How to Delete Digital Games From PS4

If you’re a fan of variety in your PlayStation 4 games, you’ve probably already encountered a significant issue. Because games can consume up to 50 GB of Storage, your system may be limited to two or three at a time.

Its not a big deal to know How to Delete Digital Games From PS4? You can manage storage space by deleting games you have completed or abandoned to make room for new ones.

What’s the Point of Purchasing Digital Games for the PS4?

How to Delete Digital Games From PS4

They’re a lifesaver, in a way. With digital games, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your console or PC. Pre-ordering many digital games allows you to have them “pre-loaded,” which means they are already downloaded and ready to play when their release date arrives.

The PlayStation and Xbox mobile apps allow you to purchase digital games while on the go and thats are ready and waiting for you when you get home.

Physical media is excellent, but it’s prone to be misplaced, stolen, or destroyed if you have pets or young children. Digital games are stored in the cloud and can access from any console or PC with an Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, or Steam account linked to it.

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Some digital games can be purchased once and played on multiple platforms, deciding to stop buying physical games all the more enticing. The Gears of War 4, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, and Cuphead Xbox Play Anywhere games are just a few examples.

These can be purchased once and played on Xbox One and PC. Games like Darkest Dungeon and Super Meat Boy, available on PS4 and PS Vita, are the same.

Why Are Digital PS4 Games Not Playable Offline?

If your digital PS4 games are single-player only, you may be perplexed why you can’t play them offline. So why aren’t they available to you both online and offline if you paid for them?

A licence to use a digital game purchased from the PlayStation Store is what you’re getting instead of the game itself. Sony keeps a copy of the request on a computer. Playing your digital games requires being connected to the internet so that Sony can verify that you have the complete authorization to do so.

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It is what’s known as “always-on DRM,” a type of digital rights management (DRM) that’s common in gaming despite some backlash.

It’s possible that you won’t have access to the internet for an extended period, a server problem could prevent you from playing your game despite having an internet connection, and you might feel as though you have no authority over the rights to a product you purchased.

How to Delete Digital Games From PS4?

You cannot delete the entirety of your digital PS4 game in a single action. You must delete three distinct components of your game: the game’s install data saved data and game media (screenshots and videos).

Delete PS4 Digital Game Data

There are three methods for deleting digital game data from your PlayStation 4:

  •  From the home screen of your PlayStation 4.
  •  From your PlayStation 4’s Library.
  •  From the PlayStation 4’s storage settings (where you can also bulk delete games).

Let check each of these ways in greater detail:

  • From your home screen, select the game you wish to delete. Then, on your PS4 controller, tap the Options button, select Delete, and OK.
  •  From the home screen, open your PS4 Library, select the game you wish to delete, tap the Options button, select Delete, and OK.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu, select Storage, and then either System Storage or Extended Storage depending on where you installed your game data. Choose Applications, then tap Options. Select the game (or games) to delete, then click Delete and OK.

Delete Saved Data From a Digital Game on a PS4

Following that, you’ll delete all saved data associated with your digital game. When you delete a PS4 game, your PS4 retains all saved data in case you decide to redownload the game in the future, saving you from having to start over. From your PS4’s home screen, navigate as follows: Settings > Saved Data Management for Applications > Saved Data in System Storage > Delete.

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You can now delete either a single saved game or a collection of saved games.

To delete saved data for a specific game, select the game, check the saved data you wish to delete, and press Delete. Select Multiple Applications from the Options menu to delete multiple saved game files. Select which saved game (or games) data to delete, click Delete, and click OK.

Delete Digital Game Media From Your PS4

 How to Delete Digital Games From PS4

The third and final section contains the media for your digital game, including screenshots and video clips from within the game. The procedure is virtually identical to what you’ve been doing.

Go to the Capture Gallery on your PlayStation 4. You should now see a folder labelled with the name of your game. Choose it, then tap Options, followed by Delete. Select the media files you wish to delete, then click Delete. You’ve now wholly deleted your digital PlayStation 4 game.

How Do I Re-distribute My PS4 Digital Games?

The beauty of digital games is that you can delete and redownload them as often as you want as long as Sony does not remove them from the PlayStation Store.

To redownload your digital PS4 games from your PS4, navigate to the Purchased section of your PS4 Library. Then choose your game. lets have a look of game’s page, where you can select Download to restore the fun to your PS4’s hard drive.

Additionally, you can download games to your PS4 from your phone, which is highly convenient if you’re not near your console. Ensure that your PS4 is turned on or in rest mode.

FAQs – How to Delete Digital Games From PS4?

Are PS4 Digital Games Permanent?

When you buy a game digitally, you are not purchasing a physical item that you will keep in perpetuity; instead, you are purchasing a licence that can revoke at any time.

Will Digital Games Last Forever?

The vast majority of the games set to phase out of the formats are available on alternative platforms such as older PlayStation consoles or the PC. However, our analysis indicates that approximately 138 games are effectively lost forever once the stores close.

Is It Better to Buy Digital Games or Hard Copies?

Price of Digital Games. In most cases, physical and digital games release at the same price. However, a physical game’s cost typically decreases much more rapidly than its digital counterpart. If you’re looking to purchase a new copy of a game released a few months ago, the physical copy is usually cheaper.

Why Are Digital Games Not Cheaper?

While digital games have a longer shelf life, this does not explain why a digital download can occasionally cost more than a physical copy. According to Ubisoft’s CEO, digital prices will remain stable in the future as physical copies become increasingly scarce.


Now you know How to Delete Digital Games From PS4? You can do this by following the upper steps. You can quickly locate and download them, regardless of whether you’re using a PlayStation 4 or a smartphone.

There are numerous advantages to digital PS4 games. What’s more, you can enjoy these digital purchases without an internet connection, which feels like a luxury in an age of DRM. Therefore, go ahead and enjoy your digital PlayStation 4 games online and offline.

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