Warframe a Nice Game?

The short answer is that the game is quite enjoyable for a solid 200–500 hours, which is a significant amount of time. Additionally, it is entirely, ultimately, and completely free. If there is one thing Warframe can be proud of, it is that you can essentially obtain anything (save for some luxury cosmetics) for the price of your time.

How Do You Get Rich in Warframe?

The most efficient way to earn it is to open relics. You may use them to acquire Prime Parts for Warframes, weapons, and companions. It is preferable to sell complete sets. Check the pricing of various Prime items via the internet, for example,


In general, warframe is a lot of fun, inventive, and slightly mad. It even includes a compelling tale that will keep you engaged, as well as fantastic, fast-paced gameplay that will keep you challenged. However, if you log out of the game and wish to restart it, it is difficult due to the lengthy process of reorganizing all the missions. Therefore you can restart the game by creating an account and logging in.

I hope this article helps you figure out How to Start Over in Warframe PS4? Warframe is entirely free to play. With no entry requirements, you and your friends have nothing to prevent you from entering our world.

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