How Much Data Does Xbox One Use on a Hotspot?

Playing or streaming online games requires internet data. This data, just like electricity, has some specific cost for some specific range of use. So, many Xbox one users enquire about “How much data does Xbox one use on a hotspot?

Most Xbox Live games use around 200 MB of data per hour. A five-hour gaming session consumes about one gigabyte ( 1GB ) of data. This approximate figure is accurate if you use your data only for playing, not for downloading or updating. If you use your hotspot to download updates or download games, you’ll quickly deplete your data.

How Much Data Does Xbox One Use on a Hotspot? Important Factors

The game features and hardware components determine internet data usage while gaming.

  • Graphics of game
  • Number of players in a multiplayer match
  • Particular map
  • RAM of console
  • CPU
  • GPU

Depending on the game you’re playing, the quantity of data you consume will vary. A game with high graphics will utilize more data than a game with low graphics & the number of players in a match is one factor that affects data usage. 

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Internet data usage is also dependent on the speed of the internet and hardware components such as RAM, CPU, and GPU. So, now we’ll also mention the consumption of data by some famous games.

Per-hour data usage of popular games

The average data usage of some popular games in one hour is

Most Popular GamesData Usage Per Hours (MB)
Fortnite100 MB
Apex Legends120 MB
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive250 MB
Call of Duty Modern Warfare80 MB
Call of Duty WWII40 MB
Overwatch135 MB
Rainbow Six Siege70 MB
Call of Duty Black Ops 440 MB
Team Fortress 280 MB
Valorant290 MB
Battlefield V100 MB
World of Warcraft40 MB
Black Desert Online60 MB
Runescape15 MB
Guild Wars 250 MB
The Elder Scrolls Online20 MB
Final Fantasy XIV20 MB
Star Wars: The Old Republic30 MB
Dota 2120 MB
League of Legends50 MB
Heroes of the Storm30 MB
Smite100 MB
Monster Hunter: World30 MB
Destiny 2300 MB
Warframe115 MB
Hearthstone3 MB
Gwent5 MB
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout70 MB
GTA V Online60 MB
Rocket League40 MB
Minecraft80 MB

These approximate numbers of data usage are valid only for playing the games. This number can accede if you use the hotspot to download games or update. Then the data usage depends on the file size that needs to be downloaded or updated.

What about downloading games?

While the data usage of online gaming is far from excessive, downloading new games is one of the most data-intensive activities you can perform. Many new “blockbuster” games now exceed 50GB in size, at least on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is 49 GB in size, Forza Horizon 4 is 63 GB, Red Dead Redemption 2 is 89 GB, and Call of Duty: Warzone is 101 GB. These are a few of the most famous games out there. The new Microsoft Flight Simulator is much bigger, with a 150GB file size.

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If you have a 250GB quota, downloading a single game can eat up to 20% of your monthly allowance, if not more.

Even if you purchase games on disc, you should think about fixes and updates. Patches for Destiny 2 are typically about 5GB; however, Forza 7’s day one update is a whopping 50GB (making it a total of 95GB if you go digital).

With the release of next-generation platforms such as the Xbox One X and PlayStation 5, game sizes will grow. NBA 2K21 takes up 121.7GB on the Xbox Series X, while Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition takes up 105GB on the PlayStation 5. 

On both next-generation systems, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is almost 130GB. The developer recommended keeping 250GB of free disc space on your PC if you wish to play it.

Of course, your download amount will be determined by the type of gamer you are. Most digital downloads for the Nintendo Switch are more minor than 10GB. Indie games are frequently under 5GB, and releases for the iPhone, iPad and Android are frequently under 1GB.

However, if you download games every month, an unlimited internet package can be worth considering, especially if you have a large family.

Things to consider while picking an internet plan for gaming

How Much Data Does Xbox One Use on a Hotspot

A few factors matter a lot for the gaming internet. They are listed as

  • Performance
  • Speed
  • Download allowance
  • Data limit

The most critical factor is performance or ping. The network latency between your machine and the gaming server is called ping. Choose a plan with a lower ping than a mobile broadband plan or a home wireless internet connection, which is essentially out of your control. Casual gamers, on the other hand, should be unconcerned about this.

Another element to consider is speed. While a faster plan would not affect gameplay, it will allow you to download games and updates much more quickly.

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Download allowance is the limit of internet data to be used for downloading. It must be high because downloading or updating the new games demands Gigabytes of ( GB ) data.

Data limit must be higher than the expected usage. It is due to the reason that frequently updates or will to play new games keep coming. So a limited data limit can end before the completion of the month.

FAQs – How Much Data Does Xbox One Use on a Hotspot?

How Long Does Hotspot Data Last Gaming?

Per hour of gameplay, most games consume around 200 MB of data. It means that a 15 GB hotspot plan will let you play online multiplayer games for around 75 hours per month. Although this assumes no upgrades or other downloads are done through the WiFi hotspot.

Can I change the NAT type on the mobile hotspot?

Your NAT type will most likely be strict when using a mobile hotspot. The most straightforward option to get an open NAT type when using a mobile hotspot is to use a good VPN provider.

What uses more data streaming or gaming?

Gaming consumes 40MB to150MB of data. Streaming videos online in HD or 4K, on the other hand, can consume up to 3000MB (3GB) every hour. In other words, streaming videos can take up to thirty times as much data as online gaming.


Just playing online games doesn’t consume fair enough internet data. What utilizes internet data more is downloading and updating.

To have a smooth gaming experience, the performance of your internet must be sustainable and great, and speed must be significant. Furthermore, the download allowance must be great, and the internet connection must have enough data limit.

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