How to Setup a Static IP for PS4? Step by Step

You must first know what the PS4 IP address is before anything comes? And how did it work? We’re going to learn today How to Setup a Static IP for PS4. It’s not easy, but it’s not difficult to set up a PS4 IP address.

Setting your PS4 console to a static IP address must permanently assign an internal IP address to this game console. When using forwarding ports on your router, the IP address has been fixed. 

The forwarding of ports is a very efficient method for some traffic to your console. So that all data from some ports are automatically sent from the router to the game console.

You need to assign your PS4 console an internal IP address because you have forwarded ports. 

If your console does not permanently give an internal IP address, you might add a different IP address next to the console, which will stop your forwarded ports from operating. 

You can either assign an IP address to your PS4 router or set a static IP address in your game console to avoid this.

What is an IP Address (Static)?

An IP address is the address of the Internet Protocol and is essentially a device or digital website address. 

It usually consists of four integers separated by dots and is the digital counterpart of a physical address for a home (the random example is 

It is a unique identification indicating who and where you are on the Internet to other people and devices.

All websites and gadgets have their IP address, which is subsequently mapped to the site names via DNS servers described by a different article. 

The management of IP addresses also means that it can reveal a device’s approximate geographical position.

IP addresses can be categorized into internal or external IP addresses, exterior ISP addresses throughout the entire Internet, and internal IP addresses provided via a router to devices in the home or other local Networks.

Here we don’t have to go any farther than that to mention that IP addresses given by a router are not typically fixed or permanent by default; they are likely to change occasionally.

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If you can modify specific settings within a router or device, you can fix IP addresses. It creates a permanent or fixed IP address for a device such as a gaming console. The console always has the specific IP address until it is relocated to another residence or changed the network settings. 

It does not make much use of itself, but it allows you to take the next step forward, which can help minimize your gameplay. There are several ways to configure a static IP for the PS4 – one more quickly and one more difficult but accurately. 

Firstly, it is possible to assign a static IP through the PS4 console directly; secondly, it is the most challenging technique to assign a static IP to your router. We will, however, cover both techniques for those who don’t trust router configuration. Let’s look in turn at every method.

You Must Know Before We Go:

Internal IP Address vs. External IP Address

  • In your home or office network, internal IP addresses are assigned to devices connected via your router’s internal IP address allocation system. The internal IP addresses your router utilizes to obtain the correct data for each device. Your router can only use Internal IP addresses and are not accessible through the Internet to others.
  • External IP addresses are those shared on the Internet with the globe. Your router has an external IP address, which it uses to transport data between your home/office network and the Internet, assigned by your ISP.

Static Internal vs. Dynamic Internal IP Address

  • Static Internal IP Address refers to permanently assigned IP addresses. Your router’s internal IP address is static. Some gadgets have a static IP address to perform best.
  • The router assigns the dynamic internal IP address and may change from time to time. That is why they are referred to as dynamics. For instance, a laptop employing an internal dynamic IP address may have another internal IP address once a computer is powered.

Here I provide you with all feasible techniques for How to Setup a Static IP for PS4. I urge that you follow all the procedures and directions below if you want these approaches to work for you.

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If you are confused, you can view this video: You will know how to configure the PS4 IP address to a static IP.

Step by Step: How to Setup a Static IP for PS4

To enter multiplayer mode, a game console always needs a permanent IP address. To do this, you must configure it manually. However, you must first identify your static IP and set up your router, as shown below.

Configuration of the router

If your router is already configured with a static IP, it’s excellent and reasonable. If not, follow the following instructions.

  • First, navigate to your console’s “Settings” option. Then choose your name for the Network from the list. Choose the connection status option, too.
  • Now browse the “Connection Status” page. You can find the IP Address Subnet Mask and MAC Address boxes here.
  • If you are using a WiFi network, browse the joystick (right or left) in your console and select the MAC address. Alternatively, you can also set the LAN cable address option.
  • Go now to your router’s webpage (by computer) and go to the “LAN” tab. See the “Enable Manual Assignment” option in this area with a radio button beside it. Choose “Yes” and close the window.
  • Take care of your console again and click the “Settings” option. Then choose Network and test your connection to the Internet. When the testing is finished, close the window.

