How to Fix PS4 Trigger Simple Guide

Suppose the triggers on your PS4 controller are not functioning perfectly. It’s particularly irritating in racing games, as your car accelerates just halfway. The issue is most probably with your PS4’s L2 and R2 trigger buttons. If you throw the controller out and purchase a new one, there is a strong chance you can repair the trigger buttons with a simple do-it-yourself effort.

If the trigger buttons are completely unresponsive, there is a chance that there is a more significant issue with the controller, and you may need to get a new one. We will discuss How to Fix PS4 Trigger in this article and how to fix a controller that works but does not recognize a full push.

How to Fix PS4 Trigger

It is the most common method for resolving trigger issues. You may repair your controller with a piece of cardboard that it can swap out later for a replacement rubber pad. Once you’ve corrected that, triggers will function properly and will always detect a 100 percent push.

Trigger Bars

Trigger bars are an excellent method to enhance your PS4 controller’s performance and flexibility. These create gamers looking for an advantage, but they may also be utilized by individuals looking for a firmer grasp on their gamepad.

Not only do these trigger adapters allow you to feel the triggered vibrations, but they will also provide you with a larger surface area to hold it down on your fingers, enabling you to press off shots with greater accuracy. It is critical when it comes to shooting games because every millisecond matters.

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PS4 Controller Buttons 

The ps4 controller 4 includes the following buttons: PS, SHARE, OPTIONS, directional buttons, action buttons (triangle, circle, cross, square, shoulder buttons (R1/L1), triggers (R2/L2), analog grip clicking buttons (L3/R3), and a touchpad click button. These are significant advancements over the DualShock 3 and older PlayStation controllers.

The START and SELECT keys combine into a single button labeled OPTIONS. Players can upload images and videos from their gameplay adventures through the use of a specific SHARE button. The joysticks and triggers changes in response to developer feedback, with the joysticks’ contoured surface 

now incorporating an outside circle encircling the convex dome tops.

Troubleshooting the Controller

The simplest way to isolate the problematic button on your controller is to utilize the Gamepad Tester. Attach the controller to your computer, launch the webpage, and hit switches to determine whether they register at a total of 1.00. 

Maintaining pressure on the trigger buttons will cause them to register 1.0. If they’re experiencing difficulties, it’s likely to be around 0.5 or even lower. That is not the least news because it indicates that the triggers are still functional and only need to replace the silicone pads.

Why Are the Triggers on the PS4 Controller Not Working Properly?

The PS4 controller’s triggers are not functioning correctly because the sticky silicone pad beneath the trigger button is either worn out or cracked. These pads are replaced out with a PS4 silicon conductive rubber kit.

Suppose you opened your controller and discovered a break in the silicon beneath the R2 button. It is because each time you click the trigger button, the silicon gets compressed. After repeated uses, the silicon is damaged, and the sensor beneath the pad cannot detect any movements.

Replacement of Adhesive PS4 Triggers Pads

These pads should be compatible with earlier PlayStation 4 controllers. If your controller possesses trigger button issues, it’s likely an older model, as you recognized the pads to break over time. The new generation of controllers intended to tackle this issue by improving the durability of the pads on the new controllers.

Even if you purchase the improper pads, they can occasionally forced to work by cutting corners and intercepting them into the hole. Additionally, you can search for items on eBay or in local markets. It’s just a tiny piece of rubber.

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What to Do if the Trigger Buttons on Your PS4 Controller Are Stuck?

It is also a practical approach to ensure the triggers function correctly. Occasionally, triggers fail to function properly due to dust and debris accumulating to the controller’s buttons. 

  • To start, Slightly wet a microfiber cloth with the mixture.
  • Wipe the surface of the trigger keys with the microfiber cloth towel. 
  • Avoid pressing the solution of the fabric and then into your controller by not pushing too forcefully.
  • Allow the controller to dry completely before attempting to re-power it. 
  • Now, attempt clicking the buttons.
  • Do not use the compressed air bottle to expedite this operation. You are probably going to end up reintroducing water back into the controller.

