How to Fix a Corrupted Minecraft World Ps4

Developing the ideal world in Minecraft requires time and commitment, and the worst-case scenario is that sometimes the world becomes damaged and unworkable.

When your Minecraft world becomes corrupted, you can restore it by either building a new world and replacing the corrupted files or by utilizing a specialist program.

Corrupting a Minecraft world is a frequent thing. A problem occurs that corrupts the saved data. The damage will also be partial in other circumstances, allowing you to restore things to their original state. 

In some circumstances, an entire universe is corrupted, rendering it unusable. In most cases, you will not recover the most recent save, as this is the damaged File. However, you should be able to restore a prior save if one is available. Today’s topic is precisely this How to Fix a Corrupted Minecraft World Ps4?

Important Things To Know First

How to Fix a Corrupted Minecraft World Ps4

However, Suppose you are unable to open your world and have no recent saves to restore. There are still some options available to you. It’s not simple, and it includes some tricky parts. That Minecraft’s help center refuses to recommend it as a fix. They advise that you must proceed with this procedure “at your own risk.”

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Occasionally, Minecraft will glitch and remove a stored world from the list of available ones. The File exists alongside the other stored worlds; it has simply become corrupted. From the options menu on your Playstation 4, you can re-upload your program data and, more specifically, your world. Merely navigate to application data and upload it from your online backups.


Minecraft is a sandbox video game created and progressed by Mojang Studios of Sweden. Players explore a blocky, automatically created 3D world containing practically endless topography in Minecraft, where they can discover and collect raw resources, build things and goods, and construct structures or earthworks.

Minecraft World

A level or world is a distinct “universe” in Minecraft that contains an example of the Adventure modes, the Underworld and Death. You can sometimes view the from the home menu’s world to provide clarity and construct using the “Create New World” button. The Java Edition includes a world-building stage.

Cause of Minecraft Damage

In Minecraft, world corruption happens when the game is partially saved, most commonly due to a crash during the way of saving the world. 

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The two top causes are hardware failure and an inability to properly shutdown. Additionally, examine conflicting software. If your world is not visible in Minecraft, navigate to the worlds folder and verify that the document is still available.

Recovery of Minecraft Corrupted World on Ps4 

You can re-upload your program data, more precisely your world, using the settings page on your Playstation 4. To upload from your online backups, navigate to application data. In the second circumstance, in which there is no backup, the lost planet, along with all your progress there, is recoverable.

● Navigate to Settings > Application Saved Data Management from your Home Screen.

● Select Data Preserved on a USB Storage Device

● Select the Copy to System Storage option.

● Choose Minecraft. The world files should now be visible. Copy the necessary word by selecting it.

● It should return your world to its original grandeur, assuming it is still available.

What does Corrupted Data Do on Ps4?

In a Corrupted data case, the PS4 data is corrupted, the Minecraft game may also be unplayable. Occasionally, when you start your console or attempt to play a game, you may encounter the following error message:

● The database contaminates with corruption. Restart the PlayStation 4. (CE-34875-7)

● The application cannot use in its current state. The following application’s data is corrupt.

Causes of a Corrupted Ps4 Database

If you encounter the error number CE-34875-7 or NP-32062-3, there is a software issue with the game or application. This error is frequently encountered following a faulty installation. Delete the corrupted download and reinstall the software in such circumstances.

Additionally, the issue can occur while playing, typically after the graphics and music begin to stumble. Reinstall the game.

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You may have a complex disc problem if you receive the notification while starting your console in safe mode. Reassembling the database and reinstalling the PS4 operating system are two alternatives.

Fixing corrupted Data on PS4

If you’re experiencing difficulties with a particular game, the software is very certainly contaminated, and you should uninstall it. You will not lose any stored data, and you may reinstall the game from the disc, the Library, or the PlayStation Store.

If the mistake occurs during the game’s download:

● On the home screen, navigate to Notifications.

● On the controller, select Options.

● After that, click Downloads.

● Select the corrupted File (which will grey out), and then press Options once again.

● Then choose Delete.

● If you’re installing a digital game from a disc, delete any corrupted data first, then gently rub the disc’s underside with soft microfiber. Then reinstall it.

● Occasionally, a discrepancy between your PlayStation account and your game licenses may occur. To resolve this issue, navigate to Settings > Account Management > License Restore.

● If you can start the console in safe mode, select the option to rebuild the database.

● This method will not remove any of your game data, but it will check system files for corruption.

Fixation of Corrupted Minecraft Worlds

There are two ways to repair a corrupted Minecraft world.

Construct a New World and Recover Data

If your Minecraft world becomes corrupt, the first thing you can do is create a new one and use some of the database objects to restore as much of the old world as possible. You have to create a backup of the corrupted saveFile and fix it using some of its data files. To recover a corrupted Minecraft world, follow these steps:

● Copy-paste the following line into the Windows Search bar and click Enter:

● % AppData %.minecraftsaves

● Copy the World C folder to the Saves folder, rename it World C, and save it.

● Start Minecraft and create a new world from the corrupted one. Give it the name Blank, save it, and exit Minecraft.

● Return to the Saves folder (% appdata%.minecraftsaves), and you should see a freshly created Blank universe.

● Copy the following files from the empty folder to the World C from a drive that backed up:


Just restart the Minecraft, and World C loaded.

Consider Using the Region Fixer

If you have an older backup of your world, you can restore it or delete everything from your server locally using the Region Fixer. Corrupted worlds will cause your server to fail, which is the exact opposite of what we desire. All that is essential is that you download your backup and the server world. Instead of taking the first step from zero, you can now restore the world using an older backup.

How to utilize Region Fixer is as follows:

How to Fix a Corrupted Minecraft World Ps4

● Select File and then Backup from the in-game Multicraft Control Panel. Make a backup of your world and exit the game.

● Download the Minecraft server world to your ps4 

● Extract Region Fixer from GitHub.

● In the extracted Region Fixer window, open the Command Prompt (Shift + Right Click) and type the following instructions:

cd <full directory path>
egionfixer.exe -p 4 –delete-corrupted <
full directory path to world folder>

● Replace the complete directory path with the extracted Region Fixer’s location and the entire path to the World folder with the World folder’s path.

FAQs – How to Fix a Corrupted Minecraft World Ps4?

How are Minecraft worlds saved?

Each world contains in its folder, which includes the level.dat File, the regions, and extra game data. By adding the produced folder to this place, the world will become playable in Minecraft.

Can you get back a deleted Minecraft world on PS4?

From the settings menu on your PS4, you can re-upload your program data and, more specifically, your world. Navigate to application data and upload it from your online backups. If there is no backup in the second scenario, the lost world and all your labor are recoverable.

How do I restore my Minecraft world?

Restore the world if you have a backup. The backup directory is accessible via the standard world selection. Choose the backup of the world you lost, and you will restore it.

Why did my Minecraft world get corrupted?

In Minecraft, world corruption happens when the game is partially saved, most commonly due to a crash during the process of protecting the world. If your world is not visible in Minecraft, navigate to the worlds folder and verify that the File is still present.


Numerous methods mentioned above clearly can assist you in resolving the corrupted Minecraft issue on ps4. Sometimes, Minecraft cannot play on the PS4 due to PS4 corrupted data, but there is also a probability that you can construct new worlds to resolve the damaged Minecraft. I hope you find this guide helpful in resolving How to Fix a Corrupted Minecraft World Ps4?

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