How to Set a Sleep Timer on Xbox One? Step by Step

Having your Xbox One console power down automatically after an extended period of inactivity can be a good idea if you’re trying to save energy in your household. The technique is easy and uncomplicated, and we’ll walk you through How to Set a Sleep Timer on Xbox One step by step in this post.

To conserve battery life and extend the lifespan of the Xbox One controller, it contains an auto-off feature that activates when a pre-determined amount of time has passed without any action on the device.

On the other hand, some gamers choose to disable the Xbox controller entirely when playing certain games. Some games require access time in exchange for various in-game rewards.


An 8-core CPU, hundreds of GBs of internal storage, and the capacity to play 4K video are just a few of the Xbox One’s impressive capabilities.

Many players like this gaming device, although it, like other peripherals, requires a driver or Xbox One Controller Driver to be connected to the Xbox One computer.

Upon installing the Xbox One driver, the computer will be able to send commands to the gaming console, which will then be able to perform them.

How to Set a Sleep Timer on Xbox One

How to Set a Sleep Timer on Xbox One

As of right now, Microsoft’s Xbox One console does not allow users to establish time limits. To monitor your screen time, you first need to use a phone, tablet, or PC. Using a Windows 10 PC is the most convenient option.

Step 1:

SignIn to MS at in a web browser.

Step 2:

Click the Add a kid button.

Step 3:

You’ll be prompted to input your child’s Microsoft account password after selecting Sign my child in from the Sign-in options menu.

Step 4:

You must set up a Microsoft account or an email address for the child if they don’t already have one. You required a family code and even a small processing charge to complete this operation. 

You can now create a new email account at You’ll need a login, a password, and the child’s birth date to complete the registration procedure. As the child’s parent, you must accept the register via your Windows account because the youngster is under the age of 18.

As a result of you identifying yourself as a parent, your child has been added to your family group and is ready for you to control their time spent in front of a screen.

Step 5:

Select “Screen time” in the box to the right of your child’s name in the Your family section.

Step 6:

In this section, you’ll find three toggles: one for the Xbox One, one for Windows 10, and a “master” toggle that allows you to set the screen limits on both devices, regardless of which one they choose.

Step 7:

Drop-down menus adjacent to each weekday are used to define the maximum daily time spent on screens.

Step 8:

By clicking one of the clocks, you can set the start and finish times for an allowed playtime window and then select Add. Selecting the Add time to many days option at the bottom of the schedule lets you establish a limit for numerous days at once if you haven’t already done so.

Video Guide: How to Set a Timer on Xbox One

Is There a Way to Keep the Xbox One Controller From Shutting Itself Off?

Check the Xbox One control panel settings first to make sure the controller isn’t going to sleep. Some consoles provide this feature as an optional setting, allowing users to decide whether or not the console will go to sleep when they’re not using it. Immediately disable auto-sleep mode on your Xbox One controller if you discover that it has been left on.

The most recent Xbox One system comes with a controller that can switch off sleep mode. The console is constantly tweaked to meet the player’s needs and the game’s specifications.

This feature is not available on older control panels because the manufacturer didn’t get much feedback from users about it at the time.

It’s best to verify the control panel settings manually if you don’t know if it has the option you are looking for. We may look for an alternate solution if the Xbox One controller does not switch off auto sleep.

How to Keep Your Xbox One Controller on All Night?

If the first approach above doesn’t work for your console, then you’ll have to use it manually more often than just once. Plug the USB charging cable or micro USB cable into the Xbox One controller, connect to a power source, then replace your controller’s battery.

Using a charging cord as a solution to the issue “how to keep your Xbox one controller on all night?” seems odd. It is a personal account of what it’s like to play a game, as provided by the players themselves.

If the battery dies during gameplay, you can use a USB or micro USB charging cable to recharge the battery on Xbox One controller consoles. As a result, players use this to keep their consoles from sleeping.

“Fool” the dashboard? It looks like that’s what I’m getting from this choice. Wired connections cause the console to “mistakenly believe” it is being used.

Remove the battery from your Xbox controller as much as possible to extend the controller’s battery life.

How to Turn Off Xbox

It’s simple to turn off your Xbox. By pressing the power button on top for around 10 seconds, you can shut the device down entirely or leave it in either energy-saving mode or instant-on standby mode for quicker access but less long-term battery use.

What Happens if You Completely Shut Off Your Xbox?

During a Full Shutdown, its LED screen will be completely dark. There are alternative approaches that can lead some consoles to different possibilities, such as hibernation, where they can resume activities later—or even reactivate straight away without needing much time to pass since they were suspended earlier!.

FAQs – How to Set a Sleep Timer on Xbox One

Is there a sleep mode on Xbox?

Instead of shutting off your Xbox altogether, you can put it into sleep mode. There is an Xbox version of PlayStation 5’s Rest Mode. The Xbox has a variety of standby modes that you can activate. As you may assume, the Energy-saving power option is meant to conserve energy.

How do you set time restrictions on Xbox?

Log in to your Microsoft family account. Select Screen time under your child’s name on the family group page. In this case, you have the following two choices: Switching to the exact timetable for all devices Set all devices to “On” on a single schedule.

Can I leave my Xbox Series S on overnight?

Yes, but only if the console is in standby mode (also known as “instant-on”). Most of the console’s electronics are turned off when this mode is activated, although it can still sleep and perform background functions, just like a smartphone.


There are several ways to know How to Set a Sleep Timer on Xbox One, including checking the settings, connecting via wire, and attaching a rubber band to the control button. The more you know about keeping it awake, the more enjoyable it will be while playing.