How to Garden in Sims 3 Xbox 360? Complete Guide

It is a simple chore that Sims 3 makes extremely tough. To begin, you’ll need to learn How to Garden in Sims 3 Xbox 360. You can accomplish it by purchasing Gardening Vol. 1 from a bookshop. Then read the book (by going to your Sim’s inventory and selecting the book.) After completing the book, your Sim will be gifted with a gardening skill and some seeds.

Go outside to some grass to plant the seeds. Now you can choose whether to buy or build. Then go into family inventory, hit the right bumper, and look for the seeds. You may easily position them by clicking on them & then switching to live mode, clicking on the seeds, and planting!

How to Garden in Sims 3 Xbox 360

This guide demonstrates planting a seed in The Sims 3 for Xbox 360. So you go to Build and Buy and choose a seed (assuming you have one) and plant it. Return to live mode, click the seed, and select ‘plant here.’

Also, with the Sims 3 Xbox 360? Challenges and Achievements/Trophies are disabled when you cheat, so save your neighborhood before you enter this cheat. 

Fill a house with your family, then press START while holding LB+ LT + RB + RT. You’ll be told that the sport will be available under Decor>Miscellaneous. To activate cheat mode, place him in your lot.

Where do you acquire seeds in Sims 3 Xbox 360? It’s another question.

Look for seeds that have fallen on the ground. To plant, enter Build mode and take the seeds from your Sim’s backpack, placing them where you wish them to grow. When you return to live way, you should select the seed and plant it (once your gardening skill is high enough).

Is it possible to hire a gardener in The Sims 3?

Editing in The Sims 3 does not have a gardener NPC because the plants in construction mode do not need to be maintained. ModTheSims, on the other hand, includes a mod that allows Sims to employ an NPC gardener.

Where is the planter box Sims 3?

You may acquire planter bowls from the Plants section of the Decor part of the Buy mode menu in the Plants section.

Is there gardening in Sims 3?

When playing The Sims 3, you can improve your garden’s health and appearance by learning this talent. The Green Thumb characteristic and the Super Green Thumb lifetime prize enhance this ability. Sims may plant, cultivate, and harvest various plants, just like in real life and previous Sims games.

How do I get my Sim to garden?

Drag your inventory’s contents, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, to the ground or a planter box. Select a plant and choose Plant after laying it out however you’d like. All of the seeds will be planted by your Sim, which you can then water and receive a lot of experience by doing so.

How do you garden on the Sims?

Take your Sims outside or to the gardening pot you wish to plant it in after having the item in their inventory. You can plant the seeds by clicking and dragging them to the desired spot, selecting “plant,” and then watching as your Sim executes the necessary animations.

How do you harvest in Sims 3?

You can select harvest by left-clicking on the Plant. If there are many harvestable plants in the area, they will harvest all of the plants until you instruct them not to.

What is Buydebug sims3?

The cheat code Buydebug can be found in The Sims 3 and 4. In buy mode, it lets the player see ordinarily hidden items from view (or build mode, in The Sims 4).

How do you build a greenhouse on Sims 3?

How do you grow a money tree Sims 3?

Growing a money tree in The Sims 3 requires gardening ability. A money tree can develop from a particular plant seed in one out of four attempts. You can occasionally catch a money tree seed when fishing, although it’s not that common.

How do you hire a gardener in Sims 3?

Plants built in The Sims 3 are self-sustaining; hence there is no gardener in the game. Sims can hire a gardener from an NPC in a mod by ModTheSims.

How do you get a death flower in Sims 3?

Unknown Special Seeds or Death Flower Seeds can be grown using the gardening talent to obtain them. Samples of the flower can be taken from Pleasant Rest Cemetery at random.

How do you grow a life plant in Sims 3?

Gardening level 7 is required to plant. For the seed, Sims can get it by searching the town or by completing a science career goal, by investigating the mausoleum and its catacombs, by fishing it from a nearby body of water, or by using the Time Machine.

How do I make my Sim plant seeds?

Place the gardening pot and planter box on the ground, and then drag the seeds from your inventory into them. Wait for your Sim to finish planting all the seeds before selecting the Plant option. By choosing the Watering option, you can water the seedlings. Observe your plants and eradicate any weeds that may be present.

What does uproot Plant mean in Sims?

Make sure your crops are well-cared for. Sims of any gardening skill level may grow the perfect big crop with a bit of effort and love! If you’re unsure if you want to get rid of a plant, don’t perform the Uproot Plant interaction.

How do you evolve plants on Sims?

Sims with at least a level 2 gardening talent can evolve plants when they attain maximum health. As a result, the quality and monetary value of the harvested plants’ products will rise. The quality of food, drink, and herbal treatments created with them also improves due to this.

How do I get strawberries in Sims 4?

Strawberry plants can grow wild in communal lots or purchased from a seller.

How do you become a gardener in Sims 4?

What abilities are necessary to advance in a company? For you to get promoted, you must master the art of gardening. To achieve this, you will need to use your computer to buy seeds and then plant them in your garden, and you can learn more about this in our guide to gardening.

Where can I find pomegranates in Sims 3?

Champs Les Sims has a pomegranate tree in the front yard of the Pivert residence; however, depending on the day, you may or may not be able to collect the fruit from this tree’s bounty.

What is the best fertilizer in Sims 3?

Life Fruit and Garlic are the finest fertilizers in The Sims 3 by far, as far as I’m concerned. Why? In addition to being excellent fertilizer (of the highest grade), vampire fish can persist for a full three days longer than this (also highly potent).

Can you make a greenhouse in Sims 4?

The Sims 4’s greenhouses are nothing more than standard rooms. The Seasons expansion pack isn’t required at all to construct one. Make it look like a greenhouse now that the fundamental structure is in place. To begin, choose a lovely glass texture for the ceiling.

What is the life plant in Sims 3?

Special seeds produce the helpful Plant known as the “Life Fruit.” Like money trees, flame fruit bushes, and dead flowers, these life-giving plants need level 7 Gardening to plant. Consuming a single life fruit will extend your Sim’s lifespan by an additional day.

What do butlers do Sims 3?

Their services include babysitting and home sitting and cooking meals for lunch and dinner if the parents are away and don’t want to take care of the children themselves. So that you don’t have to worry about throwing away food, they will also save your left-overs for you.

How do I get a Plumbot in Sims 3?

However, since a Plumbot costs typically at least $1,000 Simoleons to buy or sell (depending on the Trait Chips placed), you’re better off making your own with the Bot Making talent rather than purchasing one from the Bot Shop in the future.

How do you catch a Deathfish in Sims 3?

The Sunset Valley neighborhood graveyard pond and the fork in the river north of the graveyard in Riverview are examples of these sites. Between midnight and 5:00 a.m., deathwish can only be caught. Wait for a death wish to nibble on one of the available angelfish baits.

How do you get a pink diamond in Sims 3?

A miner might be purchased at a secondhand shop or built from scratch on the innovation bench. You can occasionally find a pink diamond during mining. Finally, use a method of cheating. Use buy debuted to place a fantastic gem spawner on or near your lot.

What does Ambrosia do in Sims 3?

As a single-serving meal, Ambrosia is available in The Sims 3 and the newer The Sims 4. In addition, Ambrosia can resurrect ghost Sims, replace the Resurrect-O-Nomitron, and reverse aging in living Sims.