How to Dunk in 2k21 Xbox One? Step by Step Guide

When it comes to basketball, the dunk is one of the most exhilarating moves, and it’s just as exciting in NBA 2K21. When it comes to dunks in NBA 2K21, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Player skills and proper dunking controls are also important factors to consider. It is important to remember that the type of dunks you can perform in 2K21 will rely on the stats of the player you are attempting to dunk with.

Simply pressing the shoot button when you’re near the hoop will let the computer decide if you’re going to dunk or lay up and what type of shot you’re going to take. When approaching the hoop, Press the X button (Xbox) or Square button (PlayStation) to attempt a dunk.

To experiment with various dunks, you’ll need to switch between different sorts of controllers, such as the sticks and triggers.

In NBA 2K21, what are the Dunks?

To show off our skills, we may practice dunks, and since there are many different types of dunks, we only need to execute the sticks and triggers of our control because it is merely an ability that can impact the player’s stats.

Standing Dunk vs Driving Dunk: Which is Better?

We’re only concerned about the Driving Dunk Rating, as far as I know, because you will use the Standing Dunk rating far less than the Driving Dunk rating. Driving Dunks is the most common type of dunk in NBA 2K when you jump towards the basket.

You can only get a Standing Dunk rating if you’re trying to get under the basket while standing still. After receiving an offensive rebound from a Forward or Center, most standing dunks are made. Standing Dunk is practically meaningless if you aren’t a large player with a high Offensive Rebound rating.

Make sure your next MyPlayer build can dunk on everyone online by reading up on our favorite NBA 2K builds!

In NBA 2K21, what kinds of dunks are there?

It would help if you first drove to the basket by pressing sprint to perform any of the three varieties of foundational dunks in NBA 2K20. That’s R2 or RT if you’re using a PS4 or Xbox One.

As soon as you’ve got a clear path to the basket and you’re sprinting toward it, you’ll want to keep moving while doing the following.

Two-Hand Dunk:

While driving, use the R2 or RT buttons on the PS4 or Xbox One and the right thumbstick.

Flashy Dunk:

Drive while holding down the right thumbstick with R2/RT.

Dominant or Off-Hand Dunk:

Move the right thumbstick left or right while pressing R2/RT+ (the direction determines your dunking hand).

In time, you’ll be able to expand your Dunk Package in the MyPLAYER Lab, but first, we need to learn how to walk. Instead of using the thumbstick to dunk, you can use the PS4’s Square button or Xbox One’s X button to shoot, but why complicate things?

Because you’ve already achieved those mentioned above, the Shot Meter will not appear while you’re trying to slam dunk. Aside from that, if you’re in the body of an elite player, 2K21 won’t let you perform anything less than a show-stopping dunk. Isn’t it possible that this may happen to you?

How to Dunk in 2k21 Xbox One: Step by Step

In NBA 2K21, there are a variety of dunks that need different controller inputs.

How to Dunk in 2k21 Xbox One

Step #1:

In NBA 2K21, having a guy with good dunk numbers is your best bet.

Dunking is a skill that isn’t accessible to every player. It’s a common misconception that every NBA player can slam dunk, but that isn’t the case here. Because of the numbers in the game, you will see a layup instead of a dunk if you attempt a dunk with someone unable to dunk.

Step #2:

In NBA 2K21, driving towards the hoop is your second-best shot for a slam.

R2 on PlayStation 4, RT on Xbox, or ZR on Nintendo Switch is all you need to do this action. Upon reaching the basket, you must then push your left stick in the direction of the basket while pressing the shoot button, which is assigned to either Square on PS4, X on Xbox One, or Y on Switch.

It means that instead of pressing the shoot button to dunk, you can do so by using the right stick instead. Push the right stick up while sprinting and push the left stick toward the hoop to perform a two-handed slam.

In NBA 2K21, you may also switch the hand with which you slam dunk by pushing the right stick left or right. To perform a spectacular dunk, press down on the right stick. Your player’s dunk stat isn’t high enough, and thus you’ll instead make a layup.

With the controls you get, you can perform the numerous sorts of dunks in NBA 2k21 if you have these two items.

How do you drive a dunk in 2K21?

Why is it vital to get a high Driving Dunk rating?

The player’s Driving Dunk rating is the most significant aspect in dumping regularly and over other opponents.

If a player’s dunk rating is poor, it doesn’t matter if they have all the proper badges and animations. You don’t have to dunk on others to a specific amount, but you shouldn’t even consider it if your Driving Dunk rating is below 70.

At least an 85 Driving Dunk and the Gold Posterizer badge should be your goal if you’re constructing a MyPlayer and wish to dunk successfully.

How are NBA 2K Dunk Animations utilized?

Beginners may be surprised to learn that they can alter the animations of their characters.

Almost anything you perform in NBA 2K may have its player animations changed. Everything you do in the game can be customized, from dribble techniques to size-up packages and spin moves to fadeaways and layups.

What are the benefits of using Contact Dunks?

Not all 2K animations are created equal, and some perform better than others in games.

If you use contact dunk animations, it’s easier for your character to dunk on or over other plays. Contact dunk animations allow you to start dunking over opponents with a high dunk rating and the proper ending badges. It does not guarantee that you will dunk on someone every time.

FAQs Related to How to Dunk in 2k21 Xbox One

What driving dunk do you need to dunk 2K21?

To be deemed an above-average dunker, your player should have a driving dunk of at least 70 or a standing dunk of at least 70 (for PGs, SGs, and SFs).

How do you dunk on 2k20 Xbox?

In NBA 2k20, you may do a two-handed slam dunk by pressing R2 + driving and holding up the right thumbstick. While driving, press R2 + move and hold the right thumbstick down to do 2k20’s dazzling dunk. R2 + left or right thumbstick movement in NBA 2K20 is required to perform a dominant or off-hand slam (the direction determines your dunking hand).

Can you get contact dunks with an 80 driving dunk 2K21?

A contact dunk package and the Contact Finisher badge are required for consistent dunks. The following are the requirements for purchasing and equipping the Contact Dunk animations: 70 Over, 80 Driving Dunk, and 55 Vertical are the Pro Contact Dunks: Seventy-one over, ninety driving, and sixty-five vertical for Elite Contact Dunks.

Does strength matter in 2K21 for contact dunks?

If you’ve played NBA 2K21, you know that your player’s strength is critical to their performance on the court as a whole. However, even if your player lacks strength, they will still complete contact dunks.

Does strength affect contact dunks 2K21?

To perform contact dunks, there is no evidence that strength helps. You can still perform contact dunks even if you don’t have a lot of it.


Don’t forget that you should never try to force a dunk. You should throw the ball to a teammate or try to find another way if the lane is closed or you don’t think you can open it. Dunking in a congested area increases the risk of either losing the ball in midair or not making the dunk.

In addition, you should know that not every person in the game can dunk, and if you try to make a slam with one who doesn’t, they will make a layup.