How to Fix White Light on PS4 (10 Possible Solution)

There is an issue with every minor and pricey game console: they will betray you. Gaming consoles have a limited lifespan and will give you a heads-up when they are nearing the end of their usefulness. If you take these warnings seriously, you can extend the life of your gaming console by considering a backup or solution.

The PS4 also features a light indicator that signifies that the console will die, just like any other console. This white light on the PS4 is known as the light of death. This light on your console is problematic, and it indeed causes panic to prevent your money from running down the drain. You may take a few simple measures to know How to Fix White Light on PS4?

PS4 White Light Meaning

Many new PS4 owners are perplexed by the white light that illuminates their system when they first switch it on. Is it a warning sign that something is wrong? Is it something you should brush off as usual and move on with your life?

You need to pay attention to the PS4’s flickering white light try to Fix White Light on PS4 because it indicates some issue that needs to be resolved. However, remember that if your PS4’s white light blinks and then turns to a steady blue light when you turn it on, this is typical and not something to worry about. While it is shutting down, the console’s blinking white light is normal and not indicative of an issue.

As soon as the PS4’s white light doesn’t go away and blinks or switches to blue light, it signals a systemic error that has to be corrected.

What’s Up With the White Light on My Ps4?

Using the PS4’s white light of death suggests an issue with HDMI or a connection malfunction. Your PS4 isn’t linked to the TV because of problems ranging from a bad HDMI port to a fried chip. While these problems sound serious, they can all be fixed at home without taking your PS4 to a repair center.

Another possible cause for an electric storm or lightning storm is port, resistor, or diode failure.

How to Fix White Light on PS4 (Different Methods)

There are several reasons why the PS4’s white light is flashing, and you may fix many of them without the assistance of a professional. To have the problem solved fast and avoid wasting time, take control of the situation while we are here to help.

If you detect a white light on your console, perform the following adjustments immediately:

To Save You Time, Here’s a Quick Fix

Use this simple and quick repair to get rid of that awful white glow of death. With just a few seconds of your time, you may turn on your PlayStation 4.

It’s as simple as pressing the PS button and the share button simultaneously for a short period. You will resolve the problem immediately, and you may now play your games on your PS4 without interruption.

Check the HDMI and TV Connections

How to Fix White Light on PS4

Check the HDMI connection on both your television and your gaming console next.

Make sure your PS4 and TV are correctly connected. So, unplug both ends of the HDMI wire and look inside each PS4’s HDMI port. If your HDMI port is broken, you’ll want to look into getting it repaired.

Now that you’ve tested the PS4 HDMI port, it’s time to verify the TV’s HDMI port. Because of this, if you have a second TV, you can use it to verify the PS4’s compatibility with other devices.

Restart the Console

The fastest solution is always the best option. Go through the following procedure:

  1. As soon as you press both buttons, you’ll be able to access the Share menu.
  2. You may expect it to happen in seconds after starting the PS4. Keep an eye out to check if the white light keeps blinking.
  3. You can resolve more minor problems quickly by performing this simple adjustment. At the same time, you’re working to resolve the white light flashing issue.

Clean your PS4

Some PS4 hardware components may not function properly due to dust and debris inside the console. As a result, cleaning the inside of your PS4 before taking it to a repair shop is a good idea.

It would be beneficial if you thoroughly clean your PlayStation 4. Ensure that all of your console’s components are well cleaned.

Before beginning this procedure, make sure your PS4 is wholly disconnected from the power source, and the cable is unplugged.

Once you are satisfied that the PS4 has been thoroughly cleaned, reconnect it to power and switch it on to see if the light of death has disappeared.

Check for Overheating Issues

Thermal difficulties may be to blame if your Playstation abruptly shuts down and won’t turn back on. Your PS4’s fans or vents may be clogged with dirt, preventing it from adequately cooling your device.

To verify this, check the PS4’s air vents for any dirt buildup. It’s possible that blowing canned air into the vents will alleviate the problem.

Allowing your PS4 to cool down for a few hours will also help determine if you’re struggling with overheating difficulties. After that, switch on your Playstation and test if it works.

Make sure your PlayStation is experiencing thermal issues before moving on to the next step.

Check for Hardware Problems

Once the HDMI connection has been tested, the following step is to inspect the hardware for any damage.

  1. Visually inspect the console’s exterior for signs of damage or malfunction.
  2. T-13 screwdrivers are required. Take a peek inside by unscrewing the top tray and unscrewing the screws holding it in place. Once you take a look inside, you should be able to see any problems.
  3. Other hardware components, such as the hard disc, should also be checked in their respective slots. It would be beneficial if you thoroughly clean your PlayStation 4.
  4. You will also need a T-13 screwdriver.