Replacement of Rubber Triggers for Dualshock 4 L2/R2

It is another practical approach for determining How to Fix PS4 Trigger. To effectively solve PS4 triggers, follow the methods outlined below.

  • To verify the controller is turned off, press the restart button located in a small hole on the back.
  • Anything small enough to hit the button without destroying the controller is suitable.
  • Disconnect the Outer Shells from one another. There are two viewpoints.
  • Disassemble the four nuts on the back with the screwdriver.
  • Push the top end of the shell’s grips and pull toward the back buttons to split the surface.
  • Disconnect the bottom shell’s strip from the upper cover. There should be a blue-tab connection that allows you to separate the strip from its connector easily.
  • Remove the battery connector from the motherboard. Disconnect the battery.
  • Following that, remove the L2/R2 buttons from their placements. It would help if you correctly pulled L2/R2 vertically. Note: There are two ends on its side; carefully push them out using a piercing device.
  • With the triggers, two springs will appear.
How to Fix PS4 Trigger
  • Check the rubber pads on the controller to see whether they need to replace or just rebalanced. If the rubber guard is destroyed, replace it with a new one for the proper model before proceeding to the following step. Otherwise, go to the next step.
  • Insert the rubber guard firmly into the hole, with the region that extends out the most pointing downward the entire portion of the rubber guard should be in place for the R2/L2 slots. Once in position, double-check that everything is secure and tight.
  • Set the R2 and L2 triggers in the same manner, with R2 on the right and L2 on the left.
  • When the trigger pushes, a spring returns it to its original position; verify that it is fitted appropriately during assembling.
  • When a button is pressed, it should return to its natural position.
  • Connect the battery once again.
  • Reconnect the strip to the connector and then close the shell, starting at the triggers and working your way to the handles.
  • Reinstall all screws.

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What Should You Do if the PS4 Triggers Are Slightly Misaligned?

Fortunately, unlocking a PS4 controller is a simple process that requires only a mini-Philips adjustable wrench. The critical step is to open the controller slowly and cautiously, as the trigger buttons and their springs may escape from the panels.

In most cases, inspecting the trigger buttons will indicate that they’re not functioning correctly since something will appear out of position. Generally, this is a simple fix, and you may test the trigger buttons before reattaching all the screws using the previously stated gamepad testing site.

It can take few experimenting to get the buttons to register as wholly pushed. While the controller is open, it’s a good idea to clean the interior of the screens and keys using a Q-Tip moistened with alcohol.

FAQs – How to Fix PS4 Trigger? 

What Are Smart Triggers PS4?

Advanced Triggers and Bumpers are the ultimate shooter game improvements; they eliminate the travel time required for the button to detect input. Rather than hearing the entire journey down, you’ll listen to that excellent ‘click’ the instant you decide to squeeze the trigger.

What Is Ps Button?

Please turn on your PS4TM system (when it is off or in rest mode). The home screen is displayed (when the PS4TM system is turned on). PS key (double-press) Choose across active programs.

Why Are My PS4 Controller Buttons Not Working in Game?

Restart the console by inserting an unfolded paper clip into the controller’s little hole on the rear. When in-game, start the game and switch off the controller (hold the middle button > Adjust devices > turn off controller) and then back on.

What Is R1 on the PS4?

R1 denotes the United States, R2 the European Union, and R3 the Asia-Pacific region. Additionally, you’ll be able to play any game offline regardless of its area, as the PS4/PS5 consoles are already region-free.


Therefore, if the triggers on your PS4 controller are not working correctly, you should try to fix them. It’s a little bit of a do-it-yourself effort, but it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, and if you’re careful, the danger of harming the controller is relatively low. I hope this tutorial was beneficial in determining How to Fix PS4 Trigger?

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