How Much Will a Pawn Shop Give Me for a PS4

A pawn shop is a business that either purchases your possessions outright or utilizes them as security for a loan. Generally, if you trade your stuff, you will earn a little more money for them.

If you decide to take loans, you will have a set period (often a few months) to repay the loan with interest payments until your products sell to the general public.

Search for your system and compare the amount. Check out websites such as pawn guru to discover how much the system sells for in varying conditions.

Depending on the state of your system and its accessories, this might mean the difference between over $100 in your pocketbook and over $100 out. Establish a realistic expectation for the price of your system before preparing it for sale.

After researching the PS4 and the market for used systems, you can pick where to sell your design. Big box retail pawn shops are an excellent alternative for people seeking convenience and instant cash and those looking to sell a system that is not in its original box. Marketing your system online expands your potential customer base but takes some other processes.

How Pawn Shop Work

Pawnshops generate revenue by making personal loans, reselling retail items, and providing ancillary services such as money transfers and cell phone reactivation.

Earning interest on loans and profiting from retail trade are the primary revenue streams for a pawnshop’s basic strategic plan.

Safety Precautions Before Selling PS4 on Pawn Shop

These steps are necessary to pawn a PS4 in good value.

Delete Your Data

  • If your system has access, seek out ways to delete the drive’s data.
  • You can accomplish it by resetting the default settings of the system to factory settings. 
  • It will undo any changes you’ve made and assist in removing your private information from the device.

Clean-Up System

  • Cleaning is one of the most significant method to prepare your system, depending on its health. If your system is brand new and still wrapped in plastic, you may proceed. 
  • Clean the console with a nonabrasive cloth to eliminate dirt and debris. It will indicate whether the console has marks or dents that could affect the pricing. Additionally, controllers should be polished, being careful not to exploit the potential.
  • Ascertain that all buttons are clean and easily movable. Pinch a cloth around the power cords and mono earphones and slowly draw the cable through your squeezed fingers. It is a easiest and effective method of cleaning cables. 
  • Keep in mind not to push too forcefully, or you risk damaging the cables. Additionally, you can dust the PS4 case. However, avoid using damp cloths or sprays.


  • Take photographs of the system and attachments, whether you’re trying to sell online or in-store. 
  • Photographs are an excellent method to keep track of the dents and scrapes of the system, as well as the remains that came with it. 
  • Arrange the things in a well-lit place, taking care that nothing is distracting in the backdrop.
  • Take numerous photographs of the system from various perspectives, including close-ups of any blemishes or dents. 
  • Please take photographs of each component of the PS4 correctly and in its whole, including the box.
  • Include clear images of serial numbers and a Quick Start Guide with large print that makes the numbers and words easy to see.

Sell With Their Original Box

  • When selling your PS4, the best option is to keep the original box; this significantly increases the value. The PlayStation 4 package has cardboard inserts that protect the device and make transporting it more accessible. Once your system is clean and dry, replace any remaining plastic covers on the equipment.
  • If not, reassemble the system in its original compartments. Take care to coil the cables and mono headphones properly and secure them with a twisty tie or Ziploc bag. 
  • Separating the cables will improve their organization and look. The PS4 Quick Start Guide ‘Welcome to the World of PlayStation’ comes in its plastic packing and box compartment.

Things to Consider While Selling a PS4

How Much Will a Pawn Shop Give Me for a PS4
  • The first consideration is the model. There are numerous PS4 models, and if yours is deemed more desired due to its unique characteristics, you may be able to sell it for more money.
  • Storage capacity is also a vital consideration. It is related to the model, and in general, the larger the storage capacity, the lower the price.
  • Locate the model number of your Playstation 4 on the back or bottom of the console, and then compare it to the given checklist.
  • The characteristics of your PS4 will determine how much a pawn shop would pay for it. If it is damaged externally or functionally, you will receive less money for it. If it is in excellent condition, you will have a better chance of getting top dollar for it.
  • Finally, considering the box and all other components, the price you can acquire for a PS4 will vary. It comprises the game controllers, all wires, and a few PS4 games if desired. Additionally, the envelope and handbook will enhance its appearance.
  • Consider the next consumer the shop will sell it to; the more items the pawnshop includes in the deal, the more attractive the package will appear on the whole. 
  • Make your PS4 more “sellable” to the pawnshop, and you’re likely to receive a higher offer.

Average Pawn Value of a PS4

How Much Will a Pawn Shop Give Me for a PS4

Experts calculated the average pawn value of a PS4 in 2016 by analyzing all-cash offers made on PawnGuru. Devices in ‘like new’ state sold for an estimated $110 more and ten days quicker than systems sold ‘as is’ or ‘parts only.’ Console games such as the PS4 Batman edition may result in a higher system value.

Pawn Shops often offer 30% to 40% of a product’s used residual value and will likely provide you $70 to $80 for the used PlayStation 4 and $100 to $150. The average pawnshop price for a PS4 is $105.22. On a PS4, the highest offer was $250. 

Because presented proposals on PS4s in various configurations, storage capacities, and brands, the prices in the data fluctuated significantly. It is why experts strongly advise customers to list their unique PS4 on PawnGuru.

Pawn a PS4 for the Most Money

  • We can pawn a PS4 for the maximum money possible by following the steps below. It is also the most straightforward and most efficient method.
  • Put your PS4 up for auction on PawnGuru for free.
  • Keep an eye out for monetary offers from nearby pawn shops.
  • Contrast the PlayStation 4 offers you acquire.
  • Acknowledge the highest offer on your PlayStation 4.
  • Deliver your video game console to the pawnshop where you received the highest offer.
  • Having completed the payment
  • Today, move away with cash in transactions for returning your old PlayStation 4 to the shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Trade Your PS4 for a PS5?

As soon as your system is in perfect condition, you should receive the total trade-in value. With GameStop’s trade-in credit program, you may receive a $200 credit towards the PS5 when you deal in a PS4 Pro; a $150 credit when you give in a 1TB Playstation 4 Slim; or a $100 credit when you sell in a 500GB Playstation 4 Slim.

How Much Could You Sell a PS5 for?

Pawn businesses often purchase anything they believe they can sell. Most pawnshops also accept collectible coins and banknotes, including silver, half dollars, American eagles, and uncommon paper currency. Pawnshops will also purchase high-quality power tools.

How Much Money Does GameStop Give You for Games?

On Cyber Weekend 2020, resellers sold PS5 disc editions for up to $1,000. Until this month, the system is retailing for an average price of around $715. Additionally, prices are 10% less than they had been in June. Prices for the PS5 Digital Edition (without a disc drive) peaked at $1,000 last December as well.

Will GameStop Buy My PS4?

If you’re ready to accept credit cards in place of cash, GameStop is a better bargain, making it perfect for anyone who frequents the gaming mega-retailer. At the moment, you may get the regular PS4 for $80 in cash or $100 in credit or the PS4 Pro for $140 in cash or $175 in credit.


PS4 equipment is in high demand at the moment. You may sell these as quickly as we receive them. You can sell your PS4 at the pawnshop, and it will make an offer that is more than reasonable.

I hope this information helped you sell your PS4 on the Pawn Shop. Used PlayStation 4 systems range in price from $180 to $250, depending on their condition and model. 

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