How to Connect Alexa With PS4? Easy Guide

The current generation of game consoles is about much more than gaming; the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and even the Switch (though to a lesser extent) function as all-in-one entertainment centers.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is a little more tricky in this aspect, but there are ways to connect the console with Alexa and Google Home speakers, allowing you to operate it and sync it with other devices such as Philips lighting (Hue and intelligent speakers).

Sony has placed several obstacles in the way of making the PS4 more home-friendly. Still, we’ll demonstrate How to Connect Alexa With PS4? by using Logitech’s Harmony Hub, Alexa, or any other with some cool tricks.

So because Harmony Hub integrates with Google Assistant And Amazon Alexa, you can accomplish all of the above with your smart speakers without lifting a finger. 

You’ll need to enable the Harmony skill for Alexa and the Harmony action for Google Assistant, both of which will invite you to approve your Logitech account. Alexa and Google Assistant will be able to read all of your account’s activity.

What Is Harmony Hub?

Harmony Hub changes your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote control, allowing you absolute control over your media and smart home devices. You may adjust the volume and channel selection, create favorites, control lights, and other intelligent devices, and create multi-device experiences known as Activities.

What Is Alexa?

Alexa is a virtual assistant that responds to voice commands. She can play audio, operate your smart home, respond to questions, and connects you to your favorite services, all of which will help you stay organized, aware, safe, engaged, and thrilled. As an Amazon product, she also serves as your assistant. 

You may instruct Alexa to perform a variety of tasks. Alexa can play music, provide weather information, answer questions, control your lights and thermostat, and place Amazon orders. You may also use Alexa to turn on your television, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or other home theatre devices.

How Does Logitech Harmony Hub Work?

Logitech’s Harmony Hub enables you to connect all of your smart devices across your home. The Harmony Hub is a universal remote control that works with both intelligent home devices and audio systems. It’s a small black device plugged into a socket and pairs with your mobile or computer to operate as a remote control.

The Harmony Hub operates by establishing a connection with remote control. After pairing the two items, you may now use your technological devices from your phone. It means you may alter the brightness, volume, and other settings, as well as switch them on and off.

Alexa With Logitech Harmony Remote

Another approach to connect Alexa to your TV is using a Logitech Harmony Elite. Connecting Alexa to a Logitech Harmony framework enables remote control and content access capabilities for your TV via Alexa voice directly through the use of the Alexa App or Amazon Echo devices.

The following are the fundamental steps for connecting Alexa with a solid Harmony Remote framework.

● On your smartphone, activate the Alexa app.

● Select the Menu

● Navigate to Skills and search for Harmony.

● To enable the Alexa/Harmony Skill, tap the blue Harmony sign.

● Select Activities allows you to customize further which devices and directions Alexa should connect to the Harmony remote control framework.

● Following that, you lead toward a screen that says “Now for the Fun Part” to complete the setup touch on Link Account.

Set Up the PS4 With Logitech Harmony

The simplest method of linking the PS4 to other smart home devices is through Logitech’s Harmony hub. The Hub is $99.99 on its own, or slightly more if you add a controller. Otherwise, everything control via the Harmony app on your smartphone.

The setup process is quite essential as the app will lead you through it, so you’ll want to keep the Hub close to your PS4. If you have a smart TV, we recommend pairing it with the PS4 when it asks you to search for Wi-Fi devices.

How to Connect Alexa With PS4?

How to Connect Alexa With PS4

So when the Hub link to your Wi-Fi network and you’ve paired it with your other smart devices, you’ll need to add the PS4 manually over Bluetooth since it won’t be able to acquire your consoles over the Wi-Fi. Add the PS4 to the Harmony devices. It will require the use of Bluetooth.

● Follow the directions provided in the Harmony app:

● To add a new device to Harmony, navigate to Devices> Edit Devices> Add device.

● Select the category “Entertainment devices.”

● Following with prompt directions, such as entering the manufacturer’s name and model number. Simply putting PlayStation 4 in the model number field should suffice.

● To add it, tap ‘Add.’

● Now, you’ll need to create an activity on PS4, which involves selecting the devices you wish to control via Harmony.

● To do so, select your inputs and then power up the PS4.

● Now navigate to PS4 settings> Devices> Bluetooth configuration.

● Under visible devices, look for the ‘Harmony Hub’ gadget. If it is not visible for pairing, click the Hub’s pairing button.

● The setup is complete after the devices are paired and connected.

To link Harmony to Alexa, open the Alexa app and download the harmony skill for Alexa. Once activated, you may use voice commands to operate your Harmony and PlayStation 4 with voice commands such as ‘Alexa, turn on PS4’.

Choose Your Preferences

You’ll next be requested to configure your activity by selecting the devices you’d like to control. Do not stress; you may always add more again.

● After selecting your inputs, power on the PS4.

● Head to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Configuration.

● In the list, search for and pick “Harmony Keyboard.” If it does not appear, try pressing the pairing button on the Hub’s back.

The bad news is that Sony does not allow third-party devices to power on the PS4. It indicates that you’ll have to emphasize the Playstation 4 each time manually, either with the PlayStation DualShock controller, a PS4 remote or directly on the console; however, the Harmony hub can power off the PS4 and regulate media playback.

How to Build a PS4 Activity?

As is the case with other innovative home platforms, the Harmony hub enables you to create routines – or “activities,” as they are referred to here. It means that you can create a custom routine for when it’s time to play some FIFA 19.

For instance, when we click the ‘Play PS4’ button in the app, we see an Activity that switches on the TV, switches to the PS4 HDMI port, and diminishes our Philips Hue lights. Additionally, you may include a monitor or additional speakers that turn on simultaneously.

The Harmony app also allows you to specify a “Final sequence,” which does not have to be the same routine in reverse. In our instance, we’ve configured it to turn off everything, including the lights, because we frequently play the PS4 before bed.

Additionally, while turning on the PS4 must be done manually, you can automate the process so that the Harmony hub places the PS4 in standby mode when the end sequence is activated.

You can even program everything to turn on or off at a specific time of day or on particular days of the week.

How to Control the PS4 With Alexa?

How to Connect Alexa With PS4

Due to the Harmony hub’s integration with Alexa, you can use your smart speakers to accomplish all of the above without lifting a finger. You’ll need to enable the Harmony skill for Alexa; once enabled, you’ll be prompt to authenticate your Logitech account.

Alexa will be capable of reading all of your account’s activity and gadgets, so you can try saying “Alexa, turn on PS4” or “OK Google, tell Harmony to turn on PS4”.

Frequently Asked Question

What commands can Alexa do?

“Alexa, assist.” “Alexa, mute” or “Alexa, unmute.” “Alexa, pause” or “Alexa, halt.” “Alexa, set the volume to five,” “Alexa, make it louder,” or “Alexa, adjust the volume.”

Can I connect my PS4 to echo dot?

When you purchase an Echo or Echo Dot, you may ask Alexa to perform various tasks. You may also use Alexa to turn on your television, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or other home theatre devices.

Can you turn on PlayStation with Google Assistant?

Alexa and Google Assistant will be able to read all of your account’s activity and gadgets, so you may say “Alexa, turn on PS4” or “OK Google, tell Harmony to turn on PS4”.


It is the most adaptable game console in terms of Alexa compatibility. Nevertheless, with a few simple techniques and tricks, you can connect Alexa to your Sony PlayStation 4. I hope that all of the instructions above will assist you in securing your PS4 to Alexa.

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