How to Cancel ESO Plus Xbox? Easy Guide

Your responsibility is to terminate your ESO Plus membership, as Xbox is a third-party vendor, and we do not have access to any past transactions. If you need help managing your ESO Plus membership on Xbox, you can reach out to Xbox customer service.

How to Cancel ESO Plus Xbox

  • Go to the Services and subscriptions page. Signing in is possible.
  • Cancel the subscription by clicking on Payment & Billing > Cancel in the subscription list. Try signing in to the correct Microsoft account if you don’t see any of your subscriptions on this page.
  • Then click Confirm cancellation. Check confirmation email in your inbox within the next few minutes.

How to Cancel ESO Plus Xbox (Browser)

How to Cancel ESO Plus Xbox

You can cancel your Xbox One subscription to ESO Plus by following these steps.

  • Visit on your PC to get started.
  • Microsoft credentials are required to log in.
  • From the home page, select the Service and Subscriptions tab.
  • You can access the ESO Plus subscription plan by clicking on the link.
  • Underneath, select the Manage option.
  • Stop automatic renewals or Cancel Immediately are the only two options you have to cancel your subscription.
  • On your Xbox, you will terminate the ESO Plus membership.

How to Turn Off Auto Renewal ESO Plus Pc & MAC

Following these steps will allow you to terminate your ESO Plus membership on a PC or Mac:

  • is where you can log in to your ESO account.
  • In the “Account Summary” column on the left, click Manage Membership.
  • Click on Cancel Membership to complete the process. Please terminate my subscription.

Note: Steam or another platform may be in charge of managing your ESO Plus membership if you don’t see this option.

  • The recurring subscription will no longer be available, as evidenced by a banner at the top of the website.
  • Take note of the “Cancelled” Account ESO Plus status change.
  • You will send The Elder Scrolls Online a confirmation email once the cancellation is complete.

On Steam

  • Open Steam and verify that you are logged into the account associated with the membership before proceeding further.
  • You may find your Username by selecting your name in the upper right corner of Steam’s desktop client and clicking on “Account Information.”


-> In Big Picture mode, click the Gear Icon, then Account, and then View Account Details in Big Picture mode.

-> You can also log into the Steam website by clicking here.

  • On the right side of the page, select Manage Subscriptions under Store & Purchase History.
  • Select “The Elder Scrolls Online: Plus Membership” and then click the Edit option to the right of it.
  • To cancel your subscription, click the Cancel my subscription option and click the Apply button.
  • In the “Next Billing Date” column, you’ll notice the word “Cancelled,” informing you that the subscription has been terminated.

How to Cancel ESO Plus on PS4

  • Log in to your PlayStation Network account with an ESO Plus subscription by turning on your PlayStation system.
  • Go to the home & Tap Setting Icon to access the settings.
  • Select the Account Management option in the options.
  • Select Account Information from the Account Management menu.
  • Once you’ve selected PlayStation Network Services, you’ll see all of your subscriptions.
  • Select ESO Plus from the list of currently active plans to enrol.
  • Select Stop paying for the next month by disabling Auto-Renewals.

Can you cancel your ESO plus anytime?

Players on PC and Mac can manage their ESO Plus memberships in their Accounts’ “Membership Details” section. Check infrequently if you want to cancel your membership before payment renewals are completed and before the end of the payment month.

How do I cancel auto-renewal on ESO plus?

Go to to disable auto-renewal. Select [Turn Off Auto Renew] from your PlayStation Network account’s [Subscriptions Management] section. You can reach customer service at 877-971-7669 to end your subscription.

How do I check my ESO Plus membership on Xbox?

“Active-ESO Plus Recurring” will appear in a player’s Account Status if they have an active membership. Players can check their Billing History to see when their subscription was purchased and activated.

How do I change my ESO subscription to Xbox?

On your account profile page, click on the Membership link. Click on Create a recurring membership to begin the process. Select a membership package that fits your needs. Enter the information for your preferred payment method.

What happens if I cancel ESO plus?

Crafting is still available, but you can only withdraw from it if you don’t have ESO+. That’s very useful information, many thanks! Your DLC skill progress is saved in case you ever need it again.

How do I pause ESO plus?

You can’t take a break from ESO Plus. No, as previously said, You cannot pause this. There’s no guarantee that they’ll give you free time to compensate for the time you lost, but if you send a ticket and ask, I’m not sure if they will or not.

Is ESO a monthly subscription?

One of the publisher’s most successful MMORPGs, based on an offline role-playing series, will no longer charge a $15 monthly subscription, it was announced today. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, a free update to the $60 original, will be available to anyone who owns the original game.

Are Elder Scrolls Online worth it in 2022?

It will be worth your time to play The Elder Scrolls Online in 2022. Traveling throughout Tamriel makes up for the lack of Skyrim or Oblivion-like gameplay. In addition, the majority of the game’s missions and battles may be completed alone.

Do you need a credit card for ESO plus?

You must first validate your PayPal account with a bank account or credit card to set up a recurring ESO Plus membership through PayPal. Please contact PayPal’s customer support department if you need assistance verifying your PayPal account without providing a credit card.

Do you keep all DLC ESO plus?

If my ESO Plus membership expires, would I lose everything I’ve earned through DLC? No. Unless the DLC is purchased separately from the Crown Store, players will lose access to DLC locations and quests if their membership expires, but they will maintain all items and rewards acquired through the content.

How do I save and exit ESO?

The game doesn’t require any savings. A backup is automatically created every time you log in to play The Elder Scrolls Online. If you leave the game and then come back, you will be able to continue where you left off.

How do I check my ESO Plus subscription on PC?

Enter your account information either online or by using the built-in client of Steam. From the top of the page, click on the Account Details option in the menu. “Manage Subscriptions” can be found under “Store & Purchase History.”

Is an ESO account a Bethesda account?

The and Elder Scrolls Online accounts are separate. You do not require a account to play ESO on any platform. Steam, well-known pay for the ability to bitcoin farm and link coverage.

Can you play ESO without Xbox Gold?

Yes. Even those included in the Xbox Game Pass, any online Xbox One game requires Xbox Gold.

Are Elder Scrolls Online free to play on Xbox One?

Only on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Google Stadia are The Elder Scrolls Online free-to-play. Before the free trial expires, new players can choose from four of Elder Scrolls Online’s original classes and travel to 23 different zones worldwide.