How to Fly in 7 Days to Die PS4? Easy Guide

7 Days to Die is an open-world, photorealistic rendering sandbox game that combines First Person Shooter, Survival Horror, Tower Defense, and Role-Playing Games. It combines fighting, manufacturing, robbing, mining, adventure, and personality development. If you’ve played seven Days to Die for several days or years, you’re probably aware of the critical role cheaters play in the game. 

For the unfamiliar, 7 Days to Die cheats or console commands are critical components of the survival video game, particularly if you intend to experience a succession of gameplay changes. So, here I will discuss How to Fly in 7 Days to Die PS4 along with an extensive version of 7 Days to Die cheats and console commands and discuss their use. 

Attempt to survive as long as possible as you face a diverse array of opponent zombie stereotypes and terrifying, ferocious blood moon swarms that attack every seven nights. Fight alone or with companions in split-screen local multiplayer or online with up to four players. Navezgane greets you in the ultimate zombie survival environment game.

Story Mode of 7 Days to Die 

The game’s events occur as a consequence of a nuclear Third World War that wiped out a significant portion of the world apart from some locations, such as the imaginary country of Navezgane, Arizona. 

The player takes on the character of a war survivor who must locate refuge, food, and water while also gathering resources to fight off the many zombies that have taken over Navezgane. While there is no aim other than survival, the creators promised a dynamic plot in the Kickstarter and additional objectives.

Console Commands for 7 Days to Die

How to Fly in 7 Days to Die PS4

Typically, terminal commands are entered by pressing the F1 key; however, this is dependent on your keyboard. To determine which key in 7 Days to Die brings up the console commands, enter the game’s “Options” menu and navigate to “Controls.” After this, you will see the appropriate key. Here are the most common keys to open the Commands Terminal.

  • F1 
  • ” 
  • Ö 
  • Ø 
  • F2 
  • Ñ 

By tapping the relevant key, you can access the console commands and enter the orders you choose. We’ll take start with the fundamentals and work our way up to the great ones.

Here I will share with you the top of 7 Days To Die Console Commands

giveselfgiveself [item id] [quality level (1-6)]The item with the given item ID will appear in front of your character once you enter this console command. The spawned item can have its quality set to whatever you want.
buffbuff [buff id]Use this command at the console to gain the given benefit. When you want to improve another player’s stats, use buffplayer.
debuffdebuff [buff id]The supplied buff ID will be removed from you using this administrative command. To take away an advantage that an opponent has gained, use the debuffplayer command.
buffplayerbuffplayer [steam id / player name / entity id] [buff id]The player you specify will gain the benefit of the boost with the ID you provide, thanks to this command. Individuals can be singled out in a variety of ways, such by their Steam ID, name, or entity ID.
debuffplayerdebuffplayer [steam id / player name / entity id] [buff id]Invoking this command from the console will cause the target player or entity to lose the buff.
switchviewswitchviewIf you’re currently in first-person perspective and enter this command, you’ll be taken to third-person perspective (and vice versa).
systeminfosysteminfoIf you use this command, the console will display details about the machine you’re playing 7 Days to Die on. This data is of a technical nature and may include things like your computer’s hardware configuration, operating system, and the like.
debugmenudebugmenuDebug Mode can be turned on and off with the ‘debugmenu on’ and ‘debugmenu off’ commands, respectively. God Mode can be activated in Debug Mode by hitting the G key, and the Debug Menu can be accessed by pressing ESC.
exhaustedexhaustedIf you use this hack, your character will quickly become exhausted.
giveselfxpgiveselfxp [xp amount]This cheat code will give you the specified amount of XP.
creativemenucreativemenuThis cheat activates or deactivates the Artistic Menu. With this option enabled, the U key will open the Creative Menu.
spawnsupplycratespawnsupplycrateUsing this console command, a Supply Crate will appear in your immediate vicinity.

Significance of Console Commands 

Console Commands is a development tool that might “crash” and potentially damage your saved game if it’s not used appropriately. Apart from the disadvantages, you can utilize it for beneficial purposes such as changing game settings, creating items, and managing time. Administrators can use it to kick, prohibit, and generally control players on the server.

How to Apply 7 Days to Die Cheats?

To utilize the console instructions from 7 Days to Die in your gameplay, you must first open the console. There is, however, no unique key that unlocks the console. If you’re playing on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, there is a more negligible probability of acquiring access to the console commands for 7 Days to Die.

However, you can enable Creative Mode on the gaming console of your choice. Load a previous save or create a new one. Once you have loaded a save record, your game’s preferences menu will have a Misc tab. There is a prompt to select Creative Mode underneath the Misc option, which allows you to float in any object present in the original game.

