How to Go Underwater in GTA 5 PS4? Complete Method

GTA 5 is such a big game that there is a lot of content you can pass up if you do not find it underwater. After GTA 5 hit the racks, it immediately became one of the most well-known games of the year because. Not with standing the adventure of stealing vehicles and being a finished jerk, the player has the opportunity to find the open world in a different course of action. 

You can enjoy golf, go to a bar or drive on the oceanfront. You can learn How to go underwater in GTA 5 PS4, either in Michael’s underground pool or in the actual sea.

In the latest GTA game, the pool regions are very boundless, and they are by all accounts not the only underwater regions for finding and looking for intriguing things. 

Additionally, the material science of water and wet clothes is extraordinary to check out because they compose at the most significant level.

Most Effective Way to Go Underwater in GTA 5 PS4

How to Go Underwater in GTA 5 PS4

Keep in mind something other than swimming; the swimming ability assists you with remaining underwater for longer and gives more swimming rate. To be the ideal swimmer in Los Santos, you need to prepare hard and be interested in various contests. 

Additionally, you can find underwater fortunes, and they are just at the lower part of the sea. Notwithstanding, you want special equipment or a submarine.

By realizing How to Go Underwater in GTA 5 PS4, you can bring in great money and find more fun activities in the game. 

Go underwater, and it will be essential to press the “W” key. For speeding, you can add the “Shift” key. For jumping, you need to squeeze “space.” You will jump and point the way where you need to move with the mouse cursor. 

Swimming offers various benefits, and it is enjoyable to do. 

  • Find the underwater world
  • Enjoy the scenes of the deep ocean. 
  • Partake in the swimming race 
  • Break the watched regions when underwater.

How to Go Underwater in GTA 5 PS4? Step by Step

How to Go Underwater in GTA 5 PS4

Step #1) Find a Waterway

Since GTA 5 PS4 happens in a district roused by California, finding a waterway is not sometimes a big issue. If you play like Michael, you can work on swimming on your lawn. If you need to go swimming in a more open region, some open lakes feed on streams. 

The Tataviam mountain range has an enormous waterway in the middle and is situated on Los Santos’s edges in the upper east. North of Los Santos, located in Vinewood, is another vast lake. 

Beside the sea, the most significant waterway is the Alamo Ocean, which is taken care of by a few little streams. 

The Alamo Ocean is found west of Sandy Shores. The universe of GTA 5 is encircled on all sides by water, and if you proceed one way long enough, you will most likely figure out the sea on schedule. 

Step #2) Enter in the Water 

You can enter the water basically by strolling inside it. When the depth ignores your person’s head, they will quickly begin stepping on the water. 

Step #3) Begin Swimming 

To swim forward in the water, utilize the joystick (PS3, Xbox 360) or the directional keys. To increase your person’s speed, tap the X button PS4, the A button Xbox 360, or the Shift key more than once. 

Step #4) Dive

If the water is over your person’s head, you can have a go at dive underneath the surface. Press the R1 button, the RB button, or the Q key, and your person will jump underneath the surface. Once underwater, swim utilizing the very controls that you would use on a superficial level. 

Step #5) Attack When Swimming

When underwater, the primary weapon you can utilize is the blade. You can prepare the blade to fight off sharks by squeezing the L1 button, the LB button, or the Tab key. 

With the blade prepared, assault by pressing the round button, the B button, or the R key. You can assault while lowered or while remaining on surface water. 

Step #6) Swim While Underwater

To go ahead when underwater, press X PS4, A Xbox 360/Xbox One, or Left Shift to swim forward. Your controls are upset while underwater, like plane controls. To swim upside and surface, hold down on the left stick and X Playstation4, or A Xbox 360 / Xbox 1, or hold S and immediately press Left Shift. 

To jump down, hold up on the left bar and press X PS4, A Xbox 360/Xbox One, or W and Left Shift. Explore left and right by squeezing the left stick left or right or pressing the An and D keys on the PC.

Step #7) Look at Your Health While Swimming

Since your person is just human, you can’t stay lowered for eternity. There is a dim blue meter in the lower-left end of the screen, close to your person’s health. It demonstrates how long they can stay underwater. 

When the blue light meter runs out, your person will rapidly start to lose health. If you don’t arise before his health runs out, you will bite the dust. 

Step #8) Go To Surface 

Here’s the place where you want to realize how to swim up in GTA 5. If the health meter is coming up short, surface rapidly. 

To arrive at the surface once more, press the joystick/directional bolt up toward the outer layer of the water. To get to the surface quicker, tap the X button, the A button, or the Shift key.

How To Swim Underwater GTA San Andreas?

CJ’s underwater controls are different from his usual swimming controls in that they demand the usage of two buttons. CJ can be propelled ahead by holding X / A / Space when diving into a body of water that is deep enough to do so. Continue to hold X / A / Space to swim as you direct the protagonist in any direction you desire.

Eventually, CJ will have to come up for air because he can’t stay underwater for long. While diving, you can keep an eye on your remaining oxygen supply by looking at the breath meter above the health bar.

Redirect CJ upwards and rapidly swim to the surface if it gets too low. Eventually, CJ’s health will run out if the bar runs out entirely. Upgrade the Lung Capacity stat to increase the breadth meter’s size.

How to Go Underwater in GTA 5 Submarine?

FAQs – How to Go Underwater in GTA 5 PS4?

Does GTA 5 Have Scuba Gear?

Scuba gear appears on top of whatever the player decides to wear beneath it in GTA 5’s Story Mode. You may find the Scuba Land in the outfit area of the player’s wardrobe in the game.
Alternatively, the player can seek out a Dinghy from one of the Story Mode ports to obtain free scuba gear.

How Do You Get a Dinghy in GTA 5?

The Dinghy can be obtained via stealing one or by purchasing the Sonar Collection Docks. After buying the docks, you will have a side quest, “Death at Sea,” in which you will collect submarine parts. The Dinghy will be accessible at the dock.

Is There a Way to Breathe Underwater in Grounded?

Once you’ve gathered your first lilypad wax, you’ll be able to make a pebble knife and fin flips, both of which are necessary for dealing with the koi pond. 

Additionally, you will require a tier-one rebreather, referred as to as a Gill Tube, to breathe underwater for an extended period. This tool is necessary for further exploration of the koi pond.


We have discussed in detail How to Go Underwater in GTA 5 PS4? Furthermore, we have discussed different steps. If you have the default controls, you drag the left joystick down while squeezing or holding the A button more than once. 

Utilize the passed-on joystick to go farther down right joystick to go up. Swim to the edge and click the jump button. The equivalent is valid for any remaining waterways, and it will work for boats also.