How to Do X Ray on Mortal Kombat X PS4

Mortal Kombat is a Mainstream media franchise built on a video game series launched in 1992 by Midway Games. The first game was initially intended to feature Jean-Claude Van Damme, but a science fantasy-themed combat game was developed alternatively when that idea dropped down.

Mortal Kombat X is a 2015 combat game developed and published by NetherRealm Studios for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Mortal Kombat X, two characters battle it out utilizing a variety of strikes, special techniques, and the series’ famous horrific finishing moves. 

Two players can compete against each other (regionally or internationally), or a single player can play against the CPU. So, here I will explain How to Do X Ray on Mortal Kombat X PS4 in this article.

How to Do X Ray on Mortal Kombat X PS4

Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) added X-Ray attacks, which function very similarly to Mortal Kombat X. These x-ray attacks are the character’s most potent strikes, causing more than 30% injury to the enemy. In Mortal Kombat X, you can employ Xray Attacks to initiate a violent animation that deals a large amount of damage. 

Mortal Kombat X Story Mode 

Mortal Kombat X’s story mode comprises a total of 12 chapters, detailing a story set 25 years after the events of its predecessor’s newly formed history. Each chapter gives the center of attention to a different character from the series and includes both combat and extensive sequences.

MKX’s story will unfold similarly to Mortal Kombat 9 and Injustice: Gods Among Us. Players will assume the roles of several individuals throughout the campaign’s numerous phases. 

The player will adopt the character of a particular fighter throughout each chapter, punching, kicking, and violently attacking their way through a series of opponents and rival competitors.

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Mortal kombat XL

Mortal Kombat XL, an updated version of Mortal Kombat X, was released on March 1, 2016, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It includes all downloadable data storylines from the two Kombat Packs, nearly all bonus substitute costumes present at the release, enhanced gameplay, and optimized netcode.

X is the original 2015 release. The XL edition is identical to the standard edition but includes all eight DLC fighters and outfits, except for the Crimson Ermac, Blue-Steel Sub-Zero, and Gold Scorpion skins. Mortal kombat xl includes all of the DLC that was included with mortal kombat x, as well as additional players.

All of the core content is retained, as are the supplementary Kombat Packs. There are almost no new story additions, Pyramids, or Krypt items to acquire.

Condition to Perform X Ray on Mortal Kombat X and Xl

There is one condition for the X-Ray attack that is consistent across all characters. You must fill your super meter (all three bars) before the X-Ray attack becomes available and ready to execute.

Additionally, some X-Rays have particular distance restrictions. So use an X-Ray attack carefully if you’re near to your enemy; otherwise, you’ll lose.

Super Meter

Super Meter is a three-bar display that is utilized to perform exceptional moves. When you suffer damage, strike a blocking enemy, or execute a quick move, your Super Meter starts filling up.

  • 1 bar of meter-consuming moves includes the Improved Movements.
  • Two-bar meter-consuming moves include the Splitter and Breaker of Blocks.
  • Three-bar meter-consuming moves include the X-Ray.

How to Utilise X-Ray Attacks in Mortal Kombat X?

Finally, you can use strong X-Ray attacks in Mortal Kombat X. This helps integrate for several seconds as your opponent’s body does when you deliver your punches. Follow the instructions mentioned below to understand How to Do X Ray on Mortal Kombat X PS4?    

  • To perform an X-Ray, you must first fill 3 Super Meter bars, which are depleted instantly after the attack is performed.
  • So when the meter at the bottom of your screen reaches 100%, it will flash, and then you can utilize your character’s unique X-Ray attack by simultaneously hitting both triggers. 
  • By clicking Stance change + Block immediately, you can perform the X-Ray move. 

Each character has an uninterruptible X-Ray animation. If you successfully land an X-Ray, you should anticipate causing significant damage, but keep in mind that it can be stopped or avoided with a jump. It would not only expose you to strikes, but it also depletes your Super Meter, which may be pretty severe.

