How to Remove Xbox One S Stand? Full Method

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Users may enjoy their Xbox One S from a different perspective with the Xbox One S vertical stand. The stand makes it possible for the Xbox One to be set up in the ideal position to show off the console’s new, thinner form.

Features and design

Attaching it to the right side of the Xbox One S, the vertical stand allows users to stand their console upright.

Xbox One S bundles contain a vertical stand, such as the Battlefield 1 Special Edition and the Limited Edition Minecraft Xbox One S.

Is There Anything You’d Like to Do With Your Xbox Series Stand? 

How to Remove Xbox One S Stand

It’s been standard for years to be able to stand or lay your Xbox up (2005). A whole generation of gamers has never been restricted to one Xbox orientation. The Series X sort of changed that.

The Xbox One S has a lot to brag about. It’s speedier than the PS5 and only $299. The Series X will be the bigger, stronger relative of the Series S. It will also have a disc slot for those who prefer to buy games in tangible form. Not enough, the Xbox is perhaps the best value for money console period.

Of course, nothing is perfect. Not right away. Notably, you cannot remove the Series X’s bottom stand (read that with sarcasm). Journalists were handed dummy consoles to examine, report on, and photographs. Do the round stands on the bottom of the console come off?

The answer is no. If you turn the Series X on its side, the problematic piece of plastic is scarcely noticeable. The Verge has a picture of what you might expect if you chose to orient your Series X horizontally.

Is it square? No. Do you mind? Rarely—in our opinion. Of course, if you need perfect lines, you can disassemble your new machine—or wait for the second generation Series X, when the stand will be optional.

In any case, the stand should be a minor distraction from the Series X’s other features. For $35 a month, you get a next-gen console, Game Pass, Dolby Vision, ray tracing, and more. If the permanent stand bothers you, we’re not here to live your life for you. You always have a choice.

How to Remove Xbox One S Stand

To prevent the stand from falling out of the console while vertical. It is intended to fit securely into it. You may remove it from the console by simply sliding it off of it. Because it is so tightly fitted, you may have to tug a little harder than you anticipated.

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The Xbox Series X Stand Cannot Be Removed, But There Is A Reason.

As soon as the PlayStation 2 introduced this choice, watching gamers battle over it was entertaining.

Horizontal console storage is popular among gamers because it’s easier to find a spot for the device. To keep the system in an upright position, you’ll have to put it on top of an entertainment centre or the ground.

Microsoft’s next-generation system, the Xbox Series X, will be released on November 10. People are excited about this system, especially since it sells for $499, which is far less than the estimated retail price. Yet there’s one aspect of the console’s architecture that many people are scratching their heads over.

At the bottom of the Xbox Series X is a permanent stand. As a result, it appears as if Microsoft requires users to store their consoles vertically because you cannot remove them. Even if this isn’t true, the corporation strongly prefers vertical storage.

Even if it’s not the most convenient arrangement globally, there is a strong explanation for the decision.

Overheating has been a problem with Xbox consoles in the past. Particularly throughout the Xbox 360 period, this was the case. The “red ring of death” was a set of red lights above the circular power button on an overheated 360.

Series X provides a remedy to this problem, but it will necessitate players to change how they save their data.

The stand on the console has a small upward curvature when vertically positioned. In this way, you may access the console’s air intake from the bottom. Internal components are cooled before expulsion through the device’s top venting port.

Overheating is still a concern for games with a lot of processing power; thus, this would appear to solve the problem.

The Xbox Series S is optimized for horizontal and vertical storage, demonstrating how powerful the Series X is?. The internal components are put under higher stress as the power is increased. As a result, the risk of additional heat-related problems increases.

This week, the release date and pricing were announced for the Series X and S, with preorders starting on September 22. Everyone’s attention is now focused on Sony and the PlayStation 5, which has yet to provide details on pricing, preorders, or an official release date.

Don’t Stand Your Xbox One Up, Microsoft Says…

Xbox One will not have a vertical play when it comes in November, according to senior Xbox director Albert Panello. It is the case as follows.

Before you’ve even turned on the console, grabbed the controller, or fired up a game, you’ve already made the most critical decision of your Xbox One’s long existence.

No matter what is going on or what you are attempting to promote in the game. The orientation of your console is always the same. What direction do you choose?

Microsoft developers pondered this subject while building the Xbox One. The 8th-generation juggernaut, the successor to the’sit & stand’ Xbox 360, will only be used as a grounded, horizontal console in November. 

According to Albert Panella, senior director of Xbox product management, the explanation isn’t so much about economics as it is about basic design decisions or omissions.

FAQs – How to Remove Xbox One S Stand

Does the Xbox One S come with a stand?

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Microsoft introduced a smaller, slimmer version of its Xbox One machine, dubbed the “Xbox One S.”

Does the Xbox Series S overheat?

Keep at least 4-6 inches of clearance around your console to ensure sufficient ventilation and prevent overheating. You should not block the vents on the console at any time.

Does the Xbox One S have a power brick?

This year, Microsoft’s new Xbox One S console does not come with a power brick in the package. Despite being smaller, the Xbox One’s massive rectangle between the gaming machine and the power outlet has been absent since the Xbox 360’s launch.

Why is my Xbox Series S hot when off?

There are two reasons for this: the Xbox One’s “instant-on power mode,” which purportedly allows you to restart a session by pressing the power button and then pressing it again. This option allows the console to download patch updates while the system is in standby mode.