How to Record Xbox Series X Gameplay? Full Method

As soon as you start scoring goals against the team in the NBA series, you’re going to want to brag about it to your gaming buddies. Even in COD: Warzone, it may be necessary for you to demonstrate your sniper prowess to your audience.

Using a video recorder is the quickest and most convenient method. Xbox Series X and Series S console owners looking to get work done will be happy to hear that we’ve got a simple cure.

Microsoft has recently added some simple recording capabilities to its consoles. After reading this article, we hope that you will be able to answer your question about How to Record Xbox Series X Gameplay without any problem. If you’d like to record the finest quality possible, there are two ways you can do that.

What Do You Need to Do to Capture 1 Hour of Gameplay Footage?

You’ll need a USB 3.0 or faster portable hard disc with a storage capacity of at least 128GB to use this feature. Your computer should be able to format this hard drive as NTFS storage. To utilize this hard disc as a capture location, you must first format it to NTFS, which is incompatible with Xbox games and apps.

Instead of using the internal storage space, you’ll be recording hour-long gaming clips to this place once the hard disc is available. There are a variety of complex drive models to choose from, including those from Seagate and Western Digital, to choose from.

How to Record Xbox Series X Gameplay

How to Record Xbox Series X Gameplay

The old-fashioned manner is perfectly OK if you don’t have a new Xbox Wireless Controller or a third-party option that includes a Share button. With the Xbox Series X|S Guide, you can record your gameplay in two different methods, depending on how much control you want. 

The new Xbox Wireless Controllers or a suitable substitute for Xbox One are recommended if you’re seeking speed or frequently sharing your gaming experience with others.

To take a screenshot in the Xbox Guide, you first need to be in the right place. Allowing snapshots and video clips while playing a game that allows them is a simple way to save time on Xbox. 

For a game clip or screenshot, press “X” or “Y” on your controller to open the Guide, then press “X” or “Y” on your controller. You will use default settings if this technique is used. 

You can also open the Capture & Share area under Settings by pressing the “View” button, which brings up the Capture & Share section.

Use the “LB” and “RB” buttons on your controller to scroll through the Guide until you come to the Capture & share screen. You can choose from the following options:

  • Make a note of what transpired. Depending on your resolution settings, you can record events that have already occurred.
  • Begin the recording process. So that you can record for a more extended period, begin recording game videos as soon as possible.
  • Capture the screenshot Take a snapshot of the Guide’s window when it first appears.

If you need to record a long game clip, or if you’re about to perform something unique and want it recorded, this area is a godsend, as it allows you to override your usual settings temporarily. 

It gives you greater flexibility in terms of video length, with 1080p resolution allowing for up to 2-minute game segments. If you’re going to start recording, you’ll have up to five minutes to do so.

How to Record an Hour of Xbox Series X and S Gameplay

Navigate to the settings tab on the Series X and S dashboards to access the console’s extensive feature set.

Then proceed to the Capture and Share menu option by scrolling down to the bottom of the settings.

Then, while you’re on the Capture and Share page, adjust the capture location to use the external hard disc you’ve connected.

As soon as you’ve modified, a confirmation message pops up to let you know that you can now record gameplay for up to 60 minutes.

You’ll be able to record for more than a minute if you confirm that.

To put it briefly:

  1. Use the Xbox Series X and S USB ports to connect an external hard drive to your console
  2. To access the settings, click here.
  3. Take a look at the Capture and Share Menu in the Preferences.
  4. Select your new external drive from the Capture Location dropdown menu.
  5. Once you’ve confirmed, you’re good to go.

How to Capture Previous Footage

  • To begin, open the dropdown menu by pressing the Xbox button.
  • Press the share button on your remote to bring up another dropdown selection with additional period possibilities.
  • Decide on a setting that will capture the footage you desire.
  • You will store your footage as soon as you hit ‘X,’ which will bring up the initial menu.

How Do You Record Your Voice and Gameplay on Xbox Series X?

Accessing your Xbox Live and PlayStation 3 recordings

Recorded captures can be stored on your Xbox’s built-in HDD or an external hard drive; You can also upload them to Xbox Live;

Pressing the Home button on your controller will bring you to the Capture & Share column, where you may retrieve your recordings. All of your recordings and additional recording choices are conveniently located in one column. Pick the Show All button instead of the recent captures option to display all your recent captures.

Capture Settings…

Xbox consoles, by default, record 30 seconds of film, although you can change this in the console’s settings to record longer clips.

You can find Capture & Share in the Settings menu. Recording length, resolution, placement, and even the sharing button may all be altered with this feature.

Recording gameplay on your Xbox Series X|S console is now as simple as pressing the record button on your console and pressing the record button again.

FAQs – How to Record Xbox Series X Gameplay

How do I record my Xbox gameplay?

To record the final 30 seconds of gameplay, click the Xbox button on your controller, and then press the button again (Record that). Press the Xbox button on your controller and select Capture settings for lengthier recordings. To record from here on out, pick Record or Capture.

How do you record longer than 10 minutes on Xbox?

Ensure you have an external storage device to record more than 10 minutes of gaming. The Xbox One’s internal hard drive can only save up to 10 minutes of video in standard conditions; the length of the video depends on the quality of the footage and the amount of storage available.

What does a game capture card do?

Gamers can record their gameplay and publish it on the internet using a capture card. It’s an excellent tool for gamers who want to keep track of their favorite games. With the help of a Capture Card and HDMI connection, you may broadcast and record and share the entire game.

How long can Xbox game bar record?

By default, Game DVR records for up to two hours when it is just running, but you may change this to 30 minutes, an hour, or four hours. Other choices for recording the audio of the game include 30 or 60 frames per second video capture and the ability to record the audio of the game.

How do I record my Xbox gameplay for Youtube?

Press the Xbox/Guide button to start recording. You can record for thirty seconds by pressing Y or selecting a different time frame from the menu. You can take a screenshot by pressing X. Select the “End Game Clip” button in the Upload Studio to end the recording of your game.