How to Hear Game Sound Through Xbox 360 Headset?

So you’d like to use your Xbox One headset to listen to your game’s audio? But you did not know How to Hear Game Sound Through Xbox 360 Headset? Then you are on the right page; here in this article, I will give you a brief explanation on this topic. 

That’s not entirely accurate. Two separate Xbox One controllers may be a problem for you. An adapter is required to connect a headset to the first and older version, which has an in-built proprietary port. The 3.5mm port on the most recent model allows you to use a headset.

What Is the Purpose of the Xbox One Chat Headset on the Console?

The Xbox One chat headset consists of two ear blocks and a microphone. This headset is far thicker than the typical headphones we use to listen to music. You can use only the Xbox One’s built-in microphone to hear the Xbox One’s chat sounds. 

However, Xbox One’s most recent build modification allows gamers to use their chat headsets to hear game audio. They are just capable of picking up a few discrete chat sounds, and that’s about all. However, even though we rely on them to hear the game audio, we cannot do so when playing on Xbox.

How to Hear Game Sound Through Xbox 360 Headset

The game’s volume can be sent to your headphones by any method. When you plug in your headset, it should immediately switch to your headset’s audio output by default. Additional actions are required if this is not the case.

How to Hear Game Sound Through Xbox 360 Headset

Step #1:

Select “Settings” from your Xbox Dashboard.

Step #2:

Selecting ‘Display and Sound’ and then ‘Volume’ is the next logical step. It will bring up various options for directing game audio to either your headset or speakers. 

Under the same options, you may also change the location of your conversation audio if you choose. Using your Xbox One headset, you can change the volume of the game.

Step #3:

The controller may need to be updated if the audio isn’t working as expected. To do so, make sure you’re logged into Xbox Live and then go to the Dashboard settings.

Step #4:

It is necessary to click on “Devices and Accessories” and then “Update.” As soon as the update has been installed, proceed as before.

How Do I Change the Volume on My Headset?

You can modify the headset audio directly from the Xbox One dashboard if it does not have in-line or on-ear controls. Go to the settings icon on the far left of your dashboard after logging onto your Xbox One. Otherwise, you’ll have to take additional measures.

If the audio volume is reset to the default, you’ll have to change the headset volume in-game, the start menu, or the pause menu to make it work again.

How to Hook Up an Xbox One Gaming Headset

It’s not any more difficult than connecting a headset to another console’s Xbox One, but a few options are exclusive to the Xbox One.

The Xbox One controller’s headphone socket accepts 3.5mm audio devices, just like the Playstation 4. You’ll need to either buy a new controller or one of Microsoft’s adapters if your current controller doesn’t include a headphone connector.

You can plug it into the console with a USB headset as long as it’s a USB dongle or base station, and it’ll function. Even if you have a Playstation 4 controller, you’re unlikely to use your USB gaming headset on the Xbox One because it isn’t designed mainly for the machine.

If your wireless headset uses an optical cable, make sure HDMI audio is turned off and optical audio is set to bitstream output in the headset’s settings.

Additionally, some wireless gaming headphones with the “Made for Xbox” label can connect to the console utilizing Xbox Wireless without needing a dongle or base station. 

Hold the connecting button on the headphone for a short period (this varies from headset to headset) after pressing and releasing the connect button on the Xbox One’s side while the console is turned on. You’ll see a “headset assigned” notification appear on your TV when the two devices connect.

Is There a Way to Connect Xbox 360 Bluetooth Headphones?

  • You may charge your headphones by plugging them into the console’s USB port.
  • You’ll need to turn on the console and the headphones.
  • Within 20 seconds of pushing the connect button, you will connect your wireless headphones for two seconds.

How to Connect Xbox 360 Slim Headset?

Purchase an Xbox 360 audio adaptor cable at the Xbox 360 website. You can also connect a Toslink cable to this if you choose. Connect your headphones to the white and red audio to the microphone connectors indicated above, complementary in colour.

How can I connect my Xbox S Series to my Bluetooth headset?

  • To proceed, turn on the Xbox X or S.
  • The wireless adapter should be linked to your Xbox via a USB connection.
  • It would help if you now had your headphones or headset on.
  • The headphones or headset should reconnect immediately after you are finished using them.

How Do I Get My Xbox 360 Audio to Play Through My Headset Only?

Causes of Xbox One Headset Errors on Xbox One

The controller, the headset, or the Xbox One settings may be at fault when your headset stops working. Frequent problems include broken wires, bent headphone plugs, and loose headphone connections that affect sound quality.

How to Fix a Defective Xbox One Headset

The user may fix the vast majority of Xbox One headset problems. Follow the troubleshooting methods listed below to identify the issue and resolve it. Check to see if your headset works after you’ve tried each remedy.

Because of the complexity of repairing a headset and the low cost of purchasing a new one, most people prefer to buy a new headset rather than try to fix an old one.

  1. After removing the headset, securely reattach it. The most typical cause of this issue is an incorrectly seated headset plug. Headphone jack problems can occur when the headset works immediately after plugging it back in but stops working later.
  2. Slide the plug slowly back and forth to get the most out of your headset. Xbox One controller headphone jacks that wobble back and forth when put into the console are likely to be defective.
  3. The headset should not be muted. Make that the headset adapter or inline volume control has a mute button. Attempt again if it’s unmuted.
  4. Use a different controller or another device with the headset to see if it helps. It eliminates the possibility that the issue is with your headset. If it works with a different controller or device, the headset is fine.
  5. Make use of a separate headset for your controller. It eliminates the controller as a potential source of the issue. You should check the headset if it doesn’t work when connected to a different controller.
  6. Check the headset cord and plug for any evidence of damage or debris. Repair or replace the headset if the cord is damaged or the plug is bent.
  7. Boost the audio output on the headset. When the headset volume is turned down or muted, you cannot hear anyone, but others can hear you. For 3.5mm headsets, you can use the volume wheel on your headset’s inline connector to increase audio volume or the buttons on the connector that is plugged into your controller expansion port.

FAQs – Hear Game Sound Through Xbox 360 Headset

Can you hear game sound Xbox 360 headset?

The headset is the only way to utilize it. Using the Xbox 360 Wired Headset, you cannot hear any game noises or music.

Why can’t I hear my game audio through my headset Xbox?

When you’re done, securely reattach your headset or headset cord to the bottom of the controller. Make sure the headset isn’t muted by checking the mute button on the headset controls.

How do I get sound from my Xbox 360?

Keep the HDMI wire attached to your television or monitor if you want to watch the video. Plugin the HDMI audio adapter into the console’s A/V port & Connect one end of the HDMI audio adapter to the digital audio wire. Using the digital audio cable that came with your receiver, hook up the other end to the digital audio input.

How do I stop the game audio coming through my headset Xbox 360 S?

Press and hold the “chat” button on the Stereo Headset Adapter until you hear a beep. As a result, the controller will no longer play audio from the game.

What is an optical audio headset?

You can connect your optical audio headset wirelessly to your optical audio output. Only a handful of headsets can accomplish this, however. Analogue headphones can be connected to a digital output through a digital to analogue decoder. Find out more about headsets by visiting this page!


We’ve learned How to Hear Game Sound Through Xbox 360 Headset. If you’ve figured out another way to play games with sound through the Xbox One chat headset, by all means, do so. However, this is the most exemplary and straightforward method for using an Xbox One chat headset for hearing game audio. 

After reading this guide, my sincere wish is that your Xbox One chat headset is now able to play game audio. 

If that’s the case, kindly inform your friends and family about the Xbox One chat headset’s ability to provide game audio.