How to Fix Sticky Buttons on Xbox One Controller? 3 Pro Tips

You can enjoy long gaming sessions with the Xbox and its controllers, which allow you to immerse yourself in action.

A sluggish or sticky Xbox controller button will destroy your gaming experience, no matter what game you’re playing on the Xbox One.

Sticky buttons can be a massive problem for you in the future if you play with liquids or food spilled on your controllers while gaming.

You’re not the only one who has problems releasing a jammed Xbox controller button. Next, we’ll describe How to Fix Sticky Buttons on Xbox One Controller and how to clean it so it resembles a new controller once more!

Toggling between the plastic buttons on the other side and the rubber buttons takes more time and effort. The final result, on the other hand, will astound you.

Why Your Xbox One Controller Button Is Stuck

A buildup of dirt, dust, and food grease that accumulates on the Xbox One Controller’s buttons is the most prevalent cause of the buttons’ stickiness.

If you play video games for a lengthy period, your hands will be covered with sweat and grease. Other common causes include crumbs from snacks or drinks that have been accidentally spilled on your controller.

As aggravating as sticky buttons can be, I have come up with a fully updated guide on How to Fix Sticky Buttons on Xbox One Controller!

Does my Xbox One controller need to be dismantled to fix it??

As a gaming enthusiast, you’re likely to encounter one of the most prevalent issues: stuck or sticky buttons. When the controller’s most important buttons don’t respond quickly enough, getting the most out of a game is challenging. 

Fortunately, this is a simple remedy that any techie can complete with a few tools and a little perseverance. Take our word for it, and it’s a lot more convenient and cost-effective than purchasing a new controller.

How to Fix Sticky Buttons on Xbox One Controller?

Many possibilities are available to you, depending on your level of expertise and self-confidence.

#1) Using Cotton Swabs & Rubbing Alcohol

Non-invasive and uncomplicated, this combo can help if you’re beginning to detect any stickiness. You may only need to perform a light cleaning to fix your issue.

  1. The controller should be unplugged.
  2. Rub the excess rubbing alcohol off of the cotton bud. A lot isn’t necessary.
  3. Rub the cotton bud around the sticking button and try to get into all the cracks. You can break down the accumulated gunk with the aid of alcohol.
  4. After circling the button a few times, push the button frequently to allow the alcohol to penetrate more inside the device. You can loosen any remaining dirt by pressing on the skin’s surface.

Could you not touch it while it’s still wet? If you’re using only a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol, it should dry fast and not harm the controller’s internal components.

#2) Disassemble The Xbox Controller

If rubbing alcohol doesn’t work, and you’re up for the challenge, Cleaning the controller from top to bottom is easy if you disassemble it.

Note: Due to the increased difficulty, you may void any warranty on the product. If you’re forced to use this method because your controller’s warranty has expired or it’s jammed beyond repair, the following advice is for you:

Tutorials like this or one are available online. It’s not for the squeamish, either, so be sure you have everything you need before beginning.

#3) Repair an Xbox Controller

The final option is to bring the controller to a repair shop for a free diagnosis. To figure out what is wrong with your Xbox One controller, a specialist will disassemble the device and let you know what the problem is. It’s time to get your UBreakiFix game controller fixed if you’re at your wit’s end.

Do’s & Don’t while repairing a controller’s stuck buttons.


  • You can use swabs and alcohol to clean.
  • Utilize the appropriate resources.
  • You should handle the controller with care.
  • Trust the experts at a repair business.


  • To clean, never use water.
  • Screwdrivers aren’t necessary.
  • Make sure you’re not squeezing too hard.
  • You should avoid DIY if you have no prior knowledge of the subject matter.

Pro Tips: How to Fix Sticky Buttons on Xbox One Controller

How to Fix Sticky Buttons on Xbox One Controller

When it comes to repairing Xbox One controllers, one of the most common methods is to use alcohol. However, excessive use of alcohol might damage the controller.

It would be beneficial if you avoid exposing the item to any liquids. Wipes can be used in a cotton bud or Disinfectant while cleaning. Never wipe the controller with your bare hands, especially if you’re using alcohol or other liquid that can harm your skin.

You should not scrub the Xbox One controller with soap and water. Damage to the outer layer is always possible. Using a sufficient amount of cleaning and a few swipes will suffice.

Should I continue to use the Xbox One Controller’s Sticky Button while playing?

I severely object to playing with the Xbox One Controller’s sticky buttons. You may initially avoid this issue, but the Xbox One Controller will cease operating after a few uses with a sticky button.

It’s common for game controls to become less responsive while playing. If the buttons on your controller feel sticky, stiff, or slow to respond, it might ruin your gaming experience.

If you continue to use the Xbox One Controller with the sticky issue, you may end up having to buy a new one for yourself in the long run. As a bonus, regular cleaning of the Xbox One Controller will extend its lifespan and help you save money in the long run.

FAQs – How to Fix Sticky Buttons on Xbox One Controller?

How do you clean an Xbox One controller?

Using a dry microfiber cloth, you can clean your Xbox One controller. You may also use compressed air to clean up the controller’s ports if you’re careful. Cleaning your controller regularly will assist in keeping dust, fingerprints, and smudges at bay on your controller.

How do I clean the gunk off my controller?

It would help if you always cleaned your controllers with water or rubbing alcohol. Harsh cleaners like bleach can damage the gripping finish on most gamepads, making them unusable. Compressed air should also be avoided since the force of the air can harm controller components.

How do I clean my drifting Xbox One controller?

The first step is disconnecting and switching off your controller by pushing the Xbox button for 5–10 seconds. Finally, wipe the analog stick, especially around the base, with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab or soft cloth. As you clean, move the stick around to cover more ground.

How to clean sticky controller buttons without rubbing alcohol

Use only a soft cloth wet with an IPA solution of 70% or less, Windex Glass Cleaner, Formula 409 All-Purpose Cleaner, Dawn (or another mild dish soap), and water to clean your Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. You should not use disinfectant wipes.


I hope you know complete knowledge of How to Fix Sticky Buttons on Xbox One Controller? Maintaining your Xbox One controller is essential if you want it to run smoothly. Cleaning it after each use and keeping it in a dry, contained space are the best ways to keep it in good condition. 

Microsoft recommends that a qualified technician clean these devices every three to six months or as needed. 

If the company’s recommended cleaning procedures fail to remove stuck buttons, look at the purchase date. You should contact customer support before dismantling the controller if it is less than three months old.

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