Activate and Utilize the Creative Menu and Debug Menu 

7 Days to Die not only has an excellent console but also has a significant function called “Cheat Mode” or “Debug Mode.” You can fly, engage god mode, and creative mode while in debug mode. 

To activate the debug option, you must enter a command into the console. Use F1, “, @, F2, or “keys on your keyboard to access the console. 

To enable cheat mode, open the console and type the following two console commands: Creative Menu and 2nd one is the Debug Menu. To exit cheat mode, organize them into the console once more, and it will toggle off.

Once cheat mode is activated, the following actions are possible:

  • Enable God Mode by hitting Q.
  • SHIFT + Q will transport you forward to the spot you are currently viewing
  • By pressing U, you can access the Creative Menu.
  • To activate Flying on and off, press the H key. 
  • While Flying, use Space to ascend and C to descend. 
  • By pushing and holding Shift, you can accelerate your flight.

How to Make Flying Possible in Seven Days to Die?

How to Fly in 7 Days to Die PS4

So to know How to Fly in 7 Days to Die PS4  and to activate flying mode in 7 Days to Die, perform these steps:

  • Press the F1 key to access the PS4 console.
  • Enter the command debug menu or just dm.
  • To access the menu, press the ESC key.
  • Select the checkbox labeled “Fly mode.”
  • You can now fly.

To use the instructions above, you will be capable of flying freely about your 7 Days to Die map. Alternatively, after the debug option is activated, you can turn the capability on and off by hitting the H key on your keyboard.


Gyrocopters are a vehicle type in 7 Days to Die. By holding E> over the car, you can enter the radial option. Although the Gyrocopter is accessible by standard, you must obtain the specifications for the Gyrocopter structure and Gyrocopter equipment or reach Level 5 in Grease Monkey.

While the Gyrocopter is an end-game objective for some players and is essentially the quickest vehicle accessible, it has constrained practical significance. The majority of situations in which one would be beneficial, including such operations to extremely hazardous locations, also involve the possibility of losing it. 

That said, with proper use, it may be an excellent tool, enabling one to stay out until nightfall, incredibly much further from home, and return at night because few zombies can hurt a gyrocopter in mid-flight.

Fly a Gyrocopter in 7 Days to Die

  • Additionally, there is indeed a proper way to fly in 7 Days to Die.
  • After acquiring all of the benefits in the Grease monkey skill tree, the character will be able to create an actual flying vehicle in the game.
  • Gyrocopters may be utilized to fly all around the map quickly. 
  • To construct one, you will require many components and will also need to monitor your fuel gauge. 
  • The Gyrocopter is somewhat challenging to fly and will require a few practice flights to master the settings.

How to Enable Debug Mode and God Mode?

Debug Mode is one of “favorite” console commands, and typing “DM” in the command prompt without citations enables it, allowing you to perform some fantastic tasks such as entering god mode, accessing the debug menu, and performing other unique tasks.

Once you’ve enabled Debug Mode in 7 Days to Die, you can enter god mode by pressing “G” on your keyboard. It allows you to fly at your own pace and without incurring any damage. By pressing the “Escape” key, you can reach the Debug menu.

FAQs – How to Fly in 7 Days to Die PS4?

What Is the Latest Version of 7 Days to Die on PS4?

Update 13 was the most current version for consoles, published on December 13, 2017. This version brings the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions up to release 1.18 and 1.0, respectively.

Can You Use Console Commands on PS4 7 Days to Die?

To incorporate 7 Days to Die console instructions into your game, you must first access the console. If you’re operating on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you can’t get access to the console commands for 7 Days to Die. However, you can enable Creative Mode on the gaming console of your choice.

How Do You Fly in Creative Mode?

The creative mode enables players to fly. Double-tap the launch key to start the flight. To proceed, use the jump key to ascend, the sneak key to descend, and the action keys, the default being W A S D. The gamer can deactivate mid-air flight by double-tapping jump once more, which will cause them to fall to the ground.

Will 7 Days to Die Ever Be Finished?

Rather than transitioning to a beta model, the game has remained in alpha for years regarding several updates and enhancements. 7 Days to Die will soon enter Alpha 20, with Alpha 21 isn’t far behind. Numerous models are being modified to take them into the year 2021.


7 Days to Die’s world is brutal. A missed zombie encounter might waste hours of development and cause unnecessary frustration. After reading this post, I hope that you have fully acknowledged How to Fly in 7 Days to Die PS4? You may fly fast in 7 days to die by utilizing cheat mode and command consoles. Gyrocopters are used to explore the map swiftly. Try out these cheat codes and have fun!

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