How to Charge Xbox One Controller With USB? 3 Easy Methods

If you’re wondering How to Charge Xbox One Controller With USB, the answer is yes. Yes, that is unquestionably true. You may recharge your Xbox One controller’s battery with a standard Micro USB wire attached to the controller.

In addition to being an alternative energy source, this trait gives us a significant benefit. Here, we’ll see if this new method of charging our Xbox controllers works as well as it claims to.

When it comes to charging our Xbox One controller, we have various options. Having a discharging controller won’t stop us from playing because Microsoft has made this range of gadgets flexible.

Additionally, Xbox One controllers may utilize battery packs or Plug and Charge Kits to supply the power needed to play the game. AA batteries can either be disposable or rechargeable. The only drawback to either of these options is that the remote control will no longer work once our battery has finished charging.

Of course, we could buy more disposable batteries, but that would rapidly add up as a waste of money. Waiting for a few hours in the charging station will also allow us to charge our controller fully. In the end, we have to give up playing on our console, but what if we could use our Xbox One controller without batteries?

How to Charge Xbox One Controller With USB? 3 Methods

how to charge xbox one controller with usb

When charging your controller, you may use any phone charger with a micro USB port. According to the type of cable you choose and where you plug your device in, charging times vary.

It’s as simple as plugging a micro USB phone charger into the Xbox or a wall socket. Either one will do. You’ll need an appropriate adapter head to connect it to a power outlet (just like any phone charger).

You may also use any micro USB cord to connect a wireless Xbox controller to a computer or laptop. You can charge your controller with this.

You can, however, go further if you so desire. You may play games on your PC with the help of a controller connected to your computer. If you have Windows 10, you may stream your Xbox to your PC and use the linked controller to play the games. When your Xbox is connected to a TV or monitor, it can be used by someone else.

#1) The Microsoft Play N Charge Kit

The Xbox Play N Charge Kit is the official method of charging your Xbox controller. The official Xbox controller charging kit promises 30 hours of use from your controller. Only four hours are needed to recharge the battery.

But wait, there’s more to come. You can continue to play games while your controller is charging! You may charge your Xbox controller while you play by connecting it to the console.

#2) Batteries

You can never go wrong with AA batteries as a power source for your Xbox controller. When a double-A battery dies, You must replace it immediately.

#3 Rechargeable Battery Pack

You can acquire a rechargeable battery pack for your Xbox controller, just like the Xbox Play N Charge Kit. There are many options out there, so you’ll need to do some research. Also, make sure to check out customer testimonials.

These battery packs will be fully charged and ready to go in just a few hours. Replace out the battery packs if one fails. While one battery pack is being utilized, You can charge the other.

How do I fix my Xbox One controller not charging?

Is it possible to recharge AA batteries with a Micro USB cord?

As you might expect, the answer to this question is “No”. Battery packs from Microsoft allow us to play Xbox One games wirelessly for up to 30 hours at a time, allowing us to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. 

We would bypass or overlook Microsoft’s profit by using cheap AA rechargeable batteries to replace this feature, making battery packs obsolete. It is not something with which the corporation entirely agrees.

Remove the battery cover and look at the individual pins and contact plates to charge your Xbox One controller. Microsoft battery packs contain a distinct row of pins from AA batteries for charging purposes. ‘ At the same time, this is both good and bad. 

However, when our rechargeable AA batteries run out, we have to remove them from the gadget they were initially intended for and put them in something else to recharge.

It means that the consumer will have to go through an additional step in the process, which is less convenient. The cost of battery packs versus rechargeable AA batteries is another drawback. 

But on the plus side, charging the non-rechargeable AA batteries this way prevents the user from damaging their Xbox One controller or damaging the batteries permanently.

Is it possible to play with my Xbox One controller without needing batteries?

It’s an easy trick that only a few people know about. Still, it saves us from having to buy expensive original battery packs or, even worse, AA batteries for our Xbox One controller regularly. 

These expensive battery packs also suffer from wear and tear and must be changed over time. Not to mention the worry of realizing that your Xbox One controller is running low on battery and needs to be charged at the end of a long gaming session. So frustrating.

Using a Micro USB cable, you may even remove the batteries from your controller and continue playing without issues. It’s vital to note that the battery of the Xbox One controller is not in any way connected to the Micro USB cord in this configuration. 

As long as we have a Micro USB cable plugged into our controller, we can continue to use it even if the battery compartment is empty.

What is the best Xbox controller charger?

A rechargeable battery pack, a controller charging station, or some rechargeable AA batteries for your controller are the best options for long-term use if you wish to charge your Xbox controller frequently. You may charge your Xbox controller with any one of these three choices.

Yes, you can use a phone charger to recharge your Xbox controller if you’re curious. With a few limitations, the answer to that question is “yes.” The Xbox battery pack (like the one mentioned below) uses USB-C for charging if your phone does, too, if you are adamant about charging both smartphones using the same cord.

Xbox still allows us to use standard AA batteries; thus, investing in rechargeables is an intelligent move. AA batteries may be used for more than just your controller, which is a better option than a rechargeable pack.

We prefer the Energizer Recharge Pro, which can hold four AA batteries at a time and recharges them typically in a reasonable amount of time.

If you have a spare set of batteries in the charger, you can switch them out when the ones you’re using run out. As a result, you will never be without a pair of charged controllers when you need them most.

Is there a charging station for the Xbox Series X? That’s correct, too, as far as I can tell.

Those are the three best Xbox controller chargers out there. Do Xbox One controllers work with the Series X, if you were wondering? They do, for sure! That way, You can use your previous controllers similarly.

FAQs – How to Charge Xbox One Controller With USB

Can you charge an Xbox controller with a phone charger?

You may recharge Xbox controllers in a variety of ways. A phone charger, for instance, is one of these methods. If your phone charger is a micro USB, You can use only Android phone chargers to power your Xbox controller.

How do you charge an Xbox controller?

To use your dock, plug in the USB-C cable at its back. Gently place the controller on the dock to begin charging after the dock is connected.

Can I charge rechargeable batteries in my Xbox One controller?

A special charger isn’t necessary for my AA Eneloops. It’s as simple as plugging in my micro USB cord and letting it charge!

Can an Xbox controller be powered by USB?

After going to sleep mode, there will be no more re-syncing. Microsoft has made a micro USB cable available for charging the Xbox One controller.


We hope after reading the above article on How to Charge Xbox One Controller With USB will be very beneficial for you, and you will know everything about charging Xbox one controller. 

Xbox is a bustling place right now. You may recharge Xbox controllers in a variety of ways. Rechargeable battery packs and the Xbox Play N Charge Kit are just a few of the options.

If you have Gamepass Ultimate, you can also stream to your mobile device via Cloud. You can use the device with a Bluetooth Xbox controller. An alternative to the Razor Kishi is the Razor Kishi, a phone controller.