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This last point is critical, especially for heroes like Johnny Cage, who require their adversary to interact with them for the strike to succeed directly. With such characters, you may be wasting your super meter versus more experienced gamers.

How to Do Xray on Mortal Kombat Xl Ps4?

The X-Ray function in mortal kombat xl is identical to that in mortal kombat x. Similarly, you must replenish three Super Meter bars, which are depleted instantly upon initiating the x-ray attack. 

Then, by pressing Stance change + Block simultaneously, you may perform the X-Ray move in mortal kombat xl on ps4. Each character has an uninterruptible X-Ray animation.

Disru options and Cancellations of X-Ray 

X-Ray movements are deceptive and can be blocked. Successfully blocking an X-ray move depletes the opponent’s SP meter completely. Certain characters’ X-Rays, such as Scorpion and Sub-Zero, include more advanced tactics that can assist you in tricking your opponent and connecting the X-Ray. 

How to Do X Ray on Mortal Kombat X PS4

These, however, will demand some mastery. By pressing FS + BL, you can postpone the initiation of these X-Rays and even cancel a postponed operation by hitting either F, F, or B, B while delaying.

X- Rays Significance 

X-Ray Moves are deadly combos that demonstrate the extent to which the moves inflict damage on the victim. They are potent moves analogous to the “Super Moves” present in various other action games. 

True to their name, these moves are a quick succession of strokes that focus on the victim with an X-Ray and show bones and organs being broken, smashed, fractured, ruptured, and cracked, causing immense damage. To perform an X-Ray Move, the player must completely charge the Super Meter, including a variety of minor super moves.

While highly effective, a few X-Ray Moves need the fulfillment of specific criteria. For instance, Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade both have X-Ray Moves classed as counter-attacks, which means they are only used if they are targeted within a few seconds after the player initiating the other limits include the fact that certain X-Ray Moves, such as Cyber Sub-Zero, Takeda, and Tanya, may only be launched from an aerial stance. The result reveals that the damage caused by an X-Ray is adjusted based on the damage amplification.

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Exciting Facts About Mortal Kombat X 

  • Win the Story Mode to gain Shinnok as a featured player.
  • Achieving the Klassic Tower with most protagonists will reveal an additional outfit for them.
  • All players come with three sorts that give them access to a unique collection of attacks and special techniques. Make sure to test out all three as the strength of one variety can cover the faults.
  • Counter an opponent that likes to jump with a punch by tapping ↓ + Back Punch.

FAQs – How to Do X Ray on Mortal Kombat X PS4?

How Do You Use Background Items in Mortal Kombat X PS4?

To utilize environmental attacks, you must be within range of an interactable natural object. When the object begins to glow white, you will know you are in range. Whenever it does, hit the R1 button on PlayStation 4 or the RB key on Xbox One to initiate the attack.

Why Can’t I Play Story Mode on Mortal Kombat Xl Ps4?

If the game appears to have completed installation, but you can still access Story mode or Multiplayer, please try powering down your device entirely and then switch it back on. If the modes remain unavailable, we consider deleting the game and reinstalling it.

How Many Fights Are in Mortal Kombat Story Mode?

You will acquire a good amount of Koins on your first gameplay (but sadly not on subsequent ones), and the tale is rather enjoyable to watch (in a B-movie sort of way), providing context for the 67 fights you’ll encounter.

What Is So Good About Mortal Kombat?

Mortal Kombat created the basis for the franchise, with groundbreaking aesthetics for the period, gratuitous violence, and a unique array of unforgettable characters. Additionally, it featured one of the scariest boss fights in gaming history, placing you against the four-armed leviathan Goro.


X-ray moves are more destructive and aesthetically striking; they aIn Mortal Kombat X, you can employ Xray Attacks to initiate a violent animation that deals a large amount of damage. X-ray moves are more destructive and aesthetically striking; they are the best use of unique bars and are extremely valuable as a finishing move. I hope this article helped you figure out How to Do X Ray on Mortal Kombat X PS4.

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