Check That Your Wires Are Connected Properly

The primary cause of this error message, as previously stated, is a problem with the HDMI connection or a broken TV connection. Verify that the HDMI cable is correctly connected between the TV and the console before attempting to play any games. A blinking light on the HDMI cable will indicate an unreliable connection between the console and the TV.

Remove the cable and inspect it for damage or faults to see if this helps. If the problem is with the wire, it is time to replace it. Check to see if the problem goes away if you plug it in both ports one by one and see if it helps.

If you have one available, use another device to ensure that the problem is not with the device.

Upgrade the Controller Driver

A problem with the controller driver could cause a PS4’s white flashing light. As a result, if you want it to work correctly again, you’ll need to update it to the most recent version.

Using the provided instructions, you may easily upgrade the controller driver.

  • To open the Run dialogue box, press Win + R. Press Enter on the command line and type ‘devmgnt.msc’
  • Uninstall the device by selecting it with the right-click menu. To remove the device’s driver software, choose Uninstall from the drop-down menu.
  • Make sure you reconnect your console to the PC.
  • Finally, visit the manufacturer’s website and download the most recent driver.

Enter the Safe Mode

Try starting your PS4 in Safe Mode and seeing if you can choose a glowing option from the list to see if that fixes the PS4 blinking white light of death. In many circumstances, option #7, which instructs you to perform a complete initialization of your PS4, is lit up.

So, here’s how to get your PS4 into Safe Mode:

  • Three seconds of pressing the power button should shut down your console. Your PS4 will shut off after a few blinks.
  • Only release your finger after the second beep sound is heard. About seven seconds should elapse here.
  • Safe Mode will be activated when your PS4 boots up. Press the PS button on your controller to ensure it’s linked to the console.

To test whether you can fix the PS4’s blinking white light of death, go into Safe Mode and select Option #7 to initialize the console entirely.

The PS4 may be locked in a safe mode loop, but don’t worry; you can repair it by following our advice.

A catastrophic hardware failure may be the only solution if none of the other suggestions have worked for you. If your PlayStation is still under warranty, you can contact PlayStation Support.

Report the Problem to PlayStation

You could be dealing with a hardware problem as the last resort.” You might want to check out the Playstation Hardware and Repairs page to see what options you have in this situation. As long as the PS4 is still under warranty, Sony may repair or replace the console at no cost to you.

The repair costs can add up quickly if you’ve used your equipment for a long time. An excellent opportunity to upgrade to a PS5 is when the repair prices are too high.

Our instruction on how to fix the PS4’s white light has concluded. Let us know in the comments area if you have any questions, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Video Guide: How Do I Fix My Ps4 Solid White Light?

Suppose That Doesn’t Work Out for You

There are various possibilities if you’ve tried everything listed above and it’s still not working.

An Hdmi Port That Isn’t Working Properly

It happens a LOT. The initial PS4 consoles had malfunctioning HDMI ports. In my opinion, they’re all going to fail at some point because of their terrible design. 

In most cases, you can see the bent, misaligned, or missing copper pins within the PS4 HDMI port and determine if it needs repair. Often, the metal ring around the port will also be bent. 

The cable will not fit tightly into the port due to this. While the PS4 Slim and Pro’s ports are better, we still receive repairs for those models.

An HDMI IC Chip That Is Defective

This IC chip on the motherboard processes the HDMI signal. The white light of death is frequently the result of this chip burning out. 

In the end, there is no way to tell if the problem is with the chip itself. It’s possible that the chip is to blame if the port looks OK, but you’re still getting no signal and the white light of death. Professional testing is the only way to know what you’re dealing with.

Lightning or Electrical Storm

There is a possibility that the WLOD on your PS4 was caused by a recent large-scale electrical storm or electrical surge. The HDMI cable typically sends the electrical surge directly to your PS4 from your TV. 

However, the IC chip may be blown out by this electrical surge and the port itself and any resistors and diodes surrounding the port that transmit signals to the TV. You can trigger the white light of death if they are harmed.

FAQs – How to Fix White Light on PS4

Why is there a white light on my PS4?

The console lights pulse white during a power outage and then switch off. The console cannot be used to charge USB controllers or to download or install software if it is turned off.

What does blue light mean on PS4?

If your PS4 isn’t working, you’ll see a pulsing blue line. Standard consoles flash blue and then white. After a few seconds, if the PS4 continues to pulse blue and eventually shuts off, the console has been bricked and cannot be used usually.


PS4’s power indicator can show a variety of lights in various colors, each of which denotes a different state. A PS4 with a flickering white light needs maintenance, which is a serious indicator. In light of the preceding, we’ve provided a step-by-step tutorial on How to Fix White Light on PS4.

We’re confident that your PS4 will be back to normal in no time if you follow this method. If this doesn’t work for you, take your PS4 to a repair shop nearby.

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