How to Fix Unrecognized Disc on My PS4

If you’re a PlayStation 4 user, an unrecognized disc will be an inconvenience. The PlayStation 4 is a popular gaming console. It will be highly inconvenient if your PS4 does not recognize the Disc. Your next step should be to repair it and restore it to normal.

If PlayStation 4 is displaying the Unrecognized disc issue, it is incredibly frustrating. Occasionally, this issue impacts only a single game. In this instance, your CD almost certainly cracks or destroyed.

On the other hand, if the console fails to identify all of your discs, this indicates a system-wide issue; in the worst-case situation, you’ll need to rebuild the device. As you can see, the Disc or the console are both viable suspects. We’ll explore  How to Fix Unrecognized Disc on My PS4 in this post and why your PS4 console is unable to identify the Disc during the first time.

How to Fix Unrecognized Disc on My PS4

If the problem is software-related, you will almost certainly be able to resolve the issue independently. On the other hand, if it results from a hardware defect, such as a damaged optical drive, it will require a replacement.

Reasons Behind Unrecognized Discs

When it comes to troubleshooting this type of issue, you typically won’t know the root cause until you complete some troubleshooting steps. When attempting to repair a PS4 that will not read discs, there are several issues to consider. Generally, it is either a hardware or a software problem.

Game Updates

As is the case with system updates, the same is accurate with game updates. The error ‘Unrecognized Disc’ could trigger a game update that included a bug that rendered the Disc unrecognized by the console.

Hardware Damage 

If a PS4 exposes to conditions such as heat, dampness, or physical abuse, the console’s disc drive may fail. If your console has been dropped accidentally or exhibits symptoms of hardware damage, the optical drive may be compromised. 

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If your PS4 continues to remove discs or will not expel a disc that has become stuck within, you’re dealing with a different issue that requires a new set of troubleshooting methods.

Software Issue

The ‘Unrecognized Disc’ error message could be the consequence of a software issue that occurred following a recent software upgrade on your console. Once you have recently updated your program and are still encountering the issue, an unsolved problem may be in the most recent update.

Unclean Disc

If a disc is unclean or has imperfections, the optical drive on a PS4 may not read and extract data from it. Ascertain that the Disc you are attempting to play is clean and without blemishes. 

While minor scratches are usually acceptable, cracks or considerable, deep scratches may indicate damaged Disc. In this scenario, the optical drive will not obtain the data necessary to play a game or continue performing its function.

Out-of-date System Software

In addition to being a result of the most recent system update, the problem could also cause by the console running on out-of-date system software. If you have not updated your operating system in an extended period, the PS4 may be unable to identify the Disc.

Solutions to an Unrecognized Disc on PS4

However, before concluding that you require a new PS4, follow the steps outlined below to resolve How To Fix Unrecognized Disc on My PS4?

Consider the Error Code

When inserting a game disc, take note of the error code if your PS4 displays an unrecognized disc or error code. Specific error codes may indicate no issue with the console and that the problem is with the game or server.

Additionally, you can conduct a fast Google search for the specific error code to determine what it signifies.

Wipe the Disc

  • If the Disc’s surface is unclean, the PS4 may have problems with reading it.
  • Consequently, you can use a clean towel to wipe the Disc’s exterior clear of dirt and stains.
  • Ascertain that there are no dust specks in the disc drive of your console. 
  • It may account for the unknown disc error. 
  • Therefore, blow air into your drive to remove any dust particles that may have settled there.

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Restart Your PS4 Console 

  • As previously stated, you may be experiencing an ‘Unrecognized Disc’ message on your PS4 console due to a small console problem. The simplest solution is to restart the PS4 console.

Well, how to restart the console is as follows:

  • Disconnect the console’s battery pack.
  • Remove the console’s power supply and any other wires connected to it.
  • Unplug the console for approximately 2 minutes. Reconnect all cords and power on the console. It should resolve your issue; if not, proceed to the solutions listed below.

Reconfigure the Database

  • You can use Safe Mode to rebuild the Database to resolve the PS4 not reading discs issue.
  • As PlayStation implies, this rapid troubleshooting technique can assist you in resolving a wide variety of issues. 
  • It reorganizes your files, uninstalls corrupted ones, and replaces them with current models, sometimes without destroying personal or application information.

The following are the measures to take:

  • Switch off your PlayStation 4 console and plug in your controller via the USB cord.
  • Maintain pressure on the power button till two beeps heard.
  • Press the power button on the controller and push the PS button.
  • Choose Rebuild Database from the Safe Mode menu.
  • It will recreate the underlying message of the Database; this process may take many hours -> click OK.
  • Allow time for your Database to be rebuilt. Bear in mind that this process may take some time, depending on the amount of data stored.

