How Many Wired Controllers Fit on Xbox One?

If you’re planning a large game gathering, you’ll want to get as many people involved as possible. Use a console that can handle several controllers to do this.

Microsoft’s Xbox One is a popular choice for these kinds of get-togethers. Because most Xbox One controllers are wireless, it’s not always clear How Many Wired Controllers Fit on Xbox One.

There is good news if you want to have a large party with as many people playing at once as feasible.

How Many Wired Controllers Fit on Xbox One

You can use Microsoft’s Xbox One with eight separate controllers connected simultaneously. Microsoft’s Xbox One console takes the cake when it comes to the highest number of controllers you may utilize at once.

You formerly supported up to four controllers on Xbox versions. The Xbox One, released in 2013, increased the number of controllers that you could use simultaneously after the Xbox 360 and original Xbox.

The PlayStation 4’s maximum controller count has now been increased by two. There is only one system that supports eight players, the Nintendo Switch, but only if you play a game that requires eight players or utilize a controller hub that requires eight controllers.

How to Connect Multiple Wired Controllers to Xbox One

how many wired controllers fit on xbox one

Add another controller by holding down the Xbox button, then hitting the sync button on the console and holding down the sync button for that controller. Repeat this process for each additional player.

During the initial search for your system, the Xbox button will blink and stay lit.

You can also Check out all of these connection methods for Xbox below.

How Many Wired Controllers Can Connect to Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the console to get if you seek something different. You can connect eight controllers simultaneously to ensure that you get the most satisfactory possible experience. 

The use of different types of controllers will result in various restrictions. You can use Up to eight Joy-con controllers, eight Pro controllers, & two USB controllers simultaneously.

How Many USB Ports On Xbox One

Two USB 3.0 ports are located on the back of the system, while one is located on either the front (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X) or left side (Xbox One S). Xbox consoles contain three USB 3.0 ports (original Xbox One).

How to Connect Wired Controller to Xbox One

Directly plugging in a wired Xbox One controller’s USB cable into the console is the quickest and easiest way to get an Xbox One controller connected.

Compared to wireless controllers, wired controllers are approximately half the price. Many gamers claim that they eliminate the lag time experienced with wireless devices (sometimes called input lag).

How Do You Connect 2 Controllers to Xbox One?

Comparison of Pro-Controller Controller with Joy-Con.

The two components of the Joy-con controller work together to deliver a unified gaming experience for users. Vibration feedback can be felt when the two devices are working together. 

On top of that, it has every button you’d expect to see on a modern gamepad. In addition, it can be used as two separate controllers by the user. Local multiplayer with any supported game is thus made simple.

Traditional gamepad design is reflected in the Pro-appearance. Controller’s It has a comparable feel to Xbox or Playstation controllers. Because of its grip, it’s best suited for adults. It can scan amiibo just like the Jo-con controller. 

The Pro-controller has a long battery life and can be recharged via a USB-C port, a nice feature. In terms of intensive multiplayer gaming, this is the greatest.

The diminutive size of the Joy-con controllers is a minus point. ‘ As a result, serious gamers should avoid it. They’ll be as light as a feather when you take the joy-con controllers out of the case. 

The Pro controllers are heavier and have a better grip than the joy-con controllers. Holding the joy-con controller may become unpleasant when playing for a lengthy period.

The battery life of the pro controllers is twice as long as that of the joy-con controllers. Players that enjoy long gaming sessions will benefit from this device. You can’t find many of the pro controller advantages in the Joy-con controller. 

The design of pro controllers is unmatched by any other controller. With a better-quality gamepad and better button layout, it’s able to function at its best.

Drift is one of the reasons people prefer professional controllers over the joy-con. Joy-con controllers are more likely to suffer from drift issues, which can occur on both controllers. You can move an on-screen character without touching the joy-cons, which causes the switch to drift. 

As a result, gaming sessions, including joy-con controllers, are made more difficult. Most players opt for the pro controller to avoid this problem, which has a far lower chance of causing it.

FAQs – How Many Wired Controllers Fit on Xbox One

Do wired 360 controllers work on Xbox One?

You’ll need an Xbox One controller if you want to use an Xbox 360 controller on an Xbox One. You can’t play Xbox One games with an Xbox 360 controller.

Can you use wired controllers on Xbox Series S?

Using this method, Wired Xbox One controllers can connect to your Xbox X or S. If the Xbox One controller does not have a permanently attached USB cord, insert a micro USB cable into it. Connect the Xbox to a USB port on the console using a USB cable. For the controller to connect, you must wait for it too.

Are Xbox controllers interchangeable?

As a result, if you have both current-generation and next-generation Xboxes in your home, you can utilize any controller you have.

Can I use a PS4 controller on Xbox One?

Use the CronusMAX PLUS adapter to connect a PS4 controller to the Xbox One, one of the most reliable methods of pairing the controller and console. Using any Xbox One controllers on the PS4 can cause the PS4 controller to be overwritten by their signals.


The gaming business has exceeded several other industries in size and growth. Gaming has grabbed the curiosity of the majority of people these days. Xbox realized this and created a variety of Xbox controllers to provide users with the most outstanding possible gaming experience.

The good news is that your Xbox allows you to connect up to eight controllers simultaneously. It is necessary to use a professional gaming controller if you are a dedicated player who participates in rigorous contests. You should find the information in the preceding instructions on How Many Wired Controllers Fit on Xbox One to be of great help to you.

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