How to Link Hi-Rez Account to Xbox One? Easy Guide

Go to and sign in to your favorite Hi-Rez account. You may find the “Linked Accounts” option on the left-hand side of your screen after you have logged in. 

It will provide a list of all the linked accounts to your profile. You can link or unlink your Xbox account from this screen by selecting the link or unlink option under the Xbox logo.

How do you merge smite accounts?, not the Xbox game, is where the Account Merge procedure is started. You will link your PC and Xbox accounts on the Account Merge page, and then you’ll select the merge option for your PC account to become part of your Xbox account.

SMITE, Paladins, and Realm Royale are available on PC, Xbox, and Switch with cross-play and cross-progression. Because we were among the first to enable cross-platform play and progression, we’re still working with platform providers to establish best practices. Linking your accounts has now been made possible here.

Yes! Their in-stream prizes are available with PC, Xbox, and PS4 accounts, much like the existing system. If you’re an Xbox or PS4 player, remember to link your Hi-Rez and SMITE console accounts so that you may receive your rewards on the device you want.

Can you transfer your Paladins account?

We’re very sorry, but there is no way to move your account data or progress across platforms. Only the console-specific skins can be unlocked through account linking.

Can I transfer my Paladins account from switch to PC?

Yes, you must attach your switch to your hi Rez account, as well as your steam account to your hi Rez account.

Can you merge two Hi-Rez accounts?

You will be sent to a login screen where you must enter your Hi-Rez username and password to link and merge the accounts. The Hi-Rez account administration page allows you to link your accounts even if you don’t want to.

How do you merge Xbox accounts?

However, if you have numerous Microsoft accounts, you may share your Xbox Live Gold subscription and content on your Xbox One if you have them all linked together. To accomplish this, make sure that all of your Xbox One accounts are on the same console, and then designate that console as your home Xbox in the settings menu.

Click here to link your PlayStation 4 account. Log in to your Hi-Rez account, and you’ll see “Link” on your account dashboard when you’ve joined the two accounts. To link your Twitch account, follow the on-screen directions.

how to link hi rez account to xbox one
  • Open the Xbox Console Companion app on your PC and click on the Connection icon (it looks like a little Xbox One).
  • Once you’ve selected your Xbox, click Connect.
  • As long as your Xbox One is running, the Xbox app will automatically connect to it.

Can you transfer your PS4 SMITE account to PC?

It is possible to move an Xbox One or PS4 smite account to a PC, but the process is more complicated than it appears. Everything, including online services such as PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, should be shut down before you join in with this new account. Do not use two distinct logins at the same time!

Do you need a Hi-Rez account to play Paladins?

Is there anything I need to do? Nope! You don’t need to link your Steam and Hi-Rez accounts if you utilize the Paladins stand-alone launcher.

Do Paladins need PS+?

There is no need for a “plus” in any free-to-play game like Fortnite, Warface, Warframe, Paladins, or Smites.

Does SMITE PS4 have cross-progression?

For those who enjoy playing the same game on many platforms, Smite provides a feature that allows you to do so. Head over to your Hi-Rez account and link all of your platforms together to facilitate cross advancement. Adding an account from each platform is limited to just one.

Can you put an Xbox account on PS4?

Physical disc copies, online community hubs, and (particularly) distribution methods differ significantly between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Because the Xbox and PlayStation are two completely distinct platforms, you can’t utilize the same account on either.

Do you need a Hi-Rez account to play SMITE?

You don’t need to link your Steam and Hi-Rez accounts if you utilize the SMITE stand-alone launcher. Yes, all Hi-Rez and Steam users must link their accounts to continue playing.

Is Paladins a cross-platform PS4 Xbox?

Paladins support multiplayer on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can now play the game with your friends on any four available platforms.

How do I merge my Hi-Rez account?

To link your Realm Royale and Hi-Rez accounts, either log into your favorite Hi-Rez account at or follow the account linking steps that appear when you first log in to Realm Royale. Upon logging in, select the “Associated Accounts” icon on the left to see a list of all the linked accounts.

  • Visit this page to access your Hi-Rez Studios profile.
  • Select “Amazon” at the bottom of the page. Connect your Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch accounts if you’re doing this on a console.
  • When you do this, your accounts will be automatically linked!

Is there a Hi-Rez launcher?

As a result of the “mini” launcher, HiRez Authentication Service will be removed, allowing for a more seamless login process.

Can Xbox and PS4 play Rogue Company together?

The Rogue Company does support cross-platform gaming. The Epic Games Store now offers cross-platform play for The Rogue Company on Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game’s developers now fully support cross-platform play and progression on all platforms.

Can I play Rogue Company with a mouse and keyboard on Xbox?

This functionality has been temporarily disabled until we can implement a fully functional keyboard and mouse. Players can now add their pings to their colleagues’ pings to confirm or acknowledge them.

What does linking your Hi-Rez account do?

A Hi-Rez Account will give you a single account across PC launcher, Discord (PC), Steam (PC), Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch when you link your platform accounts. All PC and Nintendo Switch Crystals & Gems will be combined and only be utilized on those devices.

Yes. If you’ve linked your Epic Games account to your Xbox, Playstation, PC, Switch, or mobile device, You’ll have full access to everything you’ve paid for (excluding V-Bucks) and progress across all of those devices. To play on several platforms, you must have a single Epic Games account on each of them.

Can you merge two Hi-Rez accounts?

Your Hi-Rez username and password will be entered into a console login screen so that you can link and merge the accounts. Even if you decide not to link your accounts, you can use the Hi-Rez account administration page.

How much are Hi-Rez Studios worth?

Between 100 and 500 people are working at Hi-Rez Studios, which has a yearly revenue of $10 million and $50 million. You can find custom computer programming and software development services in this business.

Is Smite pay to win?

It’s unrestricted. Five gods are always available, one for each class, and five gods that rotate every month in “Smite,” making the game free-to-play without pay-to-win. After a respectable amount of gameplay, one can buy any god they desire.