How to Start and Stop Recording on GTA 5 PS4? Easy Guide

GTA 5 or Grand Theft Auto Five is a pretty well-known game among kids and adults. GTA V is available on many platforms like; PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5. The game itself is entertaining to play because of its exciting story and free roam gameplay. 

The game offers many impressive features to play around with. One of the fantastic features is in-game recording. Apart from Playstation’s recording feature, you can start recording videos in GTA V and edit them in the game using Rockstar Editor.

So if you want to learn about Start and Stop Recording on GTA 5? Then keep connected with me throughout the article. 

It is not that challenging that you thought it was. You can do this with simple steps and guidance, so don’t bother about it, and let’s get started.

How to start in-game recording in GTA V?

How to Start and Stop Recording on GTA 5 PS4

People record GTA 5 clips, edit them and share them with their friends. Some people use this feature for professional purposes like youtube videos or a little movie.

You can access the video recording feature in the character switch menu. There are two types of in-game recording. The first is manual recording, and the other is action-replay. Follow these simple steps:

  • Press down in your Playstation controller D-Pad.
  • It will display the character switch menu. 
  • Press the square button to start recording.
  • It will begin recording video in-game. 

So it’s all about How to start in-game recording in GTA V? It will show a ting circle at the lower left of your screen. It is the timer of your recording.

Note: The in-game recording clip can not be longer than 40 seconds

How to Stop Recording on GTA 5 PS4?

After it starts recording, you can either cancel it or save it

  • After you are done recording, press down again on the D-pad of your controller.
  • Besides, the character switch menu will appear.
  • Press the square button to save your recording.
  • If you want to cancel it for some reason, press the corresponding button that appears on the bottom left of your screen.

There is an often asked question that “Where are GTA 5 recordings are saved in Ps4?”

Note: The in-game recorded clip will not save in the Ps4 gallery but in the game itself.

Now you know everything about this topic, let’s edit them.

#1) Rockstar Editor

GTA V has an in-game editor called Rockstar Editor. It is located in the pause menu. You can find all the in-game recorded clips there. There are plenty of options to choose from.

#2) Create a Project

It is used to create new projects. In the projects, the user can interfere with his\her clips on a timeline. It can also join to clips. They are usually used to create longer videos.

#3) Load a Project

If a player has already created a task, he can load it here and continue editing.

#4) Director Mode

It is used to go into director mode. Director mode is used to create movies with custom characters.

#5) Clip Management

All the clips are stored there, and you can access them here.

#6) Video Gallary

All the exported clips are saved here. You can transfer them into the hard drive.

#7) Tutorials

You can access tutorials there. Beginners should take tutorials before editing.

#8) Exit to Story mode

Return you to GTA V story mode.

How to Edit Videos in GTA V?

To start editing, click on create a new project. You can add clips, text, effects, music, tracks, etc. Some of the options are:

  • Add Clips
  • Add Text
  • Add Radio Track
  • Add Score Track
  • Add Ambient Track

To begin editing, click the option “Add clips.” Once the clip is chosen, it will appear in the timeline. You can add effects, text, filters all you want. You can also join two clips by simply adding two clips. 

Some of the features in Rockstar Editor are:

  • Camera: This lets you edit the camera position, shake, vibration, and other effects
  • Depth of Field: This lets you increase or decrease focus and deep in the video.
  • Audio: This lets you adjust the volume of the sound video.
  • Position: This lets the camera move along the timeline.
  • Effects: This lets the user add filters and effects to the video. You can also increase and decrease contrast, brightness, and saturation. You can also change the color theme.
  • Speed: This lets you increase or decrease the rate of the clip.
  • Set Thumbnail: This lets you set the thumbnail for your project.
  • Transition: This lets you apply the transition effects at the start and end of every clip.

How to Record in PlayStation 4?

How to Start and Stop Recording on GTA 5 PS4

The previous method lets you start and stop recording in GTA V, but with this method, you can record the gameplay of any game in PlayStation 4. To start recording:

  • Open your game in Ps4. In this case GTA V.
  • Double click the share button on your controller.
  • A notification will appear on the top left side of your screen.
  • There you go; Ps4 has started recording.

To stop the recording, do the same thing

  • Open your game.
  • Double press the share button on your controller.
  • Again the notification will appear.
  • Congratulation! You have successfully recorded a video.

You will save this recording in Ps4’s capture gallery, and you can access it there. It is directly stored in. You can share it with your buddies from there.

Note: If your account is not verified, you can only record videos for less than 15 minutes. To record longer videos, you have to verify your account.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do You Stop Recording in GTA 5 Online?

You can do this by long-pressing ALT and pressing F1 switches on Manual Recording. It enables you to initiate and terminate recording during gaming. Pressing Left ALT and F1 saves it while pressing Left ALT and F3 cancels it.

How Do You Access My Capture Gallery on Ps4?

Open the Library application from the Applications option on your PS4 home screen to access your Capture Gallery. To store a screenshot to the Capture Gallery, hold down the SHARE button or press and hold the SHARE button followed by the Triangle button.

Why Is My Ps4 Automatically Recording?

The PlayStation 4 is constantly recording the previous 15 minutes of gameplay. Unless and until you tab the Share button, no data is stored on your hard disc. The messages you’re receiving indicate that you’ve entered a scenario that will not record.


Now that you have a look through this article on Start Stop & Edit Your Recording of GTA 5 On PlayStation 4? Now Enjoy creating videos on PlayStation 4. Impress your friends with it or upload it on YouTube. I hope you had a great time reading this and have a more excellent time creating videos.

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