How to Cook in Conan Exiles PS4 Simple Guide

Conan Exiles is an open-world adventure game based in Conan the Barbarian’s cruel kingdoms. You have to survive in a wild world, establish your kingdom, and conquer your adversaries in brutal battle and epic conflict. Cooking is critical in Conan Exiles because it keeps you surviving.

In the early game of Conan Exiles, you can complete cooking recipes around campfires. You will also need to prepare the food using campfires to explore How to Cook in Conan Exiles PS4? One will be unlocked earlier, while it will unlock a campfire around level 7. To begin, though, you must locate raw food. The first ingredient you will find nutritious is ‘Bunch of Insects.’ These are discovered while plucking plants.

How to Cook in Conan Exiles PS4

While you will discover small food items scattered throughout the environment as you wander Conan Exiles, they’re insufficient to satisfy your character’s appetite. Cooked meat is the principal means of survival. 


A campfire is a fire that is built at a camp to offer light and comfort, as well as heat for cooking. Additionally, it can act as a lighthouse and a barrier to insects and predators. For safety, developed campsites frequently feature a stone or steel fire ring. 

Camping is popular for its campfires. At summer camps, the term “campfire” frequently refers to an activity that includes a fire. 

Campfires may be used to cook meat, which is critical considering the parasites afflict the Exiled Lands‘ wild animals. Without cooked meat, survival in Conan Exiles is incredibly tough. It is preferable to consume some burnt meat than to be poisoned for days. However, with the light of a campfire comes visibility.

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In Conan Exiles, the Campfire is the simplest method of cooking meat. The Campfire can be constructed using forty branches and thirty stones. To craft, players must first unlock the Experienced Survivalist crafting recipe. Once built, users can place this item on the ground in the same manner as a structure. To interact with the Campfire, players must utilize the E default key.

Use of Campfires

  • The Campfire’s crafting screen is fairly unique. 
  • On the right portion of the display, there are some visual instructions for using the Campfire.
  • The simplest approach to use the Campfire is to add some wood and uncooked meat to the campfire inventory. 
  • At the top of the campfires inventory, two buttons labeled “ON” and “OFF.”
  •  After inserting the wood and meat, click the “ON” button to begin cooking.
  • Each piece of wood provides a specific amount of time for the fire to burn.
  • Once the meat has been cooked through, the fire will continue to devour wood. 
  • When the meat is finished, players must click the “OFF” button to conserve wood.

Types of Food 

Grubs and Shellback Eggs

During the early game, make sure you collect grubs and shaleback eggs, which will keep you nourished; the grubs will also keep you watered. These will be lying on the ground.

Slate backs, alligators, sand cutters, and bird nests are all used to collect eggs on hilltops. They can sometimes drop from birds accidentally.

Eggs are an excellent, storable meal that nature provides in their containers. Eggs cook quickly when opened.

Tiny Insects 

These tiny insects will supplement your food supply, but sooner or later, you will need to find some good stuff to prepare. You can eat insects that are retrieved automatically when plant fiber is harvested. 

Each time you collect a few plant fiber resources, you will add a small number of insects to your inventory. While this is not as effective at ending hunger or improving health as cooked meat, it will keep you from starving in the absence of a campfire, and plant fiber supplies are abundant throughout the landscape.


You can obtain meat from a wide variety of animals. When you begin with smaller organisms, such as rabbits and turtles, you will come across wild flesh.

Cooking of Meat 

Apart from that, level 3 unlocks your first Campfire, allowing you to prepare raw meat. The following is a list of items that can be cooked and what they become:

  • Chopped Steak transforms into Feral Flesh
  • On cooking, Roasted Steak transforms into Savory Flesh.
  • Roasted Haunch remade as Exotic Flesh
  • Cooked Appalling Meat transforms into Abhorrent Flesh

To gain nourishment, animals must be slaughtered, and the stronger the animal, the more flesh there is. Proceed to your Campfire after gathering meat and drop the meat into the open slots.

