How to Make Your Ps4 Quieter Easy Guide

In case you’ve been playing the Resident Evil 2 remake like millions of other people (including myself), you’re not alone. Even though you’ve been shooting zombies for hours, you’ve probably noticed that your PlayStation looks a little worse for wear. You can feel it getting hot to the touch, and it’s making a lot of noise.

You can use a handheld vacuum cleaner with the lowest suction setting to clean a loud PlayStation 4 without disassembling it. The centrifugal fan may not be able to accomplish its function because of a buildup of dust. To keep you entertained, the machine must work harder, which is why there are noises.

It is a must-read article because I’ll go into great detail about how to clean your PS4 and How to Make Your Ps4 Quieter? The good news is that no matter how old your PlayStation is, you can restore it to working and sounding like the day you bought it.

What Causes a Ps4 to Get So Loud?

Overheating of Fan

 How to Make Your Ps4 Quieter

Your PS4’s issue isn’t due to a faulty internal component, as previously stated. The centrifugal fan, on the other side, is making a lot of noise. The fan has a diameter of 85 centimeters, which is about average. The centrifugal fan’s job is to keep the console cool when it gets hot. Using the console for an extended period can cause this.

Playing Games With High Graphics

Not only the fans but also the games can insist ps4 to make noise. If you’re playing a game with a lot of graphics, you’ll probably hear a loud buzzing noise. 

Accumulation of Dust

However beneficial a centrifugal fan may be, it is susceptible to dust buildup. Even if you only have a few months with your PS4, dust can build up on the system. 

Even if you’re ultra-modern, you can still utilize the disc tray to store your games and keep them clean. 

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It’s possible not even touch the PS4 that much because you can turn it on and off using the console’s controllers. As a result, dust will collect quickly. The dust on the outside of your PS4 isn’t the only thing to be concerned about. 

Unbeknownst to you, dust finds its way inside as well. The first sign that something is amiss with your PlayStation is when the fan starts running louder than usual.

Lack of Cleaning 

This situation will only worsen if you do nothing. More dust is piling up around the fan, on top of what’s already there. As a result, the fan forces to work harder and longer, which increases noise levels. It has the potential to become irritating. The fan may potentially stop working entirely over time. Even though your console would still come on and work, it would overheat and shut off after only an hour or two of gameplay. Some components may completely burn out.

So it is essential to know about How to Make Your Ps4 Quieter? Because it’s time to take action now that you know the dangers of a noisily running PS4 fan before it does irreversible damage to your system.

How to Make Your Ps4 Quieter?

There are a variety of techniques to quiet a PS4, depending on the source of the noise. Open your console to several solutions, but you don’t have to take anything apart to do them.

Play in Cool Surroundings 

With the knowledge that your console already heats, you should avoid playing in a hot environment. Operate your PS4 at or below 73°F (22.778°C) because above that will cause it to retain heat and become noisier.

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If you’re unable to regulate the temperature in your workspace, try purchasing a cooling stand. In this case, a vertical frame like the OIVO Regular would be ideal, as it can charge your controllers and keep your console at a perfect temperature. Because of its multipurpose nature, you can use it with any PS4 console. Even while all of that is fantastic, you’ll truly appreciate how much quieter your console will be thanks to this feature.

Improve the Console’s Ventilation

Keep your console’s vents as open as feasible when not in use. You have to look on the left and right sides as well as the back of your console. Air enters through the side vents, while hot air from the components inside expels through the rear vents. Both types of vents work together to pull in cold air and dump hot air when they’re not blocked.

Store It On A Proper Place 

Many PS4 owners make the blunder of storing their system in a cabinet instead of using it. You may be doing this to keep it from falling over; however, holding your PS4 in this manner while it’s in use will cause it to overheat.

It’s important to remember that anything within 10cm (3.9 inches) of your PS4 can obstruct airflow. As long as you don’t have anything in front of the vents, hot air from the system might build up around it, causing it to overheat.

That’ll necessitate turning on the fan faster to keep the temperature down. Because a noisy console’s fast-spinning fan is often the cause, cleaning the area around your PS4 may be all you need to do to make it go away.

Replace the Fan

Changing the fan may be the best option when a faulty cooling fan causes a noisy console. It’s important to remember, however, that doing so will void your product guarantee.

