How to Spot Enemies in Battlefield 1 Ps4

Here everyone loves to play battlefield one, but at the same time, spotting enemies is also a crucial point. It allows you to keep track of an opponent you have no chance of hitting at the time and identify enemies for your colleagues. 

As a result, while SpottingSpotting may not appear to be the most efficient way to score points in Battlefield 1, it will surely enhance your team’s success. That is why it is vital to know about How to Spot Enemies in Battlefield 1 Ps4? 

How to Spot Enemies in Battlefield 1 Ps4

Press R1 on the PS4, RB on the Xbox One, or Q on the PC to spot in Battlefield 1. A little marker should appear over their head, and they should also display on your mini-map when you’ve done that. It lets you follow them in the direction they’re heading, which is very useful if they’re driving quickly.

Enemies’ objectives:

While seasoned Battlefield gamers may think this is a no-brainer, many players in Battlefield 1 do not use proper SpottingSpotting. But there is a great need to know about How to Spot Enemies in Battlefield 1 Ps4? 

For those unfamiliar with the mechanic, Discovery comprises marking enemies on the battlefield during battle so that teammates can see them. In comparison, they were looking at an opponent, press R1/RB/Q (on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, respectively) to locate the opposition player. 

A red icon will appear over the player’s head, denoting the player’s class type. You and your teammates can both see where they are. You can earn extra points for spotting assistance when teammates kill an opponent you saw, and you’ll score even more if your squadmate takes the kill.

Battlefield 1 Essential Tips

Two years later, battlefield 1 is still one of the best multiplayer games on consoles, with a robust gaming community. While it’s a lot simpler and easier to get into than previous games like Battlefield 4, online play has a lot of depth, rewarding clever use of weapons and gadgets just as much as quick trigger fingers.

How to Spot Enemies in Battlefield 1 Ps4?

After months of playing the game after its first release, It noticed that most players needed some help attaining their full potential. Even as players rose through the ranks, they were always learning something new. 

Many suggestions and methods are provided below to assist you in becoming more proficient and competitive online. Sure, they’ll help you increase your K/D ratio, but the most important thing is that they’ll almost certainly help you boost your final score – and maybe ensure you’re on the winning side more often than not.

Important Things to Consider

When you tell individuals in a Battlefield game that they need to see their opponents, they always say the same thing: “duh.” Despite this, it does not happen frequently enough. When you press R1 (on PS4) while looking at an adversary, you will highlight their class, and a large red marking will appear above their head and on your radar. 

As you and your teammates can see, that opponent has been marked for death. Because their class is highlighted, you can figure out the best way to kill them (if it’s a Scout, close the distance, an Assault, fire from mid/long-range). 

Because the visual spot is based on line of sight, if your opponent hides for too long, you’ll lose track of them, but they’ll stay on your radar so you can track them down one-on-one. 

Even if you don’t get the kill, a Spot Assist will give you between 25 and 50 points if your squadmate does. Scouts have a handy Flare gun that not only spots adversaries within a wide radius but also burns them if they run into the flare. 

Throw a firm smack in the middle of a heavily fortified territory whether you’re playing Operations or Conquest (or any mode for that matter). Look the Spot Assist points roll in as your friends pick off everyone on their radars.

Is a Bayonet or a (Bayo) Not Better to Use?

It may appear like removing your weapon’s bayonet is pointless. You won’t be able to skewer your opponents without it. It all depends on your favorite playing style. You can draw your weapon faster when sprinting and standing if you remove the bayonet (through the Customise option on your Class loadout tab). 

If you’re an Assault or Support in one-on-one combat, removing the bayonet first will buy you milliseconds. You won’t be able to win a one-on-one with a bolt action rifle vs. a machine gun, even with the fast-loading Gewehr, because you’ll be dead nine times out of ten before you chamber the second shot.

On the other hand, keeping the bayonet on provides some advantages. In narrower areas of a map (villages, for example), you may often reach an adversary with a bayonet charge former they’ve fired enough shots to take you down. You’re a faster-moving target, and the bayonet melee triggers at a safe distance from the victim.

Ammunition and Medical Packs Vs. Boxes

It’s a fight between mobility and quantity, but the game doesn’t make that distinction clear. Packs can be thrown at targets from a great distance, making them ideal for a team attack on an objective. Throwing Med and Ammo packs with Left on the D-pad (or R1 if they’re requested) can help allies from afar and on the move.

