How to Clean the Dust From a Noisy Ps4

Have you ever had the strange sensation that your brand-new PlayStation 4 is about to take flight? Is your PS4 making a lot of loudness? You are not alone in this observation, as a large number made it of players. While the noise may be barely audible during the day, it may become intolerable at night. You’ll agree that it’s a bit of a party pooper amid an exciting session. 

Would you like to know How to Clean the Dust From a Noisy Ps4? Let us examine the most common reasons for this occurrence and, most importantly, how to resolve this issue.

Important Points to Consider Before Cleaning Your Playstation 4

How to Clean the Dust From a Noisy Ps4

While this is a relatively simple procedure, you should exercise caution when disassembling and cleaning your PlayStation 4. Fortunately, cleaning the system does not require extensive disassembly.

We are not liable for any damage to your system caused by you. Before proceeding, it’s a good idea to make a backup of your saved data. Now that we’ve cleared that up let’s look at  How to Clean the Dust From a Noisy Ps4?

It will definitely assist you a lot .

How to Clean the Dust From a Noisy Ps4?

Switch Off Your Playstation 4 and Unplug Everything

Before you begin cleaning your PS4, turn the console off. It should have no pointed lights on the top; if it does, it is in Rest Mode, and you must completely shut it down. To completely shut down your PS4, Power on the console and then Click and long press the PS button on your controller to see up the Quick Menu. 

Navigate to Power> Turn Off PlayStation 4. Wait until all lights on your PS4 have gone out before unplugging the power cable, HDMI cord, and any other cables that may be connected (like USB devices). Bring your PS4 to a location with sufficient workspace. 

Because you’ll be removing small screws, you’ll want to store them safely. As with PC construction, you should exercise caution to avoid static electricity build-up. Avoid working on static-prone surfaces, such as shaggy carpets, and limit your cleaning contact to the plastic components.

Remove the Stickers and Screws on the Back

Once you’ve prepared your PS4 for use, turn it around so that the back is facing you and then flip it upside-down. Three stickers will appear along with the “top” (which is the bottom of the system, directly above the port for the power cable) that must be removed.

Write down that if you have the slightly revised version of the original PS4, you will see only one sticker and screw in the center. The middle one features a unique warranty sticker that self-destructs when removed. The other two are slightly thicker and may require a little more effort to remove. 

Peel back a corner of the stickers with your knife or another pointed tool; they should easily peel off. Take care not to scratch your system in the process of removing them. Keep them if you intend to reapply them later, or discard them if you’re not interested.

Once the stickers have been removed, use your TR9 screwdriver to remove the screws beneath. They’re brief, and as a result, shouldn’t require much effort. Take care not to strip them and store them in a secure location.

Remove the Playstation 4’s Cover

Once the screws(s) that secure the cover have been removed, you can pop it off. Begin at the back (the section with the screws facing you) and gently raise the edges. Avoid applying excessive force; as you work your way around the PS4, the cover should come loose. Remove it with a tug.

At this point, you can examine and clean the cover you just removed. Compressed air will quickly eliminate it; this is also an excellent place to dab any remaining debris out with a cotton ball. Set the cover aside for now after cleaning it.

Returning to the system, you can now see the PS4’s fan, which serves as an excellent indicator of the system’s overall dustiness. However, one additional component needs to be removed first.

Take Away the Power Supply

You are almost there! All that remains is to remove the power supply unit (PSU) and gain access to the heat sink for the most thorough cleaning possible. Five screws secure the PSU in place. Three of them are secured with TR9 security screws, while the two are remaining Phillips head screws (standard ).

The two Phillips head screws are located at the system’s edge, to the far left and right of the PSU, respectively with the PSU on the side closest to you and the fan in the upper-right corner, . Remove the remaining three screws with your TR9 screwdriver.

You can now remove the power supply. A cable connects it to the motherboard beneath, which you do not need to remove and do not want to unplug accidentally. Carefully grasp both sides of the PSU and lift it evenly. It may take some wriggling to dislodge.

Once it’s lifted, gently “flip” it over to the left side, ensuring that it rests securely while remaining plugged in.

Blow the Dust From Your Playstation 4

Finally, access to the PS4’s heat sink and the fan is available. Now we can explain how to clean the fan on your PS4 and remove dust that has accumulated deep within the system. 

Take your compressed air can and, if it has a straw, insert it for more precise cleaning. To begin, spray a few blasts of air away from your PS4 if the tip contains any liquid. 

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Now, using your canned air, blow short bursts of air all around your PlayStation 4, clearing away any dust. Check all corners for hidden dust (a flashlight can assist here), and blow it out of the system rather than into it. 

Additionally, you can use cotton swabs or cotton balls to assist in removing any dust that the air cannot reach. When looking for built-up dust on your PS4, pay special attention to the fan, heat sink, and outside edges, as these are common locations.