Material of Fuel 

Additionally, fuel is required to cook in Conan Exiles. You can utilize a variety of materials, including bark, branches, wood, and coal. Put your fuel in the spaces on your Campfire, and you’re ready to cook. Conan Exiles gruel can also be used to relieve hunger pangs and also serves as a fuel source.

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How to Cook in Conan Exiles PS4?

Here is a comprehensive list of everything you need to do to cook meals in Conan Exiles. To begin, your conqueror must create the campfire equipment using the following recipe:

  • To cook meat, five branches and twelve stones are required.
  • Naturally, the stone is abundant, and branch materials can be found randomly beneath trees or collected more efficiently with a cleaver straight on trees.
  • After building the Campfire, it should appear in your rotational wheel. Raise the wheel, choose the Campfire, and then use R2 to place it on the ground on PlayStation 4.
  • Access the Campfire’s inventory and add fuel to the fire, such as wood or coal, using R2.
  • If you have not already, use an ax to obtain raw meat from a dead animal. Then, as you did with the wood and coal, place any raw meat on the Campfire in the same manner.
  • You can cook the food by pressing a single button. Check the queue at the bottom right of the screen to determine how long it will take to cook.
  • However, keep in mind that most food will make your character dehydrated, so keep a water source nearby.

Repeat the process as required to obtain the desired amount of cooked meat, but keep in mind that, like any other meal, cooked meat will decay and become rotten over time.

Cooking of Food for Slaves in Conan Exiles

  • Apart from meat, don’t forget that you may cook porridge for your slaves over a campfire following this recipe: 
  • You will need five plant fibers and one seed to cook slave meals.
  • By accumulating ten points in the Survival bar, you can acquire the Raw and Bloody perk, which allows you to consume raw meat without cooking it. It still curbs appetite, but you avoid contracting food poisoning if you eat uncooked meat with this perk enabled.

Cooking of Human Meat 

How to Cook in Conan Exiles PS4
  • Notably, there is an alternate technique for cooking human meat.
  • Go to the Pit of Yog early in the game to choose Yog as your Lord to select this option. After that, you can construct a Yog Temple and obtain the recipe for crafting the Yog Cleaver.
  • With the Yog cleaver at your disposal, you can collect humans by murdering them and obtaining Uncompromised Human Meat. 
  • You can also harvest meat from human NPCs to obtain purified flesh that alleviates hunger and thirst.
  • Return the meat to the Pit of Yog and place it in the slots to create nourishment in the form of Pure Meat.
  • Additionally, this supplies you with free water.

Recipes in the Exiles of Conan

In Conan Exiles, there are two methods for obtaining recipes for creating weapons, gear, and other items. In the Exiled Lands and different biomes, you can spend Knowledge Points or find recipes. Certain recipes are exclusive and cannot be acquired using Data For future reference; therefore, the only method to obtain them is to locate them on the map.

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Cook Meat in the Woods PS4

  • Once you have obtained the animal meat, you will need to start a basic fire to cook it.
  • Two sticks and seven sheets of paper are required. 
  • Light the earth fire with your lighter. 
  • After that, you can place numerous chunks of meat on the fire and allow them to cook.

FAQs – How to Cook in Conan Exiles PS4?

How Do You Make Conan Steel Bars?

Steel is created by combining Tar and Brimstone in a Cauldron to generate the resource item SteelFire. Then, using a Furnace, fuse Steel fire and Iron bars to form Steel bars.

How Big is Conan Exiles PS4?

The file size for Conan Exiles’ PlayStation 4 version has been released. The PlayStation Store design page suggests that the open-world game will consume 38.44 GB of available space when accessed directly on the console.

How Do You Feed Thralls in Conan Exiles?

To employ thralls in Conan Exiles, players must essentially manufacture them on the wheel of suffering. Players feed food with the thrall and activate the wheel of suffering.


Conan Exiles is a remarkably fantastic open-world survival game with stylistic mechanics. Survival in the Hyborian age is frequently determined by greed and selfishness or sword in Conan Exiles; it’s also far too simple to die from more basic causes such as a lack of prepared meat. Thus, food is a critical component of survival in the game. I have covered today’s How to Cook in Conan Exiles PS4 in this section. Campfires are used for cooking meals and providing light and comfort.

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