How Many Watts Does a Ps4 Use?

You undoubtedly have already wondered, as an ardent gamer, How Many Watts Does a Ps4 Use. I was recently astonished by my power bill, and I wanted to find out which appliance was to blame. 

When I learned that PS4 was the main fault of my energy bill, I started to look at the actual electricity consumption. So that’s what I’ve learned.

How Many Watts Does a Ps4 Use

The Playstation is a platform for amusement and is used by the whole family. However, the energy you consume on PS4 varies on the operating mode and the type of TV you have. 

The consumption in standby mode is between six and eight watts, while the consumption in play mode is between 130 and 160 watts. 

With an average price of 13 cents of electricity/kWh, the cost is about 5 cents for each hour of play. Below you will find answers and recommendations on how your PS4 can save energy.

PlayStation 13 Watts
PlayStation 246 Watts
PlayStation 3120 Watts
PlayStation 4140 Watts

Power Consumption of PlayStation 4

The Playstation 4’s power consumption depends primarily on the various modes in which the console is operated. The following values are average and may vary according to the conditions. You can record the following data:

Switched off:  only an LED lamp is used in this mode so that the console uses 0.1 to 0.45 watts per hour.

Standby mode: Standby mode usually consumes approximately 6 to 8 watts. 

If you switch on the online connection and update or load the controllers on the console, it requires up to 14 watts an hour.

PlayStation 4 Usage of Electricity

The PlayStation 4 has been introduced to several energy-saving modes. For example, if you are not playing, it goes right into standby mode depending on the situation, rest mode, or power-saving mode. All this is to save energy to prevent so much from being used.

In different conditions, different electricity rates have been documented to detect the exact value of the current consumed. Therefore, the same amount utilized in each case is shown below.

When you are on the PlayStation 4 main screen and merely navigate around, it needs only 70 to 80 watts.

When you start to play a game, it’s about 140 watts. Whatever game you play, it doesn’t matter, and it stays at 140 watts. 

It is a significant difference from the screen menu and usually happens when the fan on the console keeps the console from overheating.

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When you stop for a game, the console returns in power save mode to use the restroom and only requires 70-80 watts again.

When using Netflix or any other PlayStation 4 app to view a movie or TV series, the power level is generally the same as the main screen and is 70-90 watts on average.

PlayStation recognizes how much Electricity can influence the users of their consoles, so they combat with a brand-new console power save mode. 

This approach of cost reduction is incorporated in PlayStation 4. Whenever you leave the console for a long, it turns to power-saving mode directly. It jumps from 70 watts to 10 watts at this time.

Many players adore it, as they can be interrupted for a few hours numerous times during a game. 

Sometimes you may even forget to turn your console off at night, which is usually awful, but it’s not so wrong with this new function. Usually, this feature saves a lot of gamers a lot of Electricity over a month.

PS4 Modes of Energy Use

The power consumption of PS4 mostly depends on the operating mode. Since each method requires distinct hardware requirements, there are significant variances.

 When the Sony console stands, between 6 and 8 watts are consumed. The usage increases at start-up to about 70 watts. However, there are also several different operating modes, which you may see in the following table.

How Many Watts Does a Ps4 Use

The values can, of course, be highly different – after all, every game has various graphical qualities and can require a little more power even in standby mode after an update. 

For example, compared with the Xbox, PlayStation 4 runs far more effectively and uses less energy. However, the Nintendo Wii’s power usage is considerably lower.

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Measured against your apartment’s overall consumption, it looks like, for example: If you spent two and a half hours every day in a home of 2 people, the PlayStation would account for around 5 per cent of the overall energy use.

Playstation Console Controller Charging

It is possible to recharge the PlayStation Controller, and generally, every player plugs those into the USB slot of the PlayStation system. Although they only use 5V during a month, you have to remember how much Electricity the console operates.

Devices for Electricity Measurement

Since you have learned about the PlayStation systems’ power usage, you can apply several cost reduction measures to avoid more enormous bills. 

To measure the exact amount of Electricity, you need some gadget to measure the energy consumption at different intervals.

Here you can get several current measurement instruments! Even if certain items are hundreds of dollars, this shop sells them for approximately $20.

Old PlayStations vs. PS4

It seems like the PlayStation 4 uses gobs of Electricity since when you use it, you can feel the hot air flowing out of it. But in this essay, we are here to give you facts and accurate statistics.

