How to Connect Ps4 to Tv Without HDMI

PlayStation is a gaming alternative if you don’t want to go further into the realm of gaming PCs. While we are now watching the PS5 peak on the market today, many cannot afford it. 

It causes a significant demand for the PS4, which was previously pricey, but the advent of the PS5 significantly decreased the price, particularly when you consider buying a secondhand PS4.

Most console gamers now use a large-size TV with an HDMI port for the display; however, many TVs deliver a high-quality image without a High-Definition Multimedia Interface port. This article will explain all the methods for how to connect ps4 to tv without HDMI, but let’s consider the intricacies of these I/O technologies.


Connect Ps4 to Tv Without HDMI

HD Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connector is one of the most often used display ports for consoles, PCs, or ordinary TVs. An HDMI cable can transfer both video impulses and audio signals, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. 

Although DisplayPort can also transmit both streams, the protocols are somewhat complex, and cable length limits are far better for High-Definition Multimedia Interface than for DisplayPort.

Sony implemented the HDMI first in its PlayStation3, and neither PS1 nor PS2 had a High-Definition Multimedia Interface connector before. The PS3 allowed users to connect to up-to-date TVs, which significantly boosted the gaming experience. 

High-Definition Multimedia Interface provided an overall resolution of 1080P and 1080i, compared with the horrible resolution support of 480P and 480i with PS2. The PS3 supports HDMI 1.4, which had a 10.2 Gbps bandwidth, while the PS4 uses the enhanced HDMI type, HDMI 2.0b, with an 18 Gbps capacity.

The fundamental differences between HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 2.0b are 4K 60 FPS, while the former is 4K 30 FPS. In addition, HDMI 2.0b allows HDR content and Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG).

Possible Solutions

You can still connect it to the PS4 if you own a TV that does not have a High-Definition Multimedia Interface connector because there are many possible solutions for how to connect ps4 to tv without HDMI. First of all, your TV would have two types of ports. 

The newest TVs with no High-Definition Multimedia Interface port usually came equipped with DVI connectors, while the previous TVs utilized audio and video composite ports. We will examine options for the two sorts of television ports.

Connecting A PS4 To A TV with DVI Port

How to Connect Ps4 to Tv Without HDMI

UNLIKE THE HDMI PORT, a DVI port is identical to the High-Definition Multimedia Interface port but does not send audio signals. In addition, the highest resolution supported is lower than the current HDMI versions and is up to 2560 x 1600. Fortunately, the PS4 uses 1080P resolution that is not an issue for the DVI interface.

Since the DVI port does not supply audio signals, It must use an alternative audio source for audio signals. We recommend the audio jack on the controller because that’s the easiest method to do it. 

Now that you get to the answer, you will need to acquire an adaptor to connect your PS4 to an HDMI-free TV. This converter is now ubiquitous and is dubbed a DVI adapter from HDMI to DVI. 

It’s essential to acquire an adapter with both male and female DVI ports because the PS4’s male HDMI connector will plug into it and the TV’s female DVI port. It could at first appear confusing, so follow the instructions below to comprehend clearly.

  • First, you must purchase a decent quality male DVI to a female HDMI converter. These adapters usually are about ten dollars; however, certain high-quality adapters can also cost more. The high-quality adapters will attach without hassles and last for a long time. 
  • You will have to connect the HDMI cable to your PS4 after buying the male DVI to a female HDMI connector, while it will connect the other end of the High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable. 
  •  To the adapter since it has a female HDMI port.
  • It must now use the DVI cable of the TV, the male DVI connector must be attached to the TV, and the female DVI connection is connected to the adapter. If you do not have a DVI cable, you must get it and make sure you buy the proper cable as several DVI cables are available. You will need to acquire a DVI-D dual-link cable for this converter, although a DVI-D Single-link cable should work for a 1080P resolution.
  • You’re all ready to go, but remember, you need to utilize another audio source because the DVI cable doesn’t convey audio. As previously said, the audio jack on the controller appears to be the most effective solution.

