How to Know if PS4 Controller Is Charging? Easy Method

In this post, we’ll show you a few ways to ensure that your PS4 is charging correctly, so you can play games without worrying that your device will stop working.

The slow blinking light on a PlayStation 4 controller shows that it is charging, but it could not be evident because the blinking light also means the device is trying to pair.

To determine whether or not your PlayStation 4 controller is being charged, you should press and hold the PS button, then look in the upper right corner of the screen to see if the charging icon is present.

PS4 Controller Not Charging: Causes

If you can’t see a charging sign, we will present the most common problems when the PS4 handler doesn’t charge as expected.

Each of the following causes offers fast advice or solutions, so make sure you apply them all before our troubleshooting procedures.

How to Know if Ps4 Controller Is Charging

#1) Faulty Battery

If your controller charge successfully, yet it disconnects from your PlayStation 4 quickly after the charging cord has been disconnected, you may have a battery defective.

Try to charge it directly from a charger or PC to analyze the problem further.

#2) Faulty cable USB-A

Try to charge your PS4 controller using a proven USB-A cable to determine if the problem is linked.

We also advise changing the charger head to avoid a faulty charger.

#3) Faulty Charging Ports

The problem might either be from your PS4 USB slot or the charging port of your controller.

To make sure your Dualshock 4 doesn’t come with your PS4’s USB-A slot, you can put in your Dualshock 4 straight and charge it.

Unfortunately, if the controllers is not yet charged, this is a symptom of a problem with your PlayStation 4 controller charging port.

How to Know if PS4 Controller Is Charging Properly?

The suggested approach to charge your PS4 controller is to connect your PlayStation through a USB-A connection.

The PlayStation 4 must be either on or in rest mode, and your controller’s light should blink steadily as a charging signal.

Once the light is charged, it either fades off (if the controller is not used) or stops blinking.

Here are specific signals that the right way is charged to your controller:

  • Little by little blinking light (color does not matter).
  • PS4 indicator for charging the controllers.
  • Indicate your battery on the top of your PlayStation 4 screen.

Now that you know the signals for a PS4 handler charged correctly, it is time to check various circumstances in which the controller doesn’t charge as expected.

How Do I Recharge the PS4 Controller? Different Ways

Dualshock 4 is one of the best performing joysticks on the market, but after all, it could ultimately fail. Dualshock 4 is one of the most reliable.

The issue you are facing is unsure about the controllers, but we have prepared many approaches to tighten up the circle to find out where the problem comes from.

For the utmost efficiency when troubleshooting, we recommend using our procedures numerically.

#1) Restart Controller

It is a rare case; however, the controller sometimes could crumble and behave oddly, particularly when charged.

In this respect, we will restart to remove the potential of a significant failure.

To restart your Dualshock 4, press and hold the PS button until the light on the controllers fades out. Your controller should then detach and disconnect from your PS4.

Then wait about 2 minutes and hold back the PS button until the controller boots and combines with the PlayStation 4.

Note: If your PS4 handler does not operate unless it’s plugged into a power supply, plug it in until it is restarted and attempt to use it without being charged.

#2) Connect your controller to your PC

You have the option of connecting the controller to your PC and verify if it is recognized if your controller is not at all charged.

Unfortunately, if a PC cannot recognize your controllers, it signifies something is wrong with the hardware of the PS4 controller.

When the light blinks slowly, it signifies the controller charge. If the PS4 handlers is in use, the lights should disappear or remain static at full charge.

#3) Upside Down Charge

Some PS4 Players with a Dualshock 4 charge problem managed to get their controls charged again while charging the smartphone.

The technical explanation, in this case, would be related to how the current enters a PlayStation 4 handler, but it is worth trying.

Set up your controllers, make sure you don’t push any buttons, and plug in the charging wire. After a while, remove the charging cable and see whether the problem remains.

#4) Replace your battery

If you have come so far in this post and nothing can identify your PS4 charging problem, the problem will go away after replacing the batteries.

As this is the final resort, we propose that you read over all our strategies and tips so that, if necessary, you do not spend money.

Tip: When you don’t want to pay money, and your PS4 handler works when plugged in, it doesn’t work.

You can also use the nearest stationary power socket to connect and operate your controller there.

#5) Contact PlayStation Support Team

The official support team from Sony will supply you with a set of troubleshooting methods to perform, which will most probably recharge your PS4 handler.

We have listed all the solutions that we have found to remedy situations like yours, but Sony knows better.

It is worth attempting as some individuals urge Sony support immediately because many people with similar problems could aid.

Can I Use My PS4 Controller When Charging?

Now that we know how long a PlayStation 4 controllers can take to charge fully, you could wonder if you can continue using your controller while charging it.

You can continue to play continuously while your controller charges.

When your PlayStation 4 handler is linked to your PS4 and charging, you can continue to use it because it will continue to function. 

Using your controller while it is charging will lengthen its time for it to be fully charged. Over time, additional damage to your controllers charging port may result from the movement while it is in use.

I wouldn’t advise you to use your PlayStation 4 controller during charging. Alternatively, take a break from gaming or get a second controller to use as a spare. It makes your PlayStation 4 controller more beneficial and helps it live longer.

How to Charge a PS4 Controller in the Rest of Your PS4 Console?

You may effectively sleep your PS4 system in rest mode.

Since it isn’t fully powered, you can still download game updates or install games when in rest mode.

In addition, you can start playing a game instantly when your PS4 is switched on from resting mode, and the boot procedure is significantly faster.

If you want to use your PS4 in the rest mode, several settings include the ability to charge your PS4 controllers while your console is in rest mode.

Charging your PS4 controller in rest mode for your PS4 console:

  1. Go to Settings > Save Power Settings > Set features Available in rest mode on your PlayStation 4 console.
  2. Ensure that the power supply to USB ports is activated from here. You can set it to Always or Three hours, whatever is your choice. It enables you to carry on charging your PS4 handler in the rest mode of your PS4 console.

How to Make Life Longer for Your PS4 Controller

Now that we have included some helpful techniques to save battery life on your PS4 controller, it’s worth talking about how your controller batteries can last longer.

Just use the best technique to enhance your PS4 handler’s total battery lifespan is to recharge it at no charge.

The battery is kept in excellent condition by performing this complete cycle from zero charges to full charging. It ensures that the battery on your PS4 handler is as long as feasible.

FAQs – How to Know if Ps4 Controller Is Charging

What do the colors on the PlayStation 4 controller mean?

Each controller attached to the PS4 console has different color meanings. The PS4 controller light bar shows the gamers connected to the PlayStation 4 system. Player 1 is Blue Is, Player 2, Player 3 is Green, and Player 4 is Pink.

How long does it take to charge a PS4 controller from dead?

An empty PS4 handler battery will take about two hours to refill fully. By pushing and holding the PS button on your controller, you can see the charging progress on your system’s screen.

What color should my PS4 light be?

The PlayStation® logo is to be viewed on-screen while the system is on. The console works and usually works & some may have this faint yellow or amber. The console light should remain solid orange after a few seconds.

Why is my PS4 controller flashing blue?

If you observe the PS4 controller as a blind blue light, the controllers tries to pair with the console.


We hope that our post can answer the query ‘How to Know if Ps4 Controller Is Charging?’ and solve any problems. If your PS4 handler does not charge correctly, a hardware examination can be needed to uncover the root of the problem.