How to Remove PS4 Faceplate Easy Guide

There may reach a moment when you’ll need to remove the Faceplate from your PlayStation 4. Perhaps you’d like to replace the regular Faceplate with a designer one. Alternatively, you’ve reached the hard drive’s capacity beneath the Faceplate and will need to update to a larger one. 

To ensure proper faceplate removal and installation on your PS4, follow these simple procedures given by Sony. This article will demonstrate How to Remove PS4 Faceplate? Those that have broken faceplates or who need access to remove and reinstall the PS4 Faceplate carefully.

Structure of Faceplate

How to Remove PS4 Faceplate

The Faceplate has four sides that face away from the PS4, although only the long side runs alongside the PS4’s light decorates. The remaining three sides, including the back air ducts, retain their standard configuration.

Whenever the PS4 is horizontal, the designs run parallel to the natural eye line as the majority are—the ‘The Order: 1886’ method is the less striking of the two. What’s good about the ‘The Little Big Planet 3’ Faceplate is that Sackboy and co. are instantly recognizable without the need for additional lettering.

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Design of Faceplate

These special edition faceplates appear to be the same as those included with the black PS4, excluding the addition of an architecture. It can be regarded as a sticker, though its characteristics are unlikely to be sticker-like. 

Sony Online Store

Sony has chosen to sell the faceplates exclusively through their Sony shop during this period of the product. The same-store/website gave in to requests for the PS4’s 20th Anniversary Edition. 

Introduction of Custom Faceplates for PS4

PS4 custom faceplates will now be available on November 27 in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and November 18 in the remaining SCEE areas, as indicated below.

Then you can instantly customize the appearance of your PS4 with a colorful collection of unique faceplates.

Simple to install and modify, you may customize your system in a matter of a few seconds. Eliminate the HDD port covering and move and click the Faceplate of your choice over the PS4’s hard disc drive.

Whether you want your PS4 to be bright and colorful or sleek and fashionable, with six different colors to select from, it’s simple to achieve the style you want. Gold and Silver will be available at a later date. Neon Orange, Aqua Blue, Red, and Glacial White will be officially available on November 18.

What is the Purpose of Project Skylight?

Skylight is a Sony-sponsored program that offers PS4 faceplates for customizing your console. Each collection of designs is only accessible for a limited time, making them reasonably collectible for those who enjoy that sort of thing.

‘The Order: 1886’ and ‘Little Big Planet 3’ Faceplates

Sony has just revealed ‘Project SkyLight’ – a collection of Limited Edition faceplates for customizing the PS4 via the hard drive bay cover. The first two are for ‘The Order: 1886’ and ‘Little Big Planet 3’ respectively. The covers are $24.99 each and can obtain here. As a beta, these covers allegedly produce in extremely restricted quantities.

At the PlayStation Experience, Sony announced that you would soon be able to swap out the shiny black Faceplate on your PS4 with one featuring photos of your favorite Sony characters. Thus, we now understand that your Faceplate can come off when you pull on it.

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Sony’s first console customization program since the debut of the PS4 is named ‘Project SkyLight.’ If you’re ready to pay $24.99, you can install LittleBigPlanet’s Sackboy and friends on your PS4, or if you’re prepared to install a bunch of characters from a game you have just not played, yet, there is indeed a faceplate for The Order: 1886.

Now, these are only two faceplates, with more on the way, and they’re being produced in minimal quantities, so if the idea of changing your PS4 nicer and more lighter, or grimmer and more gloomy, appeals to you, you had well acquired them while you can.

Removal of PS4 Faceplate

Keep in mind the tips below to understand How to Remove the PS4 Faceplate?

  • With the off button, switch off the console. If the console’s light is white or orange, hold down the power button for seven seconds or until two beeps are heard. 
  • Now, wait around 30 seconds for the console’s lights to turn off completely.
  • Next, remove the device from the wall outlet and unplug all wires from the PS4 console. It is critical.
How to Remove PS4 Faceplate
  • With your face from the front, just put both of your hands on top of the Faceplate (the shiny area) that will detach if your thumbs places on the bottom portion (the side of the console below the Faceplate). 
  • Apply pressure on the Faceplate (on the shiny surface), which will enable you to pull it toward it till it comes loose slightly, approximately 1/4 inch or 6 millimeters. 
  • The Faceplate is now detached from the console and may be removed by raising the right side (near the front LED lights) and then pulling up the left side.
  • You can store your old Faceplate in the box that came with your new Faceplate.
  • Place the left side of the new PS4 Faceplate on top of the left edge of the PS4 console, precisely in which you remove the prior Faceplate. Then lower the right-hand side of the Faceplate till it locks into position.


Additionally, there is a cost to consider. While fans may be ready to pay a premium for numbered 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 versions, the phrase “faceplate” or “hard drive cover” conveys a feeling of the economy. If the launch price of ‘The Order: 1886’ is $59.99, Sony cannot reasonably expect people to pay the same fee for a faceplate.

Nonetheless, accessories, whether cables, DualShock4s, or Vita memory cards, are often higher profit margin products, and as such, a single faceplate retails for $24.99.

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FAQs – How to Remove PS4 Faceplate?

Can You Play PS4 Without Top Cover?

Yes, it is not impossible to set it up without the casing. That is something we frequently do while testing consoles. For the touch buttons, you’ll notice enormous copper cushions. These copper pads are where the touch controls attach, so touch the copper pad to switch it on. One thing to remember is airflow.

Can I Clean My PS4 Without Compressed Air?

Even if you’re a tidy obsessive, dust will inevitably accumulate on your Playstation 4, causing it to overheat and risk damage. Cleaning the exterior with compressed air and dry towels as needed will help avoid this.

How Do You Clean Your PS4 Fan Without Taking It Apart?

Without disassembling the PlayStation 4, you can mute it by cleaning it with a compact; household vacuum cleaner set to the minimum suction setting. Most likely, excessive dust is interfering with the rotational fan’s ability to function correctly.

Can You Take the Top Off a PS4?

Arrange your hand on the PS4’s top and curve your fingers beneath the lip. With your hand, press down while drawing up with your hands. It is the most challenging portion, and if it’s particularly tight, you may end up with a scratch or even a tiny cut on one of your fingers. If everything is done correctly, it will appear.


The PS4 faceplates are part of Project SkyLight, which appears to be a test for Sony. Sony-made Faceplate that can be easily inserted or removed according to the user’s preference. Though this post will assist you in identifying How to Remove PS4 Faceplate? Additionally, Sony has begun giving commemorative faceplates to selected designers. Limited edition PlayStation faceplates are decorative and frequently elegant, allowing customers to personalize the aesthetic qualities of their console hardware.

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