How Much Is Xbox Company Worth In 2022? History & Evolution

The Xbox is a well-known brand in the video game industry. An American video game company with nearly two decades on the market. Microsoft owns Xbox.

Xbox Live, streaming services, video game consoles, and mobile gaming apps are just some of Microsoft’s offerings. The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X were released in November 2020 and are the most recent in a long line of Xbox devices.

So, how well have you been versed in all things Xbox? Even if it’s not much, we’ve put together a wiki and other resources to help you learn more about How Much Is Xbox Company Worth in 2022. So, assuming you’re ready, here’s the lowdown on Xbox.

Xbox’s History

In the wake of Sony Computer Entertainment’s introduction of the PlayStation 2, Microsoft decided to design a system that could run on Windows. Several different names knew it in the beginning. Finally, the name ‘Xbox’ is the one they settle on. 

Xbox’s makers care more about the number of users than they do about the number of units sold. In North America, the Xbox was released in 2001. Dreamcast, GameCube, and PlayStation 2 were all competing against it.

In 2002, Xbox Live was released to allow gamers to play online. Redmond, Washington, serves as the company’s headquarters. The current CEO of the company is Phil Spencer. 

Microsoft followed up the Xbox with the Xbox 360, a huge hit. It was the successor to the Xbox, and by 2013 it had sold more than 78.2 million globally.

Evolution of Xbox

Xbox’s sales skyrocketed, so the company rolled out many new products. Since its introduction in 2002, Xbox Live has served as a platform for multiplayer gaming. More than 65 million people utilize it around the world as of 2019. 

Members of Xbox Live can also download or purchase stuff from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Other systems, including Android and iOS, can now use the Xbox SmartGlass. In addition, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service was launched in 2017.

With so many titles to choose from, Xbox owners have a wide range of options. In addition, the Xbox Dashboard allows you to keep track of your games across all four generations of Xbox. 

In 2001, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Controller, a wireless game controller for Xbox systems. Launched along the Xbox 360 system was the Xbox 360 Controller. 

Soon after, Kinect was released as well. A convention called Xbox FanFest was hosted in 2016 in Sydney, Australia, to celebrate the wide availability of Xbox games on various platforms.

How Much Is Xbox Company Worth in 2022

How Much Is Xbox Company Worth

Many people are curious about how much Microsoft and Sony are worth now that they’ve completed their $67 billion mergers. We’ve never seen a deal like this in the gaming business before, so it raises many doubts about the actual market value of the two gaming titans involved.

The first thing we need to talk about is Microsoft. Microsoft has a market capitalization of $2.271 trillion. There are, however, a few points worth mentioning. 

First, Microsoft isn’t just a game firm; it’s also involved in various industries. So, the total market value isn’t the same as the market value of each sector. It’s impossible to know precisely how much money Microsoft makes from the Xbox division because it hasn’t released any numbers on it.

We at Sony have a market capitalization of approximately $143.12 billion. Before crunching numbers, keep in mind that this affects every department inside the organization. Microsoft’s market value is now substantially more than Sony’s, at least on paper. 

Although this doesn’t mean one is preferable to the other, it does. As a result, Xbox’s overall value should rise now that The company has acquired Bethesda, Blizzard, and a bevy of other developers.

Which Gaming Company Makes the Most Money: Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox?

According to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad’s projections, the following is where the three major console manufacturers stood in terms of gaming revenue in 2020:

CompanyNet Worth
Microsoft (Xbox)$13.83 Billion
Nintendo Switch$15.79 Billion
Sony (PlayStation)$22.67 Billion

That’s based on 2020 results, but early 2021 forecasts imply that the difference between those corporations is likely to remain the same. 

As noted by Ahmad on Twitter, Xbox and Activision Blizzard’s 2020 revenue would place that hypothetical firm at approximately $21.9 billion for the year (which would still trail Sony).

FAQs – How Much Is Xbox Company Worth

How much is Playstation worth as a company?

After first competing directly with Nintendo’s N64, Sony’s Playstation has survived both the affluent PS2 era and the turbulent PS3 era; it is now entering a new golden age with the tremendously profitable PS4.

Who is richer, Sony or Microsoft?

In terms of market value, Microsoft is worth more than $2 trillion. Sony’s market capitalization is approximately $150 billion.

Does Xbox own EA?

The research shows that Microsoft does not control EA, so we have the correct answer. Because EA is a publicly-traded company, Microsoft does hold some of the company’s stock. EA has a good relationship with Microsoft because it contributes to software development and new games for PC and Xbox platforms.

Is PlayStation better than Xbox?

PS4 wins out in terms of the best possible sharpness for most games. On the other hand, Xbox has the upper hand when it comes to the more expensive systems. The $499 Xbox One X is the most powerful system on the market, able to play most games natively in 4K.

Who sold more ps2 or Xbox?

Worldwide, Sony’s third PlayStation series has sold 87.41 million units, followed by Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which has sold 85.8 million units to date.

Why is Microsoft so rich?

There is one explanation for Microsoft’s stock price increase in the near term, and in the long run, there is another. The short-term stock-trading response is that Microsoft has fared better than the other tech companies during the current sell-off in their respective stock prices.


Do we hope that after reading this article, you will get complete knowledge of How Much Is Xbox Company Worth?. According to some estimates, Xbox is thought to have a net worth of roughly $600 million. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, its income surged by $37.2 billion, according to the corporation. Today, it has grown into a global brand with millions of users worldwide.