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However, if you don’t mind the inconvenience, you can either hire a repair professional or replace your fan independently. If you’re going to do the latter, you’ll need some knowledge of console repair. Otherwise, you run the risk of causing even more damage than the noise you’re making.

How To Fix The Faulty Fan?

To accomplish this, follow the instructions listed below.

  • Remove the stickers from the back vents by flipping your console over and doing so upside down.
  • There are 4 9mm security Torx screws on the back of the device. Remove these by unscrewing them (the side with the HDMI port and power cable port).
  • Remove the bottom cover by carefully lifting it on the rear side of your console while it is still upside down.
  • On the console’s power supply, look for three screws with a security torque rating of 9mm TR9. As well as the two 4mm Phillips #1 screws located on the corners, remove them all with care.
How to Make Your Ps4 Quieter
  • Remove the power supply unit from the casing by unplugging the power supply connector and carefully removing the power supply unit.
  • Please take off the optical drive’s ribbon cable by gently yanking it out. To remove the ribbon wire, carefully press the metal release tab while holding it down.
  • Use the same procedure as in the upper step to remove the wire from the motherboard. Keep in mind not to exert any force.
  • Disconnect the optical drive’s cable from the motherboard once it has free.
  • Remove the WiFi cable from the console’s motherboard by pulling it out from the back.
  •  Dismiss the four 9mm TR9 Security Torx screws and the single 5mm Phillips #1 screw from the screwdriver. Remove the four screws.
  • The optical drive should be easily accessible by removing the PS4’s WiFi antenna and carefully prying it out of the PS4’s case.
  • Remove the left top panel by flipping your console over. To do this, carefully lift it after pressing it back down. In addition to the two 9mm TR9 Security Torx screws, a 5mm Phillips #1 screw is also found. Take them out of the picture. 
  • You’ll be able to remove the hard disc from the rest of the system at this point. Gently remove it.
  • Remove the top cover by lifting the forepart and sliding it backward. You’ll see a total of twelve 9mm TR9 Security Torx screws exposed after completing this step. Remove them all by unscrewing them one by one.
  • Find the metal support bracket and gently remove it by unscrewing the two 9mm Phillips head #1 screws that hold it in place. The metal shield should now be free to fall off. Remove it to reveal the inner workings.
  • The motherboard is connected using a 3-wire plug. In the majority of cases, the three wires are black, white, and tan in hue. Disconnect the motherboard plug with care.
  • You can now remove the motherboard from the system since it’s no longer needed. Doing so separates the thermal paste between the heat sink and the processor, so keep that in mind. You’ll have to reapply the paste before you can reassemble. 
  • Three 5mm Phillips head # 1 screws are holding a metal plate over the exposed fan at this time. Lift the metal plate to reveal the cooling fan after removing the screws.
  • Once the fan has fully exposed, remove the two 9mm Phillips head #1 screws to separate it from the rest of the system. You can find a third comparable screw on the right side of some consoles. Remove it if it’s present on yours as well.
  • Replace the cooling fan after it has carefully removed.

After you’ve replaced the fan on your PS4, you’ll need to reassemble it the same way you did before.

FAQs – How to Make Your Ps4 Quieter?

What Does the PS4 Do?

Using Netflix or Hulu while playing PlayStation 4 games is an excellent illustration of how you can use PlayStation in many different ways. As previously said, the PS4 is a closed-branded PC that comes pre-loaded with an impressive number of entertainment alternatives.

Will PS4 Be Discontinued?

Sony Japan said in January 2021 that it would stop producing the vast majority of PS4 consoles. It came as a shock to many people because Sony had previously stated that it would continue to support the PS4 for several years to come. It means that if you’re considering getting a new PS4, act fast.

How Long Will Ps4 Last?

Even if the changeover takes three years, it’s likely that throughout that time, Sony will be gradually cutting down PS4 production in favour of those PS5-exclusive titles instead. According to Sony and third-party developers, the PS4 and PS4 Pro will discontinue in 2021.


When Sony’s PlayStation 4’s centrifugal fan goes into overdrive, your gaming experience suffers. It’s time to put your PS4 fan knowledge to good use by learning How to Make Your Ps4 Quieter?

The fan is usually noisy because of dust buildup. However, this isn’t always the case. Games with high graphical demand and little airflow might also put pressure on the fan.

It may seem alluring, but you should avoid disassembling your console to access the fan. No warranties are available when using a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove dust. Just let it be. 

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