Configuration of PS4

Once your router has been configured successfully, you must also set up your game console. So make your IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Primary and Secondary DNS (Domain Name Server) a written note on a piece of paper. Follow the instructions below now.

  • Open the “Settings” and select the option “Network.” Next, click “Internet Connection Setup” and you will have two alternatives to choose from. One is wireless Internet access, while the other is LAN cable.
  • Click the WiFi option if you want to connect your console wirelessly. You’ll be asked for the WiFi password. Then input it, and you’re connected to the Internet.
  • If you want the wired Network to operate, pick the LAN cable option and select “Custom.” After that, you will open the IP address settings window, where you have to select “Manual.” The list of alternatives for the static IP address is also shown.
  • Put all the addresses one by one and select “Next.” The next option is the MTU configuration. Make it automated and pick the proxy server settings option “Do not utilize.”
  • After the above steps have been completed, a notice will be displayed indicating “Internet Settings Updated.”

How to Setup a Static IP for PS4 (Manually)

If this option is found on your router, assign your PS4 (on your router) a permanent IP address, and no change is necessary for your PS4 console. 

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Therefore, your router will always assign the same IP address to your PS4, which works precisely the same as a static IP. Follow these procedures to give your router an IP address:

Step 1:

You can assign your PS4 permanently to the IP address it presently uses. To find the following number:

  • Go to the PS4 Dashboard Settings option.
  • Then choose Network from the choices list.
  • Select the Status View option.
  • You can get the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Mac Address on the View Connection Status page. If you use a WiFi connection to your PS4, select WiFi MAC address, else select the LAN cable MAC address. (See below screenshot). Write down these three numbers.

Step 2:

Login to your router (via your computer) and set your PS4 permanently to that IP address. Visit our login guides to help you log in to your router.

Here’s an example of a router to assign IP addresses manually.

This router has a place to type in the IP address and then the MAC address drop-down option. (Your PS4 console’s MAC address is a unique number, and each console is allocated a separate one to the factory.) Some routers may not offer a drop-down menu to select the MAC address from which to type.

Step 3:

Test the connection after assigning your PS4 to a specific IP address to make sure it works. To test the link:

  • Select Settings in the PS4 Dashboard.
  • Choose Network.
  • Select Internet Connection Test.
  • Wait as long as the test is running. It checks your connections to ensure that your console communicates with your network and the Internet.

Step 4:

Once you have assigned an IP address to your PS4 (in your router) permanently and have your connection tested (using the PS4 Dashboard), you can forward a port. Visit our router guidelines for assistance in setting up a port forward.

FAQs – How to Setup a Static IP for PS4

Can I give myself a static IP?

These static IP addresses can be assigned to the device directly — using Windows network settings on each computer — or at the router level. It is called assigning a DHCP reservation at the router level, although many people (and some routers) still call it a “static IP address.”

Does setting a static IP help gaming?

Static IP addresses are helpful for gaming, website hosting, or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Speed and trustworthiness are crucial advantages. Due to the permanent static address, systems using static IP addresses are exposed to increasing security threats and you, therefore, require a static IP VPN.

When should you use a static IP address?

It is excellent to utilize a static IP address for your network devices, which other systems or devices need to access exceptionally reliably. A device established with a static IP address makes it easy to find the device in the Network because it doesn’t change it.


You have transmitted your PS4 across your router now! Because of the static IP address you have specified, the ports you have transmitted will always travel straight to your console IP address and, presumably, will reduce all barriers and delays to and from your console, thereby minimizing the delay of better online gaming.

Port Forwarding is unfortunately not available in all routers; thus, you have to check the page to find out if your router is listed. If not, you must use alternative ways to get the same result of port forwarding and other ways to reduce the lag on your console.

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