Blu-ray/DVD Disc Ripping and Conversion

  • It is conceivable that the Disc you are now using includes a file in an incompatible format with PlayStation 4.
  •  If you’re using a Blu-ray/DVD, you can rip it and convert it to standard or 1080P HD video files.
  • Ascertain that these files are compatible with PS4 and are in a format consistent with efficient performance, such as MP4.
  • You can rip and convert the files on the CD using any reputable video converter.

Switch to Rest Mode

Additionally, some players verified that placing the console into Rest Mode resolved this issue.

  • The strange thing is that after numerous reboots, it worked perfectly after placing it in rest mode and then turning it on.
  • As a result, navigate to Power Options and choose the first option, “Enter Rest Mode.” It will put your console into a low-power state, similar to that of a computer’s sleep mode. Make sure that the console’s power cord should permanently be attached while being in Rest Mode.
  • As a brief reminder, your PS4 may still charge the controller and receive updates when in Rest Mode.

Utilize Safe Mode to Update Software

If you’re using out-of-date software, reinstalling it may resolve your console’s ‘Unrecognized disc’ error. To upgrade your PS4 software, follow the procedures below:

  • Shut down your console.
  • Click and long press the power button on the console’s backside to enter safe mode until you hear two beeps. Once you hear two beeps, your screen will delight, and you will now be in PS4’s Safe Mode.
  • After connecting your PS4 controller to the console through the USB cord, hit the controller’s ‘PlayStation’ button. You’ll be sent to a screen with seven alternatives.
  • Choose ‘Update System Software’ from the list of seven alternatives. Now, choose ‘Update by USB’ if the update is pre-installed on a USB device or ‘Update through Internet’ to download directly to update from the internet.
  • The process will take some time, and a progress indicator will appear on the screen. Once the work is complete, your system will reboot, and all software installed on it will be updated.
  • Replace the Disc in the disc drive to determine whether the problem has been resolved.

Use of Another Disc 

How to Fix Unrecognized Disc on My PS4
  • If the preceding procedure does not work, you can consider whether the Disc is defective.
  • The PS4 is incompatible with burned discs and retail/burned audio CDs. You can test the device with another game, Blu-ray disc, or Disc to check if the PS4 can read it efficiently. If that is the case, there should be a problem with the Disc. You must replace it with a standard one.
  • If, however, your PS4 continues to be unable to recognize the Disc, you will need to boot into Safe Mode to resolve the issue.

Take Your Console Apart

  • This procedure may cancel your warranty, so continue with precaution.
  • If this problem causes a hardware fault, such as hardware elements that are no longer functioning correctly or are out of place, you may need to disassemble your console.

Verticalize your Console

  • You just have to do is put up your gamepad into the air and rotate it vertically.
  • Reposition the console vertically on the base and reinsert the Disc.

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Sony Provides a Replacement

  • It is your final option for resolving the issue. 
  • Because none of the above alternatives work, it is conceivable that the issue is with the drive’s hardware, which would require professional repair or replacement.
  • We recommend contacting Sony’s experts directly, which you may do by visiting your closest Sony Store or Repair Shop.
  •  If your PS4 is still covered under warranty, you can request a free repair or replacement through the PlayStation’s main support forum.

FAQs – How to Fix Unrecognized Disc on My PS4?

What Happens if You Put a CD on a PS4?

Whereas the PS4’s hard Disc can read DVDs and Blu-ray discs, it is categorically incapable of reading audio CDs, the first time this hack has heard of an optical drive with this restriction. Additionally, unlike previous consoles, the PS4 will include all games on Blu-ray.

How Long Will a PS4 Last?

While the change process may span three years, three years will likely be spent gradually shutting down PS4 programming in favor of those PS5 exclusives. 2021 is the final full year in which Sony and third-party developers maintain the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

How Do You Know When Your PS4 Is Dying?

When the PS4 is powered on, the LED indicator light on the game’s side should rapidly flash blue until turning white. However, on systems affected by the “Blue Line of Death,” the blue light pulses continually, signaling faulty video output before mysteriously shutting down.


When your PS4 stops reading game discs and display the PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error, it’s the most inconvenient condition. This article will discuss How to Fix Unrecognized Disc on My PS4 and possible easy fixes. By utilizing these methods, you may rapidly resolve this problem on your own. However, if there is a hardware problem, the PS4 disc drive will need to be repaired, and you must call the Company’s service center.

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