How to Connect X Rocker to PS4 Wirelessly

A gaming chair is a sort of chair that is precisely composed to provide convenience for video gamers. Gaming chairs have gained popularity due to their significant contribution to enhancing relaxation and protecting us from developing severe long-term health issues. These chairs have been a craze among gamers due to their ergonomic layout and excellent characteristics for a large sitter.

When it comes to gaming seats, the x rocker is a massive star. X Rocker Gaming has been the industry leader in gaming seats since 2005 when it created the first sound floor rocking gaming chair.

X rocker gaming chairs are the best option for PS4 users, but you must know how to connect them correctly. Hence, today here is a comprehensive guide on How to Connect X Rocker to Ps4 Wirelessly?

And since, the technology has grown into a one-stop destination for just about everything gaming. X Rocker manufactures high-end, one-of-a-kind gaming seats covered by over a dozen patents and trademarks worldwide.

Purpose of Gaming Chair 

How to Connect X Rocker to Ps4 Wirelessly

Comfort and Adjustability 

  • The first benefit that game players receive directly from a gaming chair is comfort. It is a vital part of the fundamental and critical specifications for a gaming chair.
  • When shopping for a gaming chair, comfort and adjustability should be a must-have feature, as they effectively prevent our spine and improve our sitting posture.
  • Most PS4 gaming chairs have a rocker style, ample cushioning, and curved support for maximum comfort.

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Virtual Reality Technology

  • As such, the gaming chair creates to deliver that incredible experience, even more so when speakers and vibration systems integrate.
  • Vibration motors are one of the factors that contribute to players’ involvement enhance. They are timed to correspond to the game’s audio bottom sounds.
  • Additionally, the audio system, composed of speakers and a subwoofer, contributes to the depth of the sound. These technologies enable you to hear and feel the impact of every gunshot, blast, and footfall.


  • Apart from providing comfort, a gaming chair enhances the design of the game setup area. It demonstrates the very fashionable features of the game’s players.
  • For the PS4, it is not always necessary to have a dedicated gaming area; rather, the lounge room or other common area with your family can be excellent for gaming.

Value and Quality 

  • The value that gaming seats add much outweighs their purchase price. 
  • In other words, if you invest money once, the value and quality you receive will last a lifetime.
  • It is important to strike a equillibrium between price and product quality. 
  • The ideal option is to purchase a gaming chair that is both valuable and reasonable for game enthusiasts.

Types of Gaming Chairs for PS4

There are numerous gaming chair types available on the market, each with somewhat different features. Essentially, gaming chairs are categorized as wired or wireless. Indeed, while some gaming chairs are wireless, others include wires for connecting to the PlayStation 4. Wired gaming chairs might be connected to the PS4 through wires, providing users with additional alternatives.

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Connect X Rocker to Ps4 Wirelessly

While some wireless gaming chairs are compatible with the PS4, some of you may face immediate connectivity troubles with the console. For instance, while X Rockers wireless gaming chairs are PS4 consistent, many of you are still unable to connect correctly.

We’ll explain distinct approaches for configuring How to Connect X Rocker to Ps4 Wirelessly down below. The techniques we will cover will work not only with x rocker gaming chairs but also with the majority of other wireless gaming chairs. On the other hand, the connecting technique may differ slightly depending on the type and brand of gaming chair you are using.

Connect X Rocker Wirelessly to Ps4 via Transmitter

Users are not required to connect the PS4 system directly to the wireless gaming chair. Indeed, they can join the chair to the TV, and then the TV to the PS4, and take advantage of the chair’s wireless capabilities. It’s straightforward and quick.

This one accomplishes through the wireless transmitter included with the X Rockers. Each X Rockers wireless gaming chair consists of a wireless transmitter that receives and transmits the audio input to the built-in speakers of the gaming chair.

The following are the steps for wirelessly connecting an x rocker wireless gaming chair to a PS4 via the wireless transmitter.

