How to Backup and Restore Your PS4’s Data

As you know the security of your PS4 data is critical, you must back it up regularly to avoid losing it. What you have to need to do is as follows.

It is critical to back up your PS4 data. Whether you’re in search to sell your current system but keep your progress, transfer your data to another console, or prepare for hard drive failures, you should keep your PS4 data backed up and available for restoration at any time.

Let’s take a look at How to Back Up and Restore Your PS4’s Data?

Why Should You Back Up Your Saved Data?

How to Back Up and Restore Your PS4's Data

Assume you’re playing a game that hasn’t yet been patched for a known issue. This particular issue results in crashes, which some users have reported may corrupt saved data. You’ve read horror stories on Reddit and Twitter and want to take precautions to protect your saved data.

You can take a snapshot of your improvement at a specific time by manually backing up your save file. Then, even if the worst-case scenario occurs, you will lose only the progress made since the previous snapshot. It will still sting, but it is preferable to a complete redo.

Now imagine turning on your PS4 one day and being greeted by an onscreen error. The system indicates that the hard drive is corrupt and must be formatted before you can use the console. You may have just lost access to your entire library of saved data.

A fire, a flood, or any other type of sudden hardware failure can destroy your hard drive. When you finally approach your console up and running, your saved data will be waiting for you, thanks to an automated online backup.

Is It Necessary To Back Up Your Saved Data?

What if you’re visiting a friend and want to pick up where you left off at home? You can join your PSN account and download your save file using Sony’s cloud backup service. When you’re finished playing, you can also upload your updated save the file to ensure that you don’t lose your progress when you return home to play again.

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Keeping your saved data and, by extension, your progress secure provides reassurance. Additionally, having on-demand save file downloads available is convenient in case you ever require one.

How to Back Up and Restore Your PS4’s Data?

First, let me demonstrate how to backup all of your PS4 data, including installation data, stored data, settings data, and capture gallery.

How to Synchronize Your PlayStation 4 Trophy Collection?

Readers with keen eyes may have noticed something is lacking from the preceding sentence: PS4 trophies. Therefore, let us examine this first.

Why? Because you are unable to backup your PS4 trophy collection. However, this is not a problem, as you may sync your trophies with the PlayStation Network.

To do so, navigate to your PS4’s Trophies area, click the Options button on your controller, and select Sync with PlayStation Network.

If you create a backup of your PS4 data and then restore it without first synchronizing your trophies, you risk losing pieces of your hard-earned collection.

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Now that your PlayStation trophies are linked with the PSN let’s talk about How to Back Up and Restore Your PS4’s Data?

You’ll need an outer hard drive or a USB pen drive to back up your PS4’s existing data. To back up and restore your data, follow these steps:

Format the USB Flash Drive

  • Connect a USB hard drive to your Windows PC via the USB port.
  • The format is a right-click menu option.
  • Select the exFAT file format.
  • Select the maximum value indicated in the drop-down box for the allocation unit size option.

Make a Backup of Your Game Data

  • Link the USB storage device to the system using the included USB cable.
  • Select Settings > System > Backup and Restore from the function screen.
  • Select PS4 Backup.
  • By pressing X, you will add a checkmark to the checkbox for storing Applications.
  • Your PS4 will now restart and complete the data transfer. It could take a some hours or up to a day, depending on the amount of data.

Copy the Data

After powering on the PS4, you can copy the data you backed up earlier to the console.

Bear in mind that you must be signed in with the same PSN account that used to copy the saved data in the first place.

  • Connect the USB storage device to the system that you used to backup your games.
  • Select Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data on USB Storage Device > Copy to System Storage from the functions screen.
  • Choose a title.
  • Press X to select the checkbox next to the saved data you wish to copy, and then choose Copy.
  • Once you’ve completed this, you will copy the game to your PS4, and you may resume playing whenever you want.

Backup PS4 Save Data Automatically to the Cloud

How to Back Up and Restore Your PS4's Data

To automatically back up your saved data to the cloud, you must subscribe to PlayStation Plus. You can then accomplish it via the PlayStation Store or the PlayStation Plus icon on the PlayStation 4 Home screen. The service costs $59.99 per year or $9.99 per month in the United States. Additionally, a subscription includes two free games every month and online play.

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If you have a PS Plus subscription already, cloud saves are almost certainly enabled. You can store your files or data up to 100 GB.

However, you can upload saved data automatically only from your primary console. If you only own one PS4, you are not affected by this. If you play on numerous consoles, you can designate one as your primary PS4 via Settings > Account Management > Activate as Your Primary PS4.

Following that, ensure that your console remains connected to the internet when in Rest Mode. It ensures that the console can begin uploading immediately once you’ve completed playing. To enable this, navigate to Settings > Power Save Settings > Configure Rest Mode Functions > Maintain Internet Connection.

FAQs – How to Back Up and Restore Your PS4’s Data?

Can I Recover PS4 Save Data?

When files are accidentally deleted from the PS4, you can safely connect your flash drive and restore the data from the hard drive of the PS4. To do so, navigate to Settings. Adhere to the instructions: System > Backup and Restore > Restore PS4 > Choose backup files from the list > Select Yes.

How Do I Restore My Initialized Data on PS4?

When you reset your system, all saved settings and data on the PS4 system are lost. This process is irreversible, so take care not to erase any critical data by accident. Data that has been removed cannot be restored.

Does Rebuilding Database on Ps4 Delete Everything?

Before rebuilding your PS4’s database, rest assured that the process does not lose any of your saved data; instead, it reorganizes and updates your system’s files. Pick “Rebuild Database,” being careful not to accidentally select “Initialize PS4”, which will wipe all your data.


Do you now understand How to Back Up and Restore Your PS4’s Data?

It’s a valuable talent to have. If you’re considering purchasing an external hard drive for your PS4, whether for backup purposes or otherwise, consider the benefits and potential drawbacks that an external hard drive provides to you and your PS4.

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