The newer consoles like PS3 and PS4 consume a little more energy than the earlier consoles. However, the older versions did not take much power since the current versions offer higher quality features and faster processors.

The usage of Electricity relies on many things. It depends on the gadget’s type, how long you use it, and the loading energy or level of the device when it is charged or recharged.

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Some people skip using the PlayStation and move to another console because they believe that Electricity is a tough PlayStation. 

It isn’t entirely true because of several things, including your time, running time, standby time, and more. 

PlayStation has designed its systems incredibly energy efficient if possible. To resolve this problem, several PlayStation modes have been developed.

Tips For Saving Electricity on the PS4

You can reduce the energy usage of your console if you follow the necessary instructions. These savings will not be huge, but you can undoubtedly take them into account after a long time. So why not use them if you have this option? 

You can make sure your PlayStation 4 uses less power with these tips:

  • In standby mode, you can make a specific energy-saving option. For example, you can tell the console to avoid connecting to the internet, blocking automatic updates in this standby mode. You can also cut off the power supply for controllers via USB ports. 
  • Play Blu-ray with a Blu-ray player. It utilizes only about 20 Watts compared to the PlayStation, up to 80 watts less each hour.
  • Insert multiple sockets switchable. It allows you to turn all devices off entirely so that when you don’t use the console, no electricity is required. Before switching off the multiple sockets, make sure you shut down the console entirely (and not switch it to standby mode), or the PlayStation hard drive can be damaged.
  • Sleeping mode provides additional savings. It is convenient when you halt, and you want to pick up exactly where you left behind after a time. You can also turn it on when you download a new update.

Are Game Consoles Energy Vampires?

Most of them don’t know how much power is lost from game consoles, even when they are changed to their “standby mode, ” which saves energy. 

Most people are unaware that video game consoles are “energy vampires” as they replace traditional cable boxes for streaming, gaming, and more.

What is an Energy Vampire

An energy vampire is an electronic equipment that silently absorbs energy without any use and raises your costs. According to the NRDC, the average household will probably lose 165 dollars a year owing to energy vampires.

Over time, the game console was one of the largest culprits.

The latest consoles of the Xbox and PlayStation – Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – use the energy of the past generation three times. 

These ineffective devices deplete your budget, even more when consumers are acclimated to stream videos like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

At present, 89 watts are consumed per hour by the PS4 while streaming video. That is significantly beyond the EnergyStar guideline of 50 and approximately 35 times Apple TVs or specialized streaming devices like a Roku’s energy use.

So how can you avoid the energy vampires sucking your hard-earned bucks and absorbing the entire output of four massive power stations each year? Consider utilizing your consoles purely for gaming. 

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You can save money by buying a streaming device such as a $30 Fire TV Stick and even a $99 Roku Ultra. However, when you maintain your video streaming PS4 standby regularly, it’s worth contemplating losing around $140.

In an attempt to minimize your Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii’s idle power drain, the NRDC recommends going into your system settings to ensure that your console goes down after 1 hour. 

Furthermore, your systems can be disconnected by an eye check or even disconnected directly on a lengthy journey (or every day if needed).

FAQs – How Many Watts Does a Ps4 Use

How many watts does the PS5 use?

(Note: the more powerful Xbox Series X we could not get and test, which we understand could draw 40 to 53 watts in streaming, depending on the display’s resolution.) PS5 – Digital and disc variants PS5 drew 68 to 70 watts for Amazon Prime and Netflix shows.

What size inverter do I need for a PS4?

The PS4 turns 120V into all it needs for indoor supply. However, the maximum power demand for gaming is roughly 150 watts. Hence I would recommend a 250-watt inverter alone for PS4.

Can you run a PS4 on 12v?

With the TV running straight off your 12V system, the Playstation just that runs off your inverter is enough to operate your Playstation 4 for 2 hours a night efficiently.


Now that you know How Many Watts Does a Ps4 Uses, you can evaluate whether or not they are worth utilizing. Most individuals decide with their new features that the console is worth buying and enjoying. 

The console offers so many fantastic games, and although it could use more energy than another machine, the enjoyment is still a very affordable form.

If you didn’t buy your PlayStation 4 yet, it’s the most excellent spot to buy it! You’re even on sale now, so act quickly.

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