How to Fly a Helicopter in GTA 5 Xbox One? Step by Step

Helicopter flight in GTA 5 is convenient for players, especially while completing theft tasks. You can even avoid the traffic in GTA 5, so you can get to your goal much faster. Here in this article, you will get complete knowledge on How to Fly a Helicopter in GTA 5 Xbox One?

To board the helicopter, proceed as follows: travel to the helipad where it is parked. While playing GTA 5, flying a helicopter is one of the most enjoyable activities. Following these procedures will allow you to pilot a helicopter in Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One:

How to Fly a Helicopter in GTA 5 Xbox One

How to Fly a Helicopter in GTA 5 Xbox One Step by Step

Step #1)

To board a helicopter, press the “Y” button on your keyboard. You can access helicopters in the same manner as automobiles. On your Xbox, Press the “Y” Button when standing next to a helicopter to get on board.

Step #2)

Take off and ascend by pressing and holding the RT button. Your Xbox controller’s trigger button is located on the right-hand side of the controller. Once you’ve reached the desired altitude, hold down this button.

Step #3)

The helicopter can be steered using the left analog stick. If you want to go in any direction, you can use the left analog stick.

  • Hold RT while steering the vehicle to maintain altitude.

Step #4)

You may control the YAW with RB and LB. The Xbox controller’s right and left shoulder buttons are located here. You’ll be able to make tight turns with this.

Step #5)

To use mounted weapons, press “A.” Once this is done, the helicopter’s primary armament is fired. After that, you can use the left analog stick to drive your vehicle towards your target and modify your aim.

Step #6)

You may control your camera’s view with the right analog stick & you can choose between the first, second, and third camera views in mid-air. In addition, you may switch camera viewpoints by pressing the right analog stick on your controller.

Step #7)

To use the specialized equipment, press the right directional button. With specific equipment like VTOL and grapple hooks, a select number of helicopters can take on a wide range of tasks. Toggle between these modes by pressing the right directional button.

Step #8)

To descend, use the LT key. The left trigger button on the controller’s top is where you’ll find it. When you’re ready to land, press and hold the LT button to bring the plane down to the earth; as you lower the helicopter, use the left analog stick to help guide it to where you want it to land.

Step #9)

To exit the car, press “Y.” Once you’ve reached the ground, use the “Y” button to depart the vehicle.

  • To get out of the car while it’s in the air, you’ll have to sacrifice your life.

How do you fly a helicopter fast in GTA 5 Xbox One?

How to fly a helicopter in GTA 5 on PC?

Step 1: Get in the helicopter.

You can board the helicopter if you know how to drive a car in Grand Theft Auto V. Stand next to the helicopter and press its “F” button.

Step 2: Ascend

Hold down the “W” button while pressing the pedal to the metal to take off. Do not let go until you have attained the desired altitude.

Step 3: Direction

There are two ways to move forward: clicking with your mouse or the number pad on the keyboard.

Step 4: Steer

You may turn left and steer right with the “A” and “D” keys.

Step 5: For using weapons

Firearms are installed on a few helicopters. To make use of them, click the left mouse button on your computer’s mouse. Then, you can use your mouse or the number pad on your keyboard to aim at your target.

Step 6: Camera View

Simply hitting “V” will allow you to change the angle of your camera. Switch between the three cameras as needed.

Step 7: Activation of Special Equipment

Pressing “E” will activate any unique equipment your helicopter may have. For example, you can turn on and off lights if you like.

Step 8: Descend

The “S” button is all you need to press and hold if you want to descend and land. Then, using your mouse or number pad, you can check that you land in the correct location.

Step 9: Get out

Pressing the “F” button will allow you to exit the aircraft in GTA 5. Then, when you’re ready to try your hand at helicopter control once more, go through everything you did before.

FAQs – How to Fly a Helicopter in GTA 5 Xbox One

How do you fly a plane in GTA 5 Xbox One?

When you hold down the Right Trigger (RT) button on your Xbox controller, the airplane will begin to move in the direction it is facing. Upon reaching a sufficient rate of speed, the plane will begin its ascent into the air. Therefore, you should hold down the RT button until you reach the desired altitude.

How do you fly and land a helicopter in GTA 5?

LB/RB/L1/R1 turns the machine left/right, while the left analog moves the helicopter in the desired direction. Then, to land, all you have to do is keep the device stable and use LT/L2 to bring him down slowly.

How do I fly a plane in GTA 5?

You may build this up by pressing the R2/ RT button, and you’ll finally rise into the air. To hide the undercarriage, press L3 at the appropriate height. A plane can be flown up or down or steered left or right using the analog stick on the left.

Where can I land a helicopter in GTA 5, Solomon?

The film studio’s empty water reservoir provides an ideal landing spot for a helicopter.

How do you fly a helicopter in GTA 5 PC without Numpad?

Fly with your mouse or re-bind the controls if you don’t access a numeric keypad. Try increasing the mouse sensitivity and auto-center settings if you find it difficult to operate vehicles using a mouse.