Take note of the following critical warnings when using canned air:

  • Never, Ever Invert the Can

          It will force the liquid inside the can to the surface, resulting in damage to your PS4.

  • Avoid Directly Spraying Compressed Air Into The Fan

 Extremely fast fan rotations may cause damage to the PS4’s circuitry. Before blowing  air near the fan, secure it with a finger or a cotton swab.

  • Compressed Air Should Be Used Only In Well-Ventilated Areas 

Canned air can irritate your skin and other body parts, and breathing it in for an extended period is dangerous.

  • Spray In Bursts

Holding a steady spray of air cools the can quickly, making it difficult to handle.

Reassemble Your Playstation 4

When you’re finished cleaning out your PS4, it’s time to reassemble everything in reverse order. To begin, gently “flip” the power supply over and reinstall it in its original location. Two prongs are visible in the bottom-left corner; align them with the PSU’s gap.

Replacing the five screws that secure the PSU, Bear in mind that the bottom-left and bottom-right screws are the longers Phillips head screws with clips. The remaining three screws are TR9.

Following that, replace the cover. Begin at the front of the system (ensuring that the cover is not installed backward). Gently press down all around the system’s perimeter to ensure it is secure. When completed, it should be rigid.

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Replacing the TR9 screws on the back of the PS4 is now necessary. When screwing them back in, take care not to damage them. If you chose to keep the sticker(s) covering the back screws, do so now. It is intentional; the warranty sticker will appear scratched.

Now that your PS4 has been cleaned and reassembled, there is one additional location you may want to check quickly.

Clean the Hdd Bay on Your Playstation 4

How to Clean the Dust From a Noisy Ps4

The PS4’s hard drive is housed in a separate compartment that may or may not be dusty. While it is unnecessary to check, it is worthwhile to do so while your system is out. To access it, gently press and slide the shiny portion of your PS4 cover (on the left when viewed from the front) straight out to the left. It will lift the cover, revealing the HDD bay.

It is secured in place with a simple Phillips head screw adorned with PlayStation button icons. You can remove this and then pull the HDD to create space for dust removal in this area. Then reinstall the HDD, replace the screw, and replace the cover.

Rebuild the Ps4 Database

Now you can replace your PS4 and reconnect all of your cables.

One final step is optional, but given that you’ve just cleaned out your PS4’s hardware, now is a good time to optimize its software performance as well. The PlayStation 4 comes with a utility called Rebuild Database that optimizes all of the data on your hard drive. Essentially, it’s similar to defragmenting your computer.

If you’ve had your PS4 long enough for significant dust to accumulate, it could likely benefit from this operation as well. To access it, Switch off your PS4. Once its power off, press and hold the Power button on the console’s front, you will immediately hear one beep; continue to hold it until you hear a second beep. It initiates the PS4’s Safe Mode.

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Using a micro-USB cable, connect your controller to the PS4 and then press the PlayStation button to sync it. Choose the option Rebuild Database and confirm the operation. Your PS4 will then carry out the operation. While this procedure does not delete any of your data, it does have a few minor side effects. The PS4 will display Discover notifications for previously seen basic tips.

Because your Home screen will not display your recently played games, you will need to locate them manually once. Additionally, your PS4 will scan for and install updates for games that you haven’t played in a while. Once you’ve completed this, you should notice a slight improvement in the performance of your PS4’s menus.

FAQs – How to Clean the Dust From a Noisy Ps4?

Is Loud Ps4 Bad?

Loud noise is a very bad sign in general and should be addressed immediately. Additionally, the PS4 console may make noise if any components come loose and vibrate against the PS4’s frame. If the PS4 is placed in the incorrect location, any console-generated noise can be amplified.

Does Cleaning Ps4 Increase Performance?

While this is an unavoidable outcome, it does not mean we cannot slow the process. When it comes to the functionality and longevity of your PlayStation 4, keeping it clean is critical, even more so if you play it frequently. If you want your PS4 to perform optimally, you must clean it regularly.

What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Ps4?

Due to prolonged use and dust accumulation, both the air intake grilles and interior fans within a console can become clogged and overheat, resulting in decreased system performance. If left unaddressed, this can cause irreversible damage to the internal system of a gaming system, reducing its lifespan.


Now you know How to Clean the Dust From a Noisy Ps4? You should notice that the system is operating much more quietly than it was previously, especially if you’ve had it for years. While it is possible to clean deeper into the system, this would require some potentially dangerous operations. It is preferable to avoid causing damage to your system and perform this basic cleaning.

For future maintenance, periodically clean the outside edges of your system with a brush, compressed air, or cotton swab. It should help prevent dust from accumulating inside, reducing the frequency you must repeat this process.

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