Although ammo and medicine boxes are stationary, unlike packs, they may replace many buddies at once, making them helpful in fulfilling objectives, especially in operations. Because players rarely stay in one area for long periods, and Battlefield 1’s battlefields are designed to keep you moving.

How to Develop Your on-the-horse and Off-the-horse Riding Abilities?

Have you ever had the impression that Cavalry is constantly killing you, yet you die in seconds when you’re on the horse? Yeah. Keep going until your opponent attacks – which will almost always be with the sword – and if they miss, you’ll have an opportunity to respond when they shift course and their horse rears onto its hind legs. Aim at the rider and keep your finger on the trigger.

When you spawn upon a horse (don’t be disgusting), you gain additional great armor, so if you don’t feel like fighting while riding, run to your goal, hop off, and enjoy the extra protection. 

There is no magic technique for becoming a tremendous equestrian rider. Remember that you should use all of your weapons, not just the sword (the anti-vehicle launcher is under-appreciated).

Factors to Consider While Selecting a Melee Weapon

I suggest you use the pickaxe as a primary melee weapon when initially started playing as a Medic. Because the Medic class is useless against tanks except for special rifle grenades.

It is impossible to repair a shell wound to the face. On the other hand, certain melee weapons have particular abilities that you can use to give your chosen class a fighting chance.

The spiky club, for example, can cause harm to light cars. Scouts can snipe from a higher viewpoint by using specific knives that can cut through barbed wire. And, let’s face it, in the energy of a melee fight, the speed and damage of a weapon don’t matter.

How to Be a Better Team Player?

It’s more of a philosophical feature than a technological one. The winning teams, on the other hand, nearly invariably use squad spawn. Maybe you’ve traveled the length and breadth of the map in Conquest to fulfill a goal. It’s something we’ve all done at few point. 

Why Not Loot Apples and Butter While Everyone Is Preoccupied From the Battle for Objective Charlie? 

Yes, but not solely on your own. Look for your squad to spawn on you as you approach the objective while keeping hidden. Even two players are good to take AND HOLD a single goal than one guy.

Going Alone is Worthy or Not

  How to Spot Enemies in Battlefield 1 Ps4

It may seem self-evident, going alone is not worthy because it usually ends with a short objective capture before a swarm of defending adversaries arrives and overwhelms of hiding spot. 

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, keep a lookout for squad members attempting to pick off periphery objectives while the struggle for the center of the battlefield rages. It’s not glamorous labor, and it won’t boost your K/D significantly, but you’ll win more often.

How to Slay a Colossus Is Number Seven on the List?

If you’re fighting a behemoth, you’ll almost certainly win a game of Conquest / Operations. They can, however, diminish your score significantly, and if the behemoth appears late in the game when the score is tight, they can sway the game in the enemy’s favor. 

Deactivate the train’s weaponry if you’re on a map like Sinai, where the train can’t capture Conquest locations. Did you aware that some weapons can be used to target a behemoth? Begin with long-range weapons like mortars and work your way down. 

Heavy machine guns, for example, on an armored train, are challenging to hit with and deal significant damage, so reserve them for last.

How do you make the many of your position if you work for a behemoth? Continue to advance, spotting teammates’ targets and, if feasible, taking objectives. For example, the train route on Giant’s Shadow goes across several Conquest sites, so use your might to help your team build a foothold on the map.

FAQs – How to Spot Enemies in Battlefield 1 Ps4?

Does Battlefield 1 Still Have Players Ps4?

The popularity of Battlefield 1 fell among many competing shooters, yet the game has an active player base. PlayStation 4 averages 50,000 players, while Xbox One and PC respectively see 30,000 and 20,000 gamers.

Will Battlefield 2042 Have 3d SpottingSpotting?

For those who question whether the “spotting system” will come back to Battlefield 2042, the answer is yes, though considerably different from the players. In a video of jackfrags who took part in the event behind the scenes, he confirmed that the “passionate spot” in Battlefield 5 would come back!

How Do You Spot Assist in Battlefield 1?

First, find an enemy and then point your mouse crosshair to the enemy’s place. Then press your keyboard’s Q button. The enemy should be identified with its class in the game in Red Icon. Now let the opponent kill your friend/squad to count it as Squad Spot Assist.


I know you are all here to know How to Spot Enemies in Battlefield 1 Ps4? I try to explain and everything that will assist you with this.

For a brief, follow the simple things like merely aim down the sights near an adversary, press R1/RB, and that enemy’s presence would temporarily disclose for teammates. Scouts may be across the map and easily recognize adversaries from far away while targeting. It has been altered in Battlefield V.