Connect the Transmitter to TV

  • You’ll find a short 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable with green ends in the wireless gaming chair setup. 
  • Connect the transmitter to the television by inserting the green male end into the input jack of the transmitter and the other end into the audio output on the TV.
  • It would asssist if you verified that the audio cords are compatible with the output.
  •  All audio outputs, including standard audio, analog audio, and headphone jack, are functional with the audio cables included in the X rocker gaming chair package.
  • However, optical audio output, digital audio output, and coaxial digital audio output are incompatible, requiring the purchase of an optical-to-cable adapter, as well as connecting cables. 
  • If you attach all of these correctly, you should have no difficulty in establishing a connection.

Turn on the Transmitter and the Chair

  • Because the wireless transmitter is battery-powered, ensure that you have sufficient batteries installed. 
  • The transmitter and the X Rockers gaming chair switch them both on.
  • A cable is required to links the wireless chair to the power supply.
  • The critical step is to ensure that the chair and wireless transmitter operate in about the same frequency range.
  • There are only 1-2-3 bands, which makes matching quite simple.
  • Once completed, the wireless transmitter will begin acquiring and transmitting audio signals to the already-paired speakers of the x rocker gaming chair.

Connect PS4 Console to TV

How to Connect X Rocker to Ps4 Wirelessly
  • It is now time to connect. 
  • To begin, ensure that the PS4 links to the television.
  • Indeed, you can only play games on the PS4 when it connects to your television. 
  • As a result, if you were gaming with your PS4 before purchasing a new gaming chair, your PS4 is already connected.
  • If you recently purchased the gaming chair along with the PS4, you will need to connect the TV to the PS4 through an HDMI connection.
  • Mostly all gaming chairs are equipped with RCA jacks for connection to the television.
  • If your television does not have this type of connection, you can use the HDMI ports. If you are using HDMI ports, meanwhile, you will need to purchase an HDMI converter to expand the number of connections.

Using an Aux Cord, Links a Wireless Gaming Chair to a PS4

It is the simplest method of connecting your X Rocker gaming chair to PlayStation 4. With just an Aux cord, everything improves significantly. The wireless gaming chair is compatible with the PlayStation 4 game console.

The steps below detail how to connect a wireless X Rocker gaming chair to a PS4 using an Aux connection.

Link PS4 to the TV

  • To use this technique, you must first connect the PS4 to the television.
  •  The connection facilitates by the HDMI cables included with the PS4 packaging.

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Link the Controller to the Gaming Chair

  • After connecting your console to the television, there is only one more small thing until you can begin playing the game on the console.
  • Now, using the Aux cords, connect the controller to your X Rocker gaming chair.
  • Link one end of the Aux cord to the controller and the other end to the Aux input on the combined control panel of the X Rockers wireless gaming chair. 
  • Verify that the chair’s power supply is activated.

FAQs – How to Connect X Rocker to Ps4 Wirelessly?

What Does the X Rocker Chair Do?

The unique, ground-breaking range of X Rocker sound chairs brings an unprecedented degree of comfort, enjoyment, and involvement to games, movies, and audio. The Audio Frequency Modulation (AFM) technology used by X Rocker delivers an unequaled, totally interactive experience that immerses you in action.

Do Gaming Chairs Vibrate?

Vibrating gaming chairs incorporate motors into the seat or back to provide vibration. These motors are frequently included in a chair’s sophisticated system of stereo or surround sound speakers.

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Long Hours?

Gaming chairs are an ideal solution since they maintain proper spinal alignment when seated. Reduced stress results in more energy, which enables you to sit for extended periods.

Do Gaming Chairs Have Speakers?

Usually, gaming chairs equipped with speakers feature two speakers located on the back or wings of the headrest. Additionally, some gaming chairs incorporate a subwoofer inside the backrest, providing additional bass and vibration.


Gaming chairs have made a significant contribution to the young generation’s new way of experiencing video games. Most individuals consider gaming via gaming chairs to be fascinating due to their comfort, fashionable style, interactive technology, and excellent price.

This article contains commands for How to Connect X Rocker to Ps4 Wirelessly and extensive instructions for Bluetooth gaming chairs. Hopefully, you will find the information beneficial.

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