How to Change Your PS4 Profile Picture

Are you tired of seeing the same image of yourself every time you turn on the PS4? Then alter it! Please don’t bother about changing the Profile because it is not that challenging.

You may customize numerous parts of your PS4 Profile, one of which is your profile image. Whether you want something personal, whimsical, or one-of-a-kind, the option is yours.

Here’s How to Change Your Ps4 Profile Picture? to whatever image you choose.

Why It’s Important to Have Profile Picture On PS4?

How to Change Your PS4 Profile Picture

It is not useless to use profile pictures or waste time; it is an excellent idea to represent yourself on social media. By uploading a profile picture of your interest, you give an image of yourself to others.

It is critical to assist others in identifying you. Another objective is to help you express yourself and assist others in developing a favorable image of you.

Why It’s Important to Change Profile Picture?

Suppose you use PS4 at all, whether for personal or recreational purposes, it’s a good idea to update your profile photographs regularly. From a personal and social standpoint, you maintain an updated profile image that demonstrates to others that you are social media engagement.

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Have you ever observed that those who maintain an updated, professional, and consistent profile image appear to be more organized as compare to those who do not?

To create an organized profile photo, you must first take an organized approach to put it together.

How to Change Your Ps4 Profile Picture?

If you’ve never updated your PS4 Profile before, which you have if you’re reading this, you should be aware that you can’t do so with your real PS4. You can set it, but you cannot change the image.

You may edit and customize your PS4 profile photo in two ways: via computer or mobile device.

Ps4 Profile Picture Change With Computer

Here’s How to Change Your Ps4 Profile Picture With Computer?.

To begin, navigate to the PlayStation website and sign in with your PSN credentials. Then, click on your PSN icon in the top-right corner and select Account Settings from the drop-down menu.

From the PlayStation Network menu, select Profile. Following that, click the Edit option to the right of the Profile Picture. Choose a photo from your computer, save it, and confirm it by clicking on Change Picture.

Your updated profile picture should now appear on both your PSN account and your PS4 when you use it. Additionally, if you modify your profile photo once again, you’ll have the option of changing it or using your PSN avatar as your profile picture.

Ps4 Profile Picture Change With Phone

Here’s How to Change Your Ps4 Profile Picture With Phone?.

To begin, download the PlayStation app to your phone and sign in with your PSN credentials. Then, press your name in the Play area and select Edit Profile.

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Now, the procedure is pretty similar to what one would do on a computer. Select the Edit button to the right of the Profile Picture. Select Change Picture, navigate to your phone’s gallery, select a photo, save it, and confirm.

As with your computer, this modifies both your PSN and PS4 Profile pictures, and you now have the option of setting your PSN profile picture as your avatar if you wish to change your profile picture again.

How to Set Your Profile Picture With Ps4?

Now that you’ve successfully changed and set your PS4 profile image using your phone and computer let’s have a look at how to do it using your PS4.

From the home screen of your PS4, navigate to Profile, click the ellipsis (…) next to Set Online Status, and then click Edit Profile. It will take you to your PS4 profile settings, where you can customize several aspects of your Profile, including your PS4 profile avatar.

Choose a profile photo. You can now set your PS4 profile picture to the image you uploaded with your phone or PC or your PSN avatar. You may alternate between the two as often as you choose.

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It’s discouraging to see such limited settings on your actual PS4, even more so when your console is capable of taking some incredible in-game images. Because you cannot directly put your PS4 screenshots as your profile picture on your PS4, you must instead use the PlayStation Messaging feature in the PS app.

How to Set Your Ps4 Profile Picture With Facebook?

You can take the photographs directly from your Facebook profile. Before proceeding with these procedures, you must check that your Profile is linked to your Facebook account.

  • Push up on the d-pad to reach the top tier of menu selections after logging into your PS4’s primary account. Continue scrolling to the right until you get to a toolbox labeled ‘Settings,’ and press the X button.
  • Scroll down the menu using the d-pad to the ‘PSN’ option and select it with the X button.
  • Using the d-pad, scroll down to the Account Information option and select the X button in the PSN area.
  • Once in the ‘Account Information’ screen, use the d-pad to scroll down to ‘Profile’ and select it with the X button.
  • Once on the ‘Profile’ page, use the d-pad to scroll down to ‘Profile Picture’ and pick it with the X button.
  • If you successfully link your Facebook account, this will display an image of your current Facebook profile icon.
  • To allow this, click the X button next to the box labeled ‘Use My Facebook Profile Picture’ and then click ‘Confirm.’ By reversing the above procedures, you can disable the image.

How to set Your Ps4 Profile Cover Picture?

You may quickly and easily update the cover photo for your PS4 Profile.

To begin, navigate to your PS4 Profile’s cover image settings. Carry out this action via one of the following pathways:

  • Account Management > Profile Information > Profile > Cover Image Profile >… > Alternate Cover Image.
How to Change Your PS4 Profile Picture

You may upload, edit, and delete your PS4 profile cover image from here, as well as customize the backdrop color. Additionally, you can adjust various things in your profile settings, including your PS4 profile avatar.

  • Change the Cover Image by selecting it. Now, you may customize your PS4 cover image by selecting one of your screenshots.
  • It may appear to be a constraint at first, as you are initially limited to automatic trophy screenshots, in-game screenshots, and any other PS4 screenshots you may have captured.

However, you can use any image as your cover image.

  • To do so, open the Internet Browser app on your PS4, search for an image you want, press square to bring it full screen, and then use the Share button on your controller to capture a screenshot of it.
  • Additionally, you may use the PS App to send instant messages to your friends, which will automatically sync with your PS4. Therefore, download an image to your phone, send it to a buddy via the PS App, access the image in your PS4’s Messages area, wait for the “information” prompt to disappear, and then screenshot it.
  • You can use an image other than a PS4 screenshot as your PS4 Profile cover photo with either of these ways.

FAQs – How to Change Your Ps4 Profile Picture?

Can I Use My Profile Photo as My Ps4 Avatar?

You cannot build a custom PS4 avatar. You can generate a custom profile picture, but it will be seen only to you and those who have been granted access to your real name. You can not create custom profile images on the console; they must be made using the PlayStation app.

How Do I Put a Background on My Ps4?

Select ‘Select theme,’ ‘Custom,’ and your USB storage device from the ‘Themes’ option under the PS4 settings menu, then ‘Select picture.’ If you’re satisfied with your wallpaper, click ‘Apply.’

How Do I Change My Age on Ps4?

Log in as the family manager to your PS4 console and navigate to Settings > Parental Controls/Family Management > Family Management. Select Add Family Member > Create User from the menu bar. After entering the child’s name and birth date, click Next.


So it is the whole organized information about How to Change Your Ps4 Profile Picture? You may now customize and replace your PS4 profile image! Switch things up occasionally, and perhaps check your entire PS4 Profile to see if it requires an update.

While you can alter your PS4 profile photo using your phone or computer, it should be a primary function to do it with your PS4. Sony should shorten this process to make personalizing your PS4’s digital decor a little bit easier.

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