There is also an alternative way to reside somewhere you don’t have access to an HDMI DVI connector. Instead of buying an adapter, it must purchase the entire cable used with PS4 and TV. It would help if you purchased a cable with a male HDMI connector and a male DVI connector.

In this scenario, you can directly utilize the PS4 and TV connection by plugging the male High-Definition Multimedia Interface connector into the PS4. In contrast, the male DVI connector enters the feminine DVI port of the TV. 

Compared to the preceding solutions, this one is slightly more expensive, but you will have fewer problems because there is no adaptor between them.

Connecting A PS4 To A TV With Composite Ports

How to Connect Ps4 to Tv Without HDMI

Most TVs over the last decade have been connected with DVI or HDMI ports, but those with composite connectors show to be a genuine obstacle if you wish to utilize them with PS4. Don’t worry, since we will offer you a powerful solution to this problem.

It would help if you bought an HDMI to AV2 converter to connect a PS4 to a television with composite connectors. This converter is generally more expensive than a cable or DVI HDMI. 

The connector uses a USB cable or port for 5V power input and supplies RCA ports and female HDMI ports. The RCA jackets go into the TV ports while the PS4 is connected with the adapter using a High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable. 

It is crucial to note that you cannot buy an AV2 to HDMI adapter with the same appearance but connects older consoles to newer TVs. The High-Definition Multimedia Interface connector is placed on the TV, and RCA ports are placed on the consoles. Follow the instructions below, and the entire system will be breezed.

  • First, you will need to purchase an HDMI to AV2 converter, also known as HDMI to RCA adapter, or an HDMI to composite adapter. These adapters typically cost around 20 bucks and are often equipped with RCA wires. The converter comes with a female High-Definition Multimedia Interface port, 3 RCA outputs, and a USB or USB power cable.
  • The PS4 must be linked to the television through an HDMI connection, while the other end goes to the adaptor.
  • Then, plug the RCA jackets into the adaptor and TV to transfer your PS4 signals to the TV.
  • Finally, insert the adapter’s USB cable into the PS4 to be connected, and the configuration is fully working. Fortunately, another audio source is not required as the composite ports can send the audio signals.

FAQs – How to Connect Ps4 to Tv Without HDMI

How do I connect my PS4 to my TV with a broken HDMI port?

An HDMI-damaged PS4 is a dead PS4. Your only cures must be mended, or another PS4 purchased. Unlike the PS3, the PS4 has ONE method via HDMI to send out its video signal.

Can you connect PS4 to TV with USB?

No. The PlayStation 4 has no alternative way of connecting to a display. A USB 3 to HDMI display adapter will not operate because a) the internal GPU will be bypassed and b) the PS4 operating system has no drivers for such devices. Contact Sony Product Support to repair your console.

Can I use USB instead of HDMI for PS4?

No, USB adapters to HDMI don’t work on a PS4. The PS4 only features an HDMI video connector combined with a High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable to broadcast audio and video. Audio or video cannot be transmitted through USB.


There are different ways to know how to connect ps4 to tv without HDMI. If you sum up the facts, we can say that if your TV has a DVI connection, connecting the PS4 to the TV will be straightforward for you with either the female HDMI on a male DVI connector or a High-Definition Multimedia Interface on a male DVI cable. You won’t transfer the audio signals in both circumstances, so you need to use another audio source like the PS4 controller audio jack.

Suppose your TV contains composite connections, on the other hand. In that case, you must purchase a somewhat more expensive HDMI to AV2 adapter than other adapters on the market, as it has a circuit board and requires continual working power. 

The electricity is supplied in this scenario via the USB cord. It must connect the PS4 via a High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable with an adapter. At the same time, the RCA cable enters the opposite end of the adapter and the TV. 

In this way, you do not have to use an alternative audio source because the RCA connection also delivers the audio signals. Overall, the solution feels a little more expensive than the DVI adapter, but there is no choice if your TV does not have an HDMI or a DVI connector.