How to Fix Cold War Crashing Xbox Series X? Complete Method

Black Ops is a Call of Duty game. When Xbox Series X crashes when playing Cold War, a software bug is frequently to blame. Alternatively, the console’s cached data or programme may be corrupted. A sequence of troubleshooting procedures will be required to resolve this issue. Here in this article, you will know How to Fix Cold War Crashing Xbox Series X?

Assassin’s Creed: Black Ops Call of Duty: Cold War is the latest instalment in the franchise, and it is now available on the Xbox Series X. Campaign, multiplayer, and the zombie mode are all included in the game. In November 2020, this first-person shooter game was published to great fanfare on various gaming platforms.

Why Does My Cold War Keep Crashing Xbox One?

According to players, since the recent Black Ops Cold War update a few days ago, the game has been experiencing major performance issues.

This author experienced these issues over several days: from crashes to console resets, and I encountered everything from loading leaderboards to massive explosions and numerous players on screen at the same time.

In addition, anytime an enemy player appeared on the screen, the game would slow down and often “skip” completely. The game will sometimes stop responding when I’m trying to get around a corner in time to avoid an enemy, but it will resume once I’ve been killed. Currently, this renders the game unplayable.

Is Treyarch aware of Black Ops Cold War Series X crashes?

Reddit user FoxhoundFPS has replied to gamers’ concerns that Treyarch’s game crashes frequently.

“In general, we’re looking at all of the game’s crashes. “We advise you to get in touch with our Player Support team so that they can collect your comments,” they said.

To begin with, make sure you’re using the correct version for your platform. For example, ” Disabling Ray Tracing on XSX has also been reported to be helpful by some players. LMK if it works.”

How to Fix Cold War Crashing Xbox Series X

how to fix cold war crashing xbox series x

Since the release of Cold War, Xbox Series X owners have been reporting frequent game crashes.

We were not expecting this, given that the console and game were released only a week ago.

Listed below are a few possible causes and fixes for the problem:


Pressing and holding the Xbox button on the controller is required. So that’s what you’ll get by doing this.

The B button on the controller is used to exit the menu for the player. As a result, the problem should be resolved.


Some users have claimed that the party chat overlay in Cold War was to blame for this problem.

It’s time to turn this off to solve the problem!


Is there a chance that people are using the wrong game version?

For context, Black Ops Cold War had a variety of purchasing alternatives.

The ‘cross-gen iteration, which lets you play on the Xbox One and Series X, was one of these versions.

So, it looks that some gamers are crashing because they are trying to play the Xbox One version of the game instead of the PC version.

However, it is not possible in Black Ops Cold War because Smart Delivery is not supported.

Even if you are running the correct version of the game, you may still encounter frequent crashes.

Get the correct version of the Cold War to cure this problem.

Selecting the Wrong Drive for Installation

Another possibility is that you’ve put the game on an external HDD, but the game isn’t receiving the data correctly.

You can use the Xbox SSD within the console to restore your game.

Another suggestion from Reddit

In this case, the user promises a 100% success rate, and I’m confident in his belief.

In theory, he planned to leave the game and return in the middle of it, but there were a few caveats.

To use this bypass, you must first look for any jittering or framerate reductions. While firing, the controller can sometimes miss a few vibrations.

The first step in resolving a crash in Cold War on Xbox is to become aware of the problem.

  1. Hold the Xbox button on the controller to shut down the screen when you start noticing the frame drops.
  2. You can go back by pressing B when you come to the shutdown or restart screen.
  3. When you’re done testing the frame rate and vibration feedback, return to the main screen and continue playing for a few more minutes.

For the time being, you can try this way to see if it helps. It’s better than the Pre-Crash repair, but you still have to watch out for it. Hopefully, this is only a temporary remedy till Xbox fixes the problem.

Why only Call of Duty: Cold War? Why not a different one?

Despite the game’s claim to be optimised for Xbox series X/S, it isn’t, and you don’t have a choice in the matter.

If you already own the previous version, you’ll save money by purchasing the cross-generation bundle, which costs $10 and includes ray-tracing enhancements as well as a slew of HD texture packs for series X/S.

The basic game for Xbox series X/S may be skipped when downloading and installing the game, but this happens occasionally.

Please make sure you cleanly reinstall Cold War when reinstalling it. A clean install will fix this crashing problem if you remove all files and don’t use cloud backups.

Uninstalling ray-tracing from cross-gen files may solve crashing on Xbox One, but only on Xbox Series X/S.

Unchecking and disabling ray tracing will not affect the performance of your Xbox One; however, it is possible that you have downloaded the file and unchecked it.

If your Xbox series X/S game continues to crash, the problem may be physical.

FAQs – How to Fix Cold War Crashing Xbox Series X

Why does my game keep crashing Xbox Series X?

If the system is corrupted, crashes may occur, according to Microsoft. To get your console back to its original settings, you may need to perform a system reset. Here’s how to go about it: To open the guide, press the Xbox button on the controller.

Is Call of Duty Cold War breaking Xbox Series X?

Users of Xbox Series X have complained that the game-breaking flaws in Black Ops Cold War have entirely wiped out their consoles. Xbox One X owners are already complaining about game-breaking glitches and crashes in their consoles. The console was said to have been ‘bricked’ due to all of these accidents.

How do you clear your cache Xbox?

Shut down and disconnect your gaming console. Plug it back in after at least a couple of minutes of letting it cool down a bit. Press and hold the power button a few times while it’s off. If your console’s cache is clear when you turn it back on, you should notice a noticeable performance improvement.

Why do my Xbox games keep crashing?

Try deleting your console’s cache if the game keeps crashing. Your Xbox One will need to be power cycled to erase the cache… It’s time to turn off your Xbox system by pressing and holding its Xbox button until the light behind it goes out (approximately 5 seconds).

Why is my Xbox freezing?

Make sure you have a working Internet connection. A weak network connection may blame the Xbox One freezing or crashing. You can check your Xbox Live connection using the following procedures: Go to System > Settings > General > Network settings in the User’s Guide.

What caused the Cold War crash?

Various things for different people can cause COD freezing and crashing. For example, windows OS, outdated graphics drivers, corrupted game files and too many background apps can cause a game to crash or stop. Now see how to fix COD Black Ops Cold War’s Connection Interrupted problem.