How to Fix R2 Button on Ps4 Controller? Easy Guide

Doesn’t your PS4 Controller operate properly? In racing games, it is particularly aggravating when your car accelerates halfway. The most likely problem is with your L2 and R2 PS4 trigger buttons.

You may fix the trigger buttons with a small DIY project before tossing away the controller window and buying a new one. So there is only a need to learn that  How to Fix R2 Button on Ps4 Controller?

This page is more for controllers who do not register a full press but who work. If your trigger buttons are straight up, you may have a more significant problem inside the Controller, and you may have to buy one.

What are R2 Buttons?

How to Fix R2 Button on Ps4 Controller

These buttons are known as trigger buttons—the bulk of modern games that demand the usage of these buttons to target and shoot a weapon.

To press L2, aim with the right analogue stick, and press R2 to fire is the general convention for these games.

While this varies depending on the game, you will find that this is a relatively common shooter control system.

Reasons for Problems in R2 Buttons

Many complications could arise: you could shatter the inside of the button, lose the button switch or dirt or damage the button switch. 

A lot of reasons can cause damages to the R2 buttons. If you can not keep your Controller with proper care, then the chance of a problem with the R2 button increase. Like misholding of the Controller can damage it from inside. IF you hold Controller with sweaty hands, it can penetrate inside it and cause problems.

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Some people used to play games while eating and hold the Controller with sticky hands, also damaging it. So keep it in the proper place and use it with clear hands with low holding pressure, then it can last for a long time.

So, in any case, beyond all this care, it will cause a problem; then, search about How to Fix R2 Button on Ps4 Controller? 

Another Reason for Problem in R2 Button

The trigger for the PS4 Controller fails because the silicon adhesive pad is wearing or cracking underneath the trigger buttons. A PS4 rubber conductive silicone kit can replace these pads.

While removing a PS4 controller to replace the adhesive shoulder pads is easy, you are likely to break something and make it worse. I would encourage you to take the plunge and get a brand new PS4 controller if you are uncomfortable.

How to Fix R2 Button on Ps4 Controller?

Examine the Controller

First, I recommend doing this. The best way to tighten the button on your Controller is to utilise the Gamepad Tester. Connect your computer to the Controller, open the site and hit to test if the device is fully registered.

Keep the trigger buttons down; do they record 1.0? If they have problems, they will probably be about 0.5 or even lower. That’s fantastic news because we need to replace silicone pads. After all, it means the triggers are still working.

Repairing of R2 Buttons

We know that the trigger buttons work but not entirely. The next step is to open the Controller and substitute the silicon conductive pads L2 and R2. These locate underneath the controls and the digital sensor press.

First, we’ll have to get the substitute pads. Although many PS4 replacement pads are available online, they are not uniformly compatible.

Choose the Pads According to Generation of Ps4

You might believe there is just one PS4 controller type, but there are several pads actually, and only specific PS4 controllers are compatible with them. There are five generations of slight changes in PS4 controllers.

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PS4 controllers are usually available in two categories, V1 and V2 (released in 2016). The new controller generation launch to increase the quality of trigger buttons.

The old-gene uses the CUH-ZCT1 model range, while the new-gene uses CUH-ZCT21. There are usually three different controller types under this series.

How to Check Controller Model and Generation?

There are a couple of solution to find the model number of your PS4 Controller. Look for a product description under “Made in China” at the rear of the Controller. If you have had the Controller for a time, this is likely to be rubbed off, and all the information you can’t get out.

The second technique is to monitor the lights. The new PS4 controls feature light on the touchpad; the previous ones don’t. Thirdly, open the Controller and test the model number of the motherboard, generally on the PCB.

Most pads offer in batches of three for a series of JDM numbers, be they Gen 1 series or Gen 2. If you can find out which generation your Controller belongs to, the correct replacement pads should not be hard to find.

CUH-ZCT1 Gen 1 Adhesive PS4 Replacement Trigger Pads

 How to Fix R2 Button on Ps4 Controller

It would help if you used these pads in the old PS4 controllers (JDM-001, JDM-11). If you have a controller with problems with the trigger buttons, it is likely an older model because the pads break down with time. This issue address by the latest generation of controllers so that the places on the new controllers are lasting.

In Case of Wrong Pads

You may sometimes force them to work, even if you buy unsuitable pads, by cutting out their edges and jamming them into the hole. You can also search for them on eBay or your local market. It’s just a tiny rubber component.

Conditions of Replacement of Pads

An extra ghetto remedy for PS4 trigger buttons is to open the Controller and add a small amount of glue to the adhesive pads to keep them firm and tight. It depends on how the places get harm in the middle. Don’t stick the residence to the trigger button.

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It temporary workarounds to add a piece of carton immediately under the trigger button. Finally, substituted it with an adequate adhesive pad.

Opening the Ps4 Controller

Fortunately, it is straightforward to open a PS4 controller using a mini Philip head screwdriver and a little patience. The most crucial aspect is to open the Controller slowly and cautiously because the panels can start with the trigger buttons and their springs.

In most cases, after you study the trigger buttons, it will be easy to tell you why they don’t work because something seems out of position. Normally, it’s an easy way, and you can test the trigger buttons before connecting all screws with the previously stated gamepad testing site.

It can take a moment to find the buttons as wholly pressed. It is good to use a Q-Tip with some alcohol while the Controller is open to clean out the inner panels and switches.

FAQs – How to Fix R2 Button on Ps4 Controller?

Why Does Your R2 Button Not Working?

Could there be a few problems: you can break the plunger within the button, the button switch may be loose or dirt or damage the button switch.

How Do One’s Fix the Non-Working Button on My Ps4 Controller?

Place the little Reset button near the L2 shoulder button on the back of the Controller. Use a little tool in the small hole to push the button. Hold down the button for around 3-5 seconds, connect the PS4 Controller with a USB connection, and click the PS button.

Why Is Your Controller on but Not Working Ps4?

A popular remedy is to try another USB cable if the original cable fails. You may also attempt to reset the PS4 Controller by hitting the reset button behind the L2 switch at the rear of the Controller. If your Controller doesn’t connect to your PS4 yet, you may need Sony support.


If you are triggering PS4 controllers, then it is pretty standard. Because in most cases because of our mistakes and misholding habits leads to the problems of R2 buttons. 

Now you know How to Fix R2 Button on Ps4 Controller? It is a bit like a DIY project, but it should not take more than 30 minutes, and if you are slow, there is relatively little chance of damage to the Controller.

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