How Much Will a Pawn Shop Give Me for a PS4 (2023)

Pawn shops will pay different amounts for a PS4. It depends on how good the console is, how old it is, and how much people want it in that area. If you want to find the best deal at a pawn shop, PawnGuru can help. The average price for a PS4 at a pawn shop is about $150 though.

Keep in mind that this is just a general price. Depending on their rules and the other things we talked about, some pawn shops may give more or less than this amount.

How Much Will a Pawn Shop Give Me for a PS4?

When you sell your PS4, it usually costs $230. A brand-new PS4 costs $399.99 right now.

What do you think a used PS4 is worth? If you want to sell a used PS4 today, most stores will pay between $131 and $166. It’s not very much compared to the PS4 Pro.

ModelOnline Buyback StoresOnline Marketplaces (eBay, after fees)
PS4 Slim 500 GB$109$207
PS 4 Slim 1 TB$129$170
PS 4 Pro 1 TB$135$201
PS 4 Pro 2 TB$140$453

Did You Know: When you pawn something at a shop, you have to leave your things behind. Jewelry, electronics, cameras, musical instruments, and guns are the most common things that are pawned. Most of the time, the pawnshop will give you 25% to 60% of the item’s value in exchange for its ability to be sold again.

Note: Most pawn shop credits are between $75 and $100.

Minimum And Maximum Prices For Playstation

  • The PS4 Pro costs between $20.50 and $230.
  • PS4 Slim costs between $15.50 and $175. 
  • Starter PS4 for $16.50 to $175

You might also raise the price if you add items. A pawn shop is ready to pay around $300 for a PS4 that is in good shape and comes with one controller and a 500-gig flash drive.

When you sell a PS4, you can usually get around $30 for the controller. PS4 games cost around $6 to $10.

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What PS4 Can I Pawn For The Most Cash?

How Much Will a Pawn Shop Give Me for a PS4

You can make the most money by selling a brand-new PS4 with everything that comes with it. You might even get more than $230 for your PS4 if it’s in such great shape and still has all of its original parts.

The model and amount of storage space on your PS4 are important. You will get more money if the model is better and has more store space. You shouldn’t sell your PS4 for less than it’s worth. You should feel good about negotiating a price with the loan shop if it’s brand new, comes with everything you need, and is a new model.

After you do this, your PS4 will have a much better chance of getting the most money from a loan shop.

How Do I Find a Good Pawn Shop Near Me?

Finding a trustworthy pawn shop in your area can be done in a number of ways. Some ideas are given below:

  • Ask for recommendations: Ask people you work with, family, or friends if they know of any good Pawn shops in the area.
  • Use search engines: A search engine like Bing or Google can help you find pawn shops near you. There are pawn shops near you if you put “Pawn Shops Near Me” into a search engine.
  • Use pawn shop locators: Some websites, like Savvy Budget Boss and Who Buys Your Stuff, let you find pawn shops near you for free.
  • Check reviews: Check out what other people have said about pawn shops on sites like Yelp and Google Maps after you have made a list of them.
  • Visit the shop: Lastly, go to the pawn shop in person to see how they treat their customers and what their rules are. This will help you figure out if it meets your wants.

What You Need to Do to Sell a PS4

How Much Will a Pawn Shop Give Me for a PS4

Clear the records

Carefully erase the drive’s information if it has been used. Getting the machine back to its original factory settings is one way to do this. This will help get rid of the private data on the device and remove any changes that were made.


If the system is in good shape, cleaning it might be one of the best ways to get it ready. If the item is brand new and still in its plastic wrapper, you can move on. 

Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the panel. This can help you figure out if the machine has any dents or scratches that might change the price. Also, controls should be cleaned, making sure that the hardware is not damaged.

Make sure the buttons are clean and easy to move. Wrap a piece of fabric around the mono earphone cord and the power wires. Then, slowly pull the cord between your fingers. 

This is an easy and quick way to clean wires. If you pull too hard, you could damage the lines. It’s also possible to clean the PS4 box, but be careful not to use any wet stuff or sprays.

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Take Pictures

If you’re selling the gadget and its parts in person or online, take pictures of them. Taking shots of the equipment is a great way to remember what accessories came with it and what dents and scratches it has. 

When putting the goods somewhere well-lit, make sure there is nothing in the background that would take away from the shot. Take a lot of pictures of the system from different angles, and pay close attention to any scars or scratches. 

Take pictures of the PS4’s parts, both one by one and all together, as well as the box. You should also include the Quick Start Guide, which has clear pictures of the serial numbers, numbers, and text.

Pack in the Box

If possible, the PS4 should still be in its original box when it is sold. This will make it worth a lot more. The PS4 comes in a box with cardboard inserts that protect the device and make it easier to move. After the system has been cleaned and dried, put the items neatly back into their plastic bags if you have any. 

If not, you will have to restore the system in the right places. Be careful to curl the cords and a single headphone before you use a twisty clip or a Ziploc bag to hold them in place. If you separate the wires, they will look better and be easier to find. There is a different plastic box part and packing in the “Welcome to the World of PlayStation” PS4 Quick Start Guide.

Time to Sell

As soon as the system is clean, ready, and priced fairly, you’re ready to sell. Make sure you understand about any dents, scratches, missing or new controls and wires. 

Know exactly what your price will be when you start, but also give yourself some room to move. When you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to selling faster and better.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I sell my PS4 for cash?

With Back Market’s BuyBack service, it’s easy to get cash for your old game console. When you decide to sell doesn’t matter because the amount they pay is based on how good the PlayStation is and not how much people want to buy it.

Will pawn shop take PS4 without controller?

Some might and some won’t. Some cities and towns have laws that say your neighborhood game store that takes trade-ins is actually a pawn shop. Most of the time, these shops are at least a little more willing to take back a console without a controller, even if they offer a slightly lower price.

Does GameStop buy broken consoles?

Yes, GameStop will buy broken game systems, controllers, and accessories for cash or store credit. However, they will charge you around $60 to fix them up. There are some rules, though. The item must have its original serial number. You can’t wear it off, fade it, tear it, or scratch it off.


Pawn shops are great places to sell things you don’t need. Usually, they pay about 60% of what the item was originally worth. This is a good way to get cash for your used gear. If you want to sell something to a pawn shop, make sure you do your research first. 

There are some shady shops out there. If you want to buy a new game system or just need some extra cash, you might want to think about